30k Mile Survivor: 1975 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

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Nothing says “I light my cigars with $100 bills” more than a 5000-pound coupe with a 500 cid (8.2L) V8. This stunning Jennifer Blue 1975 Cadillac Coupe de Ville in Marion, Illinois makes an even greater statement of excess today than it did during the ’70s. The well-kept Caddy shows only about 30,000 miles on the odometer, believed to be original, and nothing visible here disputes that. The listing here on eBay  has enticed at least 17 bidders, elevating the market value above $7800.

Smart sellers always include this “money shot” of the front seat, regardless of its condition. In this case the Maharajah fabric shows barely any wear. It’s fit for a Prince! Though sporting seatbelts for six, I suspect numerous high school stories would attest to the CDV’s ability to seat four across. Elegant wood and metal door pulls replaced straps for ’75. Thanks to wikipedia for some details.

Filler panels between the rear quarters and the chrome bumpers often represent a weak spot on these Cadillacs, but they look great on this beauty. The partial white vinyl top adds elegance to this high-rolling two-door.

The 500 replaced the 472 as the standard engine in full-sized Cadillacs for 1975, and while 210 HP may sound ridiculous in today’s world, the 380 lb-ft of torque is surpassed by few cars today. GM’s HEI (High-Energy Ignition) came to Cadillac in ’75 as well, bidding adieu to mechanical points. Numerically higher gears and overdrive would easily bring this baby blue giant into the acceleration and highway-gobbling realm of today’s full-sized SUVs.

Has this trunk every been used? The compact spare tire seems ironic in a trunk large enough to hold a golf foursome, and I don’t just mean their bags. A tire iron stands at the ready, a fact never far from the mind of most ’70s Dads I knew. There’s something about “a certain generation” that dictated traveling with a shillelagh or Pittsburgh Pirates souvenir baseball bat under the front seat in case someone wants to start something. Do you have enough attitude to flaunt this striking land yacht?

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  1. Ocphan44Member

    Beautiful! My friend Lonnie Da Corte had one exactly like this, color and all. This was when the Arab Oil Embargo had pushed the price of gasoline over one dollar here in California, and naysayers were saying it was the end of big boats like this. They were replaced by enormous SUVs, which got even worse mileage! 😄

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    • Bruce

      My father had one similar, it was was sedan deville same yar, color and interior traveled all over the U.S. in it. Most comfortable cat I rode in and drove in 1976 went I got my license.

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  2. jwzg

    Belongs on Bring a Tractor Trailer. Yeesh…

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  3. Michael Keil

    Looking at the pictures on ebay you see typical fit and finish for Cadillac for the day and the vanity license plates are too funny: Vanity plates that read “Caddy” but at the bottom of the plate is says “Land of Lincoln”? lol

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  4. Djs

    I had a 77 still as being a smaller caddy it drove and road like a living room on wheels gas miles were better but still glad I was single the gas cost was not an issue it had the 425 v8

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  5. Aaron C

    I dream of a car like this. I took my drivers test in a Buick this size, and parallel parked it in one shot. I love these big boats-the likes of which we will never see again!

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  6. art

    Nice looking Cadillac and the color is perfect. So dang tired of all the grays, blacks and depressing shades in between that are so prevalent now.
    I miss these cheerful colors that we had back when. Fortunately some bright colors are returning.
    Someone surely loved this Cadillac and treated it very well. I hope it goes to a good home and a new owner that will keep it looking like it does now.

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  7. HoA Howard AMember

    My old man loved big cars. After the ’68 Lincoln I took my road test on, he had a big T-bird, then a couple others, but I remember, this car was his 1st Cadillac, and was mighty proud. Same color and everything. This was the car we drove down the street in our neighborhood, with the old man yelling out the window, “Look you bunch of #*&%#’s, look who’s driving a Cadillac”, just like on Seinfeld, as we all sunk down in our seats. As a young punk that just got their license, I had no interest in the car, it was just a tank and rarely drove it, and my mom had a hard time closing the doors, they were so heavy. After this car, I think he begrudgingly went with a downsized Caddy, but never liked it, and switched to Ford minivans. For big car lovers, the end was near, and this was as good as it got.

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  8. Vin_in_NJ

    That partial white vinyl top is bigger than most modern day full roofs!

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  9. Jim

    Truly beautiful. From a day when luxury cars really were luxurious.

