31k Mile Survivor: 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau


Reader Jeff W and his brother took this Monte Carlo in on trade back in 1983 at his family-run GM dealership in North Dakota. Given its low mileage and great condition, they decided to put it in their family’s collection of cars. Fast forward three and a half decades and the time has finally come to thin out the collection, so this one needs to go. It’s covered just 31k documented miles and it looks to be in amazing condition. It’s been serviced and maintained over the past 35 years, so it’s ready for its next owner to drive and enjoy! You can take a closer look at it via the link below.

Price: $15,000
Location: Jamestown, North Dakota
Mileage: 31,180
Title Status: Clean

Seller’s Description: I acquired this car in 1985 from the original owner and have stored it inside climate controlled garage. It is all original including the tires. This rare survivor is in my personal collection. The original title is signed off in original owners name.

Body Condition: The body is in excellent original condition.

Mechanical Condition: The mechanicals are also in excellent original. It has been serviced and driven during the summer months. The original 350 V8 runs great.

Seller’s Listing: Here on eBay

If you’ve been on the hunt for a comfortable, low mileage classic that you can just enjoy without having to fully restore it, this Monte Carlo could be a great choice. It looks great, has been well cared for and is ready to roll! So be sure to take a closer look at Jeff’s ad and let us know what you think of this Chevy.

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  1. Big_Fun Member

    I have personally worked with Jeff and his brother Rod on a professional level. I can tell you that this Monte Carlo is everything he says it is. They have an excellent reputation, and have a superior staff at their dealership. Jeff didn’t ask me to say this, I volunteered to share it with the fellow “Barnfinders”. Bid with confidence.

  2. Big_Fun Member

    Oh, and these are car guys. I have been there when the weather is nice. The Business Manager parks his first generation Monte Carlo out front! And remember, But It Now may not always reflect what it takes to buy it.

  3. TimS Member

    Pretty much textbook personal luxury. Prime example that needs to be driven & shown some too.

  4. Jack M.

    Are 45 year old tires really a selling feature?

    • Dave

      Not the tires, but the air contained within them. If you’re interested in what the CO2 content was back then then it became a time capsule. Unless they’ve changed the air from summer to winter regularly, that is.

      • Country Joe


      • ACZ

        Right after the engine flush?

    • Robert Rossi

      Yes, I think it is a selling point! It’s nice to see original everything on a car.

  5. John Nail

    I guess it depends on how it is stored. Were those tires off the ground like on dollies? I once had a low mileage 1973 Ford Torino which was totaled in a head-on collision I had to replace all of the rubber due to dry rot but other than that had little trouble with. But if those tires were on dollies or off the car they should be in pretty good condition.

  6. Matt Richards

    My mom had this exact car but a 74. Same color even. I remember it had a swivel drivers seat too and different wheels I think. Wish I could buy this one. Very nice!

  7. Brian K

    Bug eyes! It’s great to see bone stock cars this old. Nice car.

  8. David Rhoces

    Very nice …but not very collectible …. good luck

  9. Del

    Nada says high retail 12,500

    Certainly well cared for. Low miles.

    Hard to find another like this.

    Think he might get 10 and he can put on some new radials.

  10. jdjonesdr

    Mine was exactly the same except with swivel seats and dark green. Got it like new from a retired dentist for $1800 and thought it was too much.
    That was in 92. How times change.

  11. Fordguy1972

    The first gen Monte Carlos were a much better-looking car in my opinion, never cared for the later editions. My sister had a ’77 and while it was a good car, I thought it was pretty ugly. I never cared for the colonnade look, the massive bumpers and the stacked square headlights; just too many unattractive features for my taste.

    This ’73 seems to be a very nice car; it looks very good and should give the new owner years of enjoyment. That’s if you can find someone willing to part with $15,000 for it. Seems to be a pretty optimistic price; somewhere around 10gs would seem more realistic.

  12. 433jeff

    The 73 monte carlo with a bench seat may be the most comfortable ( sit in it all day and not hurt) car ive ever had, while my 68-72 cars hold a special place, the 73 was a highway star, my 89MB 300 te wagon is also a very special rig.

  13. ccrvtt

    Leonid Brezhnev was a real car fancier so Richard Nixon presented him with several, one of which was a white 1973 Monte Carlo. I can’t think of a more ostentatious ride for a Russian oligarch than this.

    History may give mixed reviews to Nixon, but there’s no denying he knew how to push the hot buttons.

    I doubt that any of his successors would have thought of automobile diplomacy but can you imagine what a different world we might have if Clinton had given a Corvette to Mubarak?

    • Roseland Pete

      I read that Nixon also gave Brezhnev an El Dorado, a Rolls, and a Lincoln so the MC might have been a little step down.

  14. Will Fox

    If this is still for sale by Sunday, I’ll be very surprised. What a sweetie! All original and clean as a whistle. My older brother had a maroon `73 we lost when our city was hit by a cat. 5 tornado in `75. The only pieces found we recognized was the front bumper/header panel/grille with his license plate. The rest of it? Cast to 140MPH winds; never found.

  15. 72 MC

    As a 2 Time 72 Monte Owner, I look at the 73’s a bit cockeyed. For a few reasons. The personal preference for the 72 is one. The fact that the 73 was supposed to be rolled out in 72, but for a UAW Plant Strike is another. Finally, that the 73MC was the Motor Trend Car of the Year, mainly for it’s “European Styling”. I’ve always thought of the 1st Gen MC as the perfect blend of American Style with Chevy Performance. I picked up my most recent 72 off the original owner with 31,000 original miles for a fair and reasonable price.

    This is a pretty car however that looks well preserved and taken care of.

  16. Anthony

    Coker already reproduces the tires. About 250 a piece. I have two of these one 73 and one 77 . My favorite car to drive but only in the nice weather. I prefer them over my late model cars. This car is really nice. That’s top money for it but it’s super clean.

  17. Del

    10 ,200 bid and done.

    Better get those new Radials on.

    I want Michelin Pilots 😁🤣

  18. jeffdwilhelm Member

    Hey I realize it would need new tires to drive safely! But they are only original once. Thanks for your interest.


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