302 V8 Estate Car: 1978 Ford Granada

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Normally, when a person hears about a 40-year old two-door car from an estate with just 36,600 miles on it and a V8 they get a little excited. Hopefully it’s that case for some of you with this 1978 Ford Granada. This car is located in Ozone Park, New York and is listed on eBay with bids of just over $2,000 but the reserve isn’t met.

Most of us know the history of the Ford Granada but a quick refresher is that they were made in two different generations, with the first generation cars being made from 1975 to 1980 and the second-gen cars made for 1981 and 1982. They were meant to be somewhat of a luxury compact as car buyers were looking for smaller vehicles after the gas crunch but they still wanted more luxury than an econobox. Ford made over 2,000,000 Granadas.

According to the seller this car comes from a Pennsylvania estate and it has just over 36,000 miles on it. The “PAINT IS STILL SHINY WITH SOME SCRATCHES A DENT ON FRONT NO MAJOR RUST (IF ANY) THE CHROME IS ALL IN GOOD SHAPE AND ORIGINAL.” The seller mentions that this is a Fox body car but those didn’t become the backbone for the Granada family until the second-generation cars in 1981.

The interior looks great in this car, other than having a weird thing going on at the doors. Apparently, speaker holes were cut in but the speakers were never put in, according to the seller. Have any of you seen that before? They also mention that this car has AC delete and rear window defogger delete. The buyer must really have been on a budget, either that or they didn’t trust all of them there fancy new gadgets.

Here’s the selling point in this car, Ford’s 302 V8 which in 1978 would have had 140 hp and 250 ft-lb of torque. It sounds like this is a strong-runner and although it could use a fairly comprehensive detailing (tin foil? and what are those yellow drips on the firewall?) this would be an interesting car for your local cars and coffee or other local shows. Have any of you owned a Granada (or, Monarch) with a 302?

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  1. Rock On

    The original owner did not delete the a/c and rear defogger, he just didn’t order them as they would have been optional.

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    • SWells679

      Yeah, that sounds weird. “This car has A/C delete”…uh, you mean “there’s no A/C”.
      In fact, I might start using that from now on when something breaks – “oh, yeah that rear driver’s side window motor? Delete.”

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  2. Beatnik Bedouin

    I guess some people don’t realise what was optional equipment on cars built 40+ years ago, R.O.

    This would make a nice entry-level collectable for someone.

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    • Joe64NYWF

      My friend’s late ’74 t/a has hei ignition but no a/c or even a radio! & i believe if it was a formula, power brakes & power steering were optional equipment! lol

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  3. John C

    Had a 76. Two door. 250 I-6, auto.
    Was a good car. Sucked a valve at about 140k. Scrapped her for $200. Was a big mistake.

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  4. Jimmy

    My dad bought a new 78 Granada silver exterior with a burgundy vinyl roof and interior. It was loaded with options. The silver paint started flaking off after about 1 year so Ford rather than have it painted at a dealer just had him get a estimate and sent him a check. Had it repainted and that 302 ran great along with everything else on the car. Us kids used it a lot when our cars broke down so it went through hell and back. He eventually traded it in on a Fairmont, big difference in quality IMHO.

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  5. Joe Haska

    I would be on my way to look at this car EXCEPT Arizona to the east coast is a little bit stretch for a $2,500 car. What happened to all the little old ladies that lived across the street. Oh, I remember I came home from Viet Nam, and she says ” I didn’t think you would want that old car now, I sold it.”

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    • BMW4RunninTundra

      Joe Haska,
      Thank you very much for your service that allows us so many freedoms! One of which is being able to view, comment – or +, and do so without fear of repercussion!

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  6. David

    My dad ordered a 76 sedan in blue with the mags , it looked sharp, 250 no a/c and am radio. It did have this odd center mount electric “rear defogger” fan. And our fm converter really cranked out the hits. had a cool hood ornament though. However these cars were weak in many ways. This v8 coupe featured here is a nice keeper and would be fun to toy with. Dad’s next wheels was a 1980 fairmont wagon six/auto, brown , radio delete with dog dish and rings. I recall a mechanic driving it around in later years ; it sure needed one . Dang thing stalled more often than not.

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  7. HoA Howard AMember

    The author is clearly mistaken, this is obviously a Mercedes Benz,,,,as if,,remember the ads? Comparing this to a M-B. Yeah, right. They were ok cars, but ’twas no Mercedes. I think Ford was banking on the fact most had never driven a Mercedes. Junkyards were full of these. These always had funky steering.

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  8. DJ Kostaccio

    Not an estate car. I was the previous owner here in Pittsburgh PA. Sold it to the current owner with 100 less miles on the odometer. Car is not as nice as it is represented as. Has minor rust, trans slips between first and second, and I bought it from a fellow car club guy.

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  9. Mark

    My dad worked at a Ford dealership in the late 70’s and brought news cars home and I got to drive them all. What I remember most about the Granadas was how tightly made they were, quiet with no rattles with the smooth ride of larger cars.

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    • Dairyman

      Of course, all you drove were new cars, they’re always right but after 20k, 40k, 80k or 100k miles it’s usually a different story and that’s where the high quality car start to float to the top.

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  10. Miguel

    Is it just me or does the paint look light in some places and dark in others?

    Also Scott, you say the 302 is a selling point in this car. I don’t think it is.