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  10. Eric Carlson

    Now that’s a real caddy, big car big ride bid motor and ultimate class and prestige. Used to be special to own one of these, today anyone can finance one. Rode like a dream and room for darn near the whole little league team! Boy I miss those days. Beautiful car!

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  11. 1-MAC

    Look closely at a true American Luxury car. An unequaled ride. We will never have cars like this again. This is a true treasure. And will never break if you treat it right. Built like today’s 3/4 ton pick ups. and a real frame. Will tow 5000 lbs like it isn’t there. This is a real buy.

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    • Jim

      To me, it’s hard to imagine that people would rather drive SUVs than a beautiful machine like this.

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  12. Brian Weyeneth

    I drove a 71 Eldo in college. Front wheel drive with that 8.2 liter emblem on the lower front quarters. What a machine and awesome colors to boot. Whomever picks this up will have a story to tell!

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  13. John

    24″ Spinner rims anyone? Fuzzy dice? Nah, this estate on wheels is perfect just as it is. I love it

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  14. Poppy

    Good thing it comes with the compact spare, otherwise that “puny” trunk would be unusable. :-)

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    • jwzg

      Yeah, only 3 bodies instead of 4.

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  15. John

    Did those cars have problems with door sagging similar to what happened to the Grand Prix and Monte Carlo of that era? Tended to happen more on the driver’s side because it was used more. Usually the door sagging problem didn’t show up until the car had many miles on it. Apparently, the door hinges were really not quite adequate for holding up a very heavy door.
    I had a ’76 Grand Prix. When I closed the driver’s side door, I would try to somehow lift up on it while closing it–otherwise, it wouldn’t latch correctly. I don’t know why I just didn’t get the hinges replaced–never occurred to me as I was young and poor!

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    • moosie moosie

      I’d bet it was the bronze/brass hinge pin bushings worn out in the hinge more than the hinge itself causing the sagging door. But I’m not really positive that G.M. cars other than the Corvette used them.

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      • Phlathead Phil

        Yo, Moosie,

        Youse is correct on the hinge pin issues. My ‘88 Ford Van’s hinge bushings done the same. They are/were made of Bronze or Brass. I think someone makes a sleeve to cure the problem. If you are clever enough and have a good welder or welding equipment you can mod the hinge to accept grade 8 flanged bolts with nylon nuts or castellated nuts and Cotter pins. Weld in stainless bushings and the doors will never suffer “Sagermortise” again! 🤣

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    • Steve BushMember

      John, I was told the same thing about cheap door hinges on the 2dr GMs by my mechanic. Around that time I had a 1974 Grand Prix while my buddy Dave had a 1977 Monte Carlo. I also remember the passenger doors on these opened at just the right height to get snagged on curbs, especially if the hinge had problems.

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      • Bill Hall

        It wasn’t just GM with this problem. I Had a 71 LTD coupe with the same problem and had to replace the hinges.

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  16. Bob

    I will always remember this color….Jennifer Blue I had a 1966 tbird I had repainted in that color

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    • Phlathead Phil

      I wonder where they came up with the paint name “Jennifer Blue.” Was she ever an “Intern” somewhere in Washington D.C.? Or, was she a personal secretary to Lee Iacocca ?

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      • Bob

        Who knows that’s funny

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  17. Bill Hall

    I had a 67 Deville which ended up as a failed restoration project for a whole bunch of reasons. A couple of years later I found a 73 Coupe and bought it. What a difference, I wouldn’t mind another 67 but no way on the 73 and they got worse as far as I am concerned until the big change in 77.

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  18. Roland Schoenke

    Ever since my ’72 Olds 98 ice loved land yachts

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  19. Phlathead Phil

    Land yacht for sure. I think not luxury, rather audacious!!! Every Bank Robbers dream getaway car. My buddy used to have a neighbor who drove a ‘63 Caddy in cream white for most of her life. She had a “Death-Grip” on the steering wheel. A gracious big ‘ole gal, she wouldn’t get in any other car. In her “Last Will & Testment” she requested that her remains be transported to the cemetery ONLY in a hearse made by CADILLAC ! There was a long procession to the grave site.

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  20. Chris

    I would drive this beauty all day long . Spare has to go is that a joke

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  21. PRA4SNW

    SOLD for $10,599.

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