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31k Genuine Miles: 1970 AMC Rebel “The Machine”

With 31,000 genuine miles on the odometer, this AMC Rebel “The Machine” is one tough car that is in extremely good condition. It is a car that will need no work, and the new owner can just slip behind the wheel and burn up the miles. You will find this muscular AMC located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $26,766, and with the reserve now met, the Rebel is ready to head to a new home.

Of course, it just wouldn’t be “The Machine” if it wasn’t finished in Frost White, with the distinctive red, blue, and silver stripes. That is what we have here, but this isn’t the original paint. The car underwent a repaint 13-years-ago, and this seems to have held up quite nicely. There really isn’t a lot to criticize about the appearance and external condition of the car. There are no signs of any rust, and the owner certainly doesn’t mention any in the listing. The car is kept in a temperature and humidity-controlled garage between its occasional outings, which really should be good for keeping the tin worm at bay. The only item that the owner identifies as not being correct is the trim rings on the wheels. Otherwise, it all looks good.

What really transformed the humble Rebel into The Machine was what was going on under the hood. A 390ci V8 engine, pumping out 340hp was more than enough to grab anyone’s attention. Sending all of those ponies to the Posi rear end is the duty of a T-10 manual transmission. This engine has only clocked about 2,000 miles since it underwent a complete rebuild. It has been balanced and features an array of new parts. These include stainless steel valves, Scorpion roller rockers, an Edelbrock Performer intake, a Holley 800 double-pumper carburetor, ceramic coated headers, an MSD ignition, plus countless other goodies. That MSD ignition has caused one problem, as it is incompatible with the hood tach. However, the owner is working on addressing this issue.

The interior of The Machine is good, but it isn’t perfect. The aftermarket tachometer is only there until such time as the original hood tach can be made to function again. The original Hurst shifter is poking out of the transmission tunnel, and the dash has received a new pad. There is a crack in one section of the dash close to the windshield, but the rest of the original interior is quite presentable.

The Machine is a beast of a car and proved that AMC was deadly serious about playing the performance car game. The simple fact is that any car that could be driven off a showroom floor in 1970, and could devour the ¼ mile in 14.4 seconds is a car that deserves to be shown respect. This one is a nice example, but it has obviously received more than a few engine upgrades. Does this put you off the idea of owning this car, or does the increased performance that these changes promise to deliver just make it more desirable to you?


  1. Arthell64

    I like this car. Very rarely seen car than and now.

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  2. John M.

    Nice car. I had a model of this car made by Johan that was part of a large batch that I sold off a few years ago because I was in a financial pinch. Wish I still had it now.

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  3. SEAN McCann

    Rebel Rebel nice David Bowie song and a nice
    Nice car to boot

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  4. wuzjeepnowsaab

    This is going to sell for peanuts compared to what a comparable offering from MOPAR or GM

    These are muscle car bargains. Tons of head snapping power in a super rare package you don’t see very often at all

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    • That AMC guy

      This is one of the holy grails for AMC fans! I really like these 2-door hardtop bodies much better than the later Matador Coupe. Kind of surprising though to see an “orange grenade” oil filter installed on the engine with all the money that’s obviously been pumped into this thing.

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  5. chrlsful

    mentioned 2x “…That MSD ignition has caused one problem, as it is incompatible with the hood tach…” just put the (mopar) orange box in there. Better than the msd anyway. Resto mod is not abt ‘what wrks’ but what’s best (frm then & now). Some even use the HEI 4pin.

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  6. 433jeff

    Hats off to anything painted red white and blue.

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  7. CCFisher

    “Of course, it just wouldn’t be “The Machine” if it wasn’t finished in Frost White, with the distinctive red, blue, and silver stripes.”

    Machines were available in other colors, which came with black hood stripes in place of the red/white/blue stripes.

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  8. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Beautiful car that deserves the term “muscle car.” I’m not adverse to mechanical upgrades if they boost performance and safety though I would certainly keep the OEM parts taken off in the event someone down the road wants to return the car to pure stock specifications. I’ve done some mechanical upgrades to my ’72 Galaxie 500 which has helped both it’s performance and reliability, all while saving the original parts. I do prefer a mostly stock outward appearance, though.

