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31,066 Miles! 1970 Buick Estate Wagon


In 1970, Buick re-introduced a full size wagon into their lineup. It changed considerably for 1971-on, so this Estate Wagon is a beautiful example of what was ultimately a one-year rarity. It’s located in DeKalb, Illinois and is up for sale here on eBay with a buy it now of $6,000.


“Full-size” is putting it mildly! Remember, this is during the time that most pickup trucks were used for work, so if you wanted to get that huge item home from the department store, you used the family wagon. Sometimes you had to tie it to the convenient roof rack to get it home! This wagon may even be wearing it’s original paint; I’m not seeing any evidence of a repaint in the pictures and none is mentioned. What do you think?


There are a few areas of rust to address, though. Since this corrosion is conveniently located below the trim, I think this is one spot where I’d repair the damage and respray the area below the trim strip. If any other areas are like this one, you’ll come out very lucky! You can buy the correct paint in an aerosol can from these folks; which color do you think this is from that chart? I was torn between light saddle metallic and medium gold metallic.


As the second owner and seller asserts, the interior vinyl looks to be in excellent shape. I don’t see any dash cracks, and apart from the ugly red floor mat, the carpet looks pretty nice as well. I think the interior condition supports the 31,066 mile claim–what do you think?


Straight out of the large Electra, this 455 V8 with a four barrel carburetor has me grunting like Tim Allen! That’s one powerful piece of iron right there! The seller tells us that the air conditioning isn’t working at the moment, but that it is complete and we can see the belt on it here. Based on the amount of coolant residue on the driver’s side of the radiator, I’d want to let it run for a while on a hot day and make sure that’s from an old hose leak, but other than that I don’t see anything that really scares me. The seller has put new tires on the car and tuned it up, as well as installing valve cover gaskets to keep leakage down. Apart from not having a third seat, this is pretty much the Great American Wagon specification I’d like to see–what about you?


  1. Chebby

    That most popular 70’s color, Squirmy Brown.

    Even in huge luxury cars, 1970-and earlier Olds and Buick 455’s pull like an electric locomotive: massive power in near silence (with the stock exhaust).

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      We called it S#!T Brindle Brown,lol. But You are very correct in that they would quietly pull a bull from the mud without effort ! Pull in the driveway and go into the house, with the Harvest Gold appliances. “Honey….I’m home, whats for dinner ?? “

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  2. Ron E Bee

    i like it!

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  3. Blindmarc

    Couldn’t fit in a modern garage.

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  4. DrinkinGasoline

    This is a “four-holer” wagon in the Electra Series. This wagon shares all of the attributes of the 225. My ’70 deuce and a quarter 2 door hardtop with fender skirts was the very same color/engine combo with a cream vinyl top. The interior was mint by purest definition.
    I let that car go for a song to a friend who railed it against a highway guardrail for over a quarter of a mile while DUI….one of my many automotive regrets. While the E225 was not as opulent as my 70 Olds 98 4 door LS Hardtop with it’s paisley interior, it held it’s own.

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    • Joe Nose

      DG not sure if I agree on the kinship with the 225. This style is pure Lesabre while the 225 had different rear end treatment and IIRC different rear quarter lines. I had a 4dr HT ’70 Lesabre sedan but thankfully with a 4v 350 so it gobbled gas instead of guzzling…

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  5. Tommy oh

    That’s the windshield washer reservoir on the drivers side. The radiator overflow is on the passenger side silly….

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Tommy, not sure what you’re talking about; I’m looking below the upper radiator hose with the residue running down the side of the radiator.

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  6. Jay Calk

    I am wondering if the car came with factory dual exhaust and trailer towing package. They were/are powerful machines but there was available a towing package that would make it more desirable.

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  7. Ron

    I love it! I would the rust repair and spray it same color from the trim down. Fix the AC. Put a set of gsx style wheels and dual exhaust, maybe a little chrome under the hood. Just enjoy it.

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  8. Prowler

    Long live the long roofs
    Wagons rock…..

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  9. Roselandpete

    My personal favorite is the 69 Buick lineup but this is nice.

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  10. Ron Engel

    Won’t fit in a garage because it is a GARAGE! For a Smart car that is! Great vehicle to cruise the coast of Cali with surfboards sticking out the back! Wagons are all over the place here!🏄 We have one show at the Huntington Beach Pier that is billed Beach Cruiser Show, for cars we took our girlfriends to the beach..We have a huge turnout of wagons, pretty cool.

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  11. Jubjub

    Looks nice and the price seems realistic.

    More of an Oldsmobile man, but do like this oddball year Buick wagon. Family around the block had one. A plainer, three porthole, with dog dish hubcaps in a funky chamois-egg nog color. It also had a full width rear mudflap and a substantial hitch.

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  12. 68 custom

    looks pretty good I would rock it. being a one year car the trim pieces would be hard to find if needed. I had a pretty nice 70 Kingswood till some fool ran a red light. note the gas tank look like the same unit found under the trunk in a two or four door, but it is tucked up into the left rear quarter like my Kingswood.

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  13. Reno rick

    “Here’s the story … Of a man named
    Brady… Living with three boys of his own”
    Beautiful wagon, lots of usage , great engine, good price

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  14. Cattoo Cattoo Member

    I’d fix the rusty spots perhaps even have the windows professionally tinted and drive that bug ol boat. Probably run the air cleaner lid upside down sometimes to hear the engine motorboat when the skinny pedal was stomped on! I love them big Buick 455/4v motors.

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