32K Mile Factory Big Block! 1975 Chevrolet C-20

Before diesel power plants were common in the consumer pickup market, big-blocks were the best option for heavy-duty towing. This 3/4-ton Chevrolet from 1975 still has its original 454 cubic inch V8 and only shows a little over 32,000 miles on the odometer. It can be found here on craigslist with an asking price of $7,000. Currently located in Perrysville, Indiana, the ad says it is an “Oklahoma truck.” Let’s take a closer look at this big-block beauty and thanks to Mitchell G. for the tip!

As mentioned before, this is the same engine the truck was born with. The seller says that it needs exhaust manifold gaskets, probably meaning it has exhaust leaks but the seller didn’t want to try and get the original bolts out. There is no mention of the running condition, but with only 32K miles, hopefully, it still runs well. The interior is in great shape as well. The bench seat upholstery looks amazing along with the dash.

Overall, this is a pretty nice survivor that would make a good project. There is a ding on the driver’s side portion of the bed, which is unfortunate. Other than that, the body is pretty unblemished. Since this truck is a 3/4-ton, it would probably be well suited to be lifted with big tires. The 454 with decent gears would motivate the truck well. Of course, that would require a 4×4 conversion, but it would be a nice project. What would you do with this truck if it was yours?

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  1. Howard A Member

    My goodness, that’s a “big” block. I suppose it’s customary today, to take a vehicle with 132K that’s been taken care of, and try and pass it off as low mileage. With the mechanically inept today, who’s going to know? It’s my 2nd biggest pet-peeve, close behind 5 figure vehicles. You believe what you want, it’s a nice truck. The 454 would be the preferred motor, as my 350, while moves my shortbox okay, if I had to pull anything, it would fall horribly short, and the gas mileage isn’t that different, really. Years ago, I drove semi trucks that were spec’d out by people who never drove them, and their logic was small motors, better economy. Yeah, maybe empty, but we burned out those small motors in 2 years. And thanks to our own geomechs, I now know, never to place a gas filter between the fuel pump and carb. The price of mine just went up,,,if you can’t beat them, join them.

    • Miguel

      Howard, the ad says the miles are documented so the buyer will have to ask for those documents, but I don’t think it matters as the truck doesn’t scream low mile survivor.

    • Bob S

      Yeah, mine has the 454, and this truck gives me unrusted cab envy. Aside from the rust issues, they are an excellent truck. I have over 225,000 miles on mine, and it is still running well.

  2. Mike1955

    Why the tarps taped to concrete floor? and whats that parked next to truck? 70’s Chevelle?

    • Weasel

      Concrete is porous and leaches moisture that settles on the undercarriage. A prudent owner stores his ride like this. I believe it’s harder on the concrete as the moisture can freeze and cause pop-outs in the concrete but hey, we don’t care about the garage floor.

  3. Tony Primo

    Well, you were going to put new exhaust manifold gaskets on anyway, when you installed the long tube headers.

  4. Todd Fitch Todd Fitch Staff

    Nice find, Montana! I have a soft spot for these, as my high school girlfriend (also my buddy’s sister) had one nearly identical except for color. It was 3/4 ton with the 16s, RWD, dog dish hubcaps, a 454 Trailering Special. While most cars and trucks in those days could barely squeal a tire when turning a corner, we could get the Chevy rolling about 15 or 20 MPH in a straight line and bury the pedal and it would incinerate the tires. Emissions may have choked off the peak HP but that brutal torque got the job done. As for 4×4, we once drove the same truck (RWD) up a creek bed for about a mile or so before having to turn around. With a name like Montana, maybe you need this one for yourself! Thanks for the memories!


    drift it. it will.

  6. Morley Member

    I want and I can afford it. Try and buy an 8 foot box and a 2 door anything. This would make a great everyday work truck for a semi retired farmer—but alas, I live in Canada and the border is still closed. Have to keep the diseased yanks away.


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