    Overall, this Machine looks like a great car needing little and one that can be enjoyed as-is. The winning bidder should be pleased with their “new” muscle car.

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  9. Lynn Dockey Member

    i like the performance upgrades but, it won’t bring the same money as an all original car. ur damned if u do and damned if u don’t

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  10. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    My oldest sisters boyfriend had one of these new in 1970. But I remember his having a bench seat.

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    • Steven Ligac

      Well, Gents, I’ve been hanging around for a few months now and this is the car that I’d most like to have from all the ones I’ve seen.
      While I’m writing I’ll say that I guess cuz of the way I grew up with cars and car kids that performance, reliability, and driveability are always at the top of my own personal priorities. I’m practicing understanding y’all fellows that are so pointedly committed to absolute originality. Again, just my own personal opinion is that, I guess it’s, I like what I like and with no offense to anyone that feels differently, if something can be bolted on, or added to an engine rebuild that will coax a bit of tiresmoking, that’s my train. The good news is that we are all here and sharing our knowledge and points-of-view!
      Gypsy Steve from F-L-A

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  11. Arthell64

    Someone please get a sawzall and cut the tailpipes off a couple of feet. Seems to be a common thing

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  12. MorganW Morgan Winter

    I thought I remembered these being called simply “Rebel Machines”, without the “The”…?

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  13. Wayne

    Arthell64, those are combo tail pipe / wheelie bars! Come on, get with the program! (lol)

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  14. Jeff D.

    Oh, I can tell you about those trim rings. Seems AMC in it’s infinite wisdom, installed the trim rings before rolling the wheel lip over the edge to retain them. I know as I have had a few sets. If you ever try removing those rings you bend them to death getting them off. It is pretty common for them to have aftermarket trim rings for this reason. Also, the installation the way it was, there was no way for the water to escape inside the ring, so if the car sat outside it rusted the rim at the low point and rendered the wheel useless. Those wheels are almost priceless as they were only on the Machine and 1971 AMX with Go Pack. They were pretty wheels and very rare and desireable today

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  15. Johnmloghry johnmloghry

    I could see myself going through the gears on this out for a country drive here in south east Texas.
    God bless America

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    • Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

      And it would fit perfectly in there in God’s Country, John M.-God Bless America and as it’s been especially said God Bless Texas!!!!

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  16. Rosco

    As an AMC fan, love these, but that dash just doesn’t look like it belongs in any muscle car.

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  17. Troy s

    Had loads of trouble at the age of nine with a red white and blue huffy bicycle done up with a phony gas tank and all. Nearly 200 kids absolutely taunted and laughed me right off the premises, including my friends. Ha! That was my spirit of seventy six!!
    Like these Machines a lot and have heard stories of very quick ones, years ago when most people had never heard of or seen one. Just would like one in a solid color, that’s all.
    Like some of the engine mods as usual, but does an 800 double pumper Holley seem a bit big? Not familiar enough with AMC.

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  18. stillrunners

    Nice car….was chasing a simple orange one in the hood for awhile 20 years ago. Dad wanted to save it for his kid but it had a bad gas tank. He moved and saw it one time at a mechanic’s shop who said he still didn’t really want to sell it – cause he had tried to buy it as well. It wore factory paint and was rare as a solid color car….don’t remember any stripes….

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  19. TimM

    Cool and not the same old same old!!!

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  20. Will Naught

    Nice car except the specific Rebel Machine intake and exhaust manifolds have been replaced with aftermarket parts. If the seller has them in a box somewhere and included with the sale, great. If not, prepare to spend a whole lot more money looking for the “right” parts to make it right.

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    • MB

      Yup, the Machine cast iron intake is a better choice for a street driven car than most aftermarket aluminum ones. Going to be hard to find, most people don’t know how rare and valuable they are.

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    Listing has been removed… and all of us silently weep

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  22. Mike

    Possibly the coolest dash and instrument panel ever put into an American vehicle

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  23. Otis

    “Possibly the coolest dash and instrument panel ever put into an American vehicle”

    Sure Hoss, whatever turns your crank

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    • MB

      Yes, I owned a Machine, and a couple of 73 AMX s I don’t think the Machine comes anywhere an AMX or a Firebird Trans Am…. Lol

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