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  11. CarstoriesMember

    I had a 78 and a 79, my Mother had a 77 Monarch, the Mercury equivalent, and my friend’s grandma had a white ESS with a sporty red interior- bucket seats, with a V8 and 4spd auto on the floor. As an 11yr old kid, I loved that car!

    In general, these were over all decent, comfortable cars that could be ordered up pretty well with (70’s) luxury in mind. Good cars, in my experience. This looks like a nice one.

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  12. Levi

    Old news already posted here awhile back

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  13. booya

    That “tin foil” was the factory’s way of connecting the snorkel to the fender air-intake. The yellow drips are classic 70’s American build quality. Authenticity doesn’t always look the part.

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    • Dick Johnson

      Like the tomato juice can painted black with vacuum hoses going into it on the heavilly equipped Ford products.

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  14. Jett

    I’ve never owned a Granada or a Monarch, but I have fond memories of the back seat of my friend Jon’s ‘78 Monarch with my high school girlfriend, Tanya…

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    • Dairyman

      I hope it had vinyl seats….lol

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  15. Perry

    The last owner of this car is on facebook telling everyone this guy is lying, he just bought it, trans is slipping, and the whole thing is a big misrepresentation. ymmv.

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  16. Dave Mc

    I can’t believe I thought that the Granola was a good looking car at one time.

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  17. Bob C.

    Coincidentally I bought a 1975 Granada sedan back in 1984. It too was part of an estate. And yes, it also had a 302.

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  18. Poptheclutch

    I would have just put the speakers where
    That guy put that hole in the door then
    That round circle cutout…looks cheesy
    I’m sure everyone who got in it.
    Or gonna look at it. Is gonna say
    What the…..
    Just ruined that door panel!

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  19. Chief

    I think someone did the speaker cut outs then discovered metal bracing, window crank gear, or something else in the way preventing the speaker install. Old carpenters saying “Measure twice, cut once.”

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  20. scottymac

    Love the ashtray in the door, for back seat passengers.

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  21. Kev

    Nice car, I always liked the first generation Granada/Monarch. The yellow drips on the firewall look more like there was a small fire and the paint is bleeding through the soot left behind. Just my humble opinion.

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  22. PatrickM

    That’s a nice looking car. Very practical, too. Give me a minute… Let me talk to the credit union. Brb. ;)

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  23. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    My wife had a 2 dr granada, pale metallic blue. First car she bought on her own. That was before I knew her, but she tells me she loved that car. She lived in Naples, Florida at the time so the car had A/C, and being a young woman she all the goodies p/s,p/b, 8 track stereo player, am/fm V8 A/T.

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  24. rancoracing

    I had a 76 Monarch (Mercury version of the same) with AC. I really liked the car and it ran good. Decent driver and good mileage. Sold when I got a company car and 2 years later got a 78 Grenade in the same color as this one with a 250 auto. The 6 banger really suffered on any decent hill. I’d consider this one if it had AC.

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  25. Midnightdriver2

    Uh, thanks but no thanks. The bid for this beat-up, no a/c Granada is already higher than the car is worth.Looks like some rust to me in the trunk photos. And why duals with glass packs & raused white letter tires? How out of character for a Granada. Next listing…

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  26. Mike Harry

    The last question in the article was has anyone owned a Granada with a 302. I’ll add a picture of my 1977 Granada with a 302, 4 speed transmission. It is a rust free southern car I found years ago. It was a special order car but I’m not sure what was special about it other than very few I have seen had 4 speed trans. One interesting thing on the car was the A/C was installed by the dealer on this car. I can only guess that the buyer decided between the time they ordered it and it was delivered that a black car in the south might just need A/C . Anyway I love the old car and a lot of folks are surprised to see the 4 on the floor when I take it out.

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  27. CarstoriesMember

    Mike, that car is beautiful! So sharp in that color combination and with those rims and rwl tires. Enjoy it.

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  28. Tranacria5131950

    I purchased new a 2 door Ford Granada in 1975. It had another name addded (Elite? Grande?) as it was a superior model with a larger engine. White with a tan/beige vinyl top and beige leather interior. Loaded with accessories. Traded in my 1969 Ford Mustang Grande for this (big mistake should have held on to that car). The car was a beauty and a terrific ride. Dated my first fiancee with this car and broke up with her in it. Three weeks prior to marrying my wife the car was totaled in Staten Island by a speeding kid who hit me in the rear. The money I received from the accident was used to buy a new 1978 Chrysler Lebaron and that was such a mistake that I switched to Hondas. The Granada as I knew mine was one great looking and riding auto!

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    • Tranacria5131950

      Granada Ghia

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  29. Maestro1

    Joe Haska, thank you for serving.

    The car: There are others out there that are a value compared to this.

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  30. Gabe

    I bought a 1978 Granada 4 door 6 cylinder just because my Father liked it so much in 1980 all red, I should have bought a jeep instead, cause that’s the way I treated it, but even I treated it like crapp, it was one car that never let me down I would drive it Thu flooded roads with water up to the hood, I crashed it 18 times and it kept on ticking bought it for $4,800°° and sold it for $400°° had it only 4 years. Just imagine how I left the poor thing.

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  31. Ron spangler

    I bought a 1978 4dr Granada in the mid 1990’s, for $1200.00, with 40 sum thousand miles on it, ran it for 4+ years as daily driver, and it ran great, lay tire with ease, I liked it, simple to work on and maintain.

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