330 Kilometers From New: 1995 Mustang GT

Jeff LaveryBy Jeff Lavery

It takes great restraint to buy a car and park it. It may seem like a waste to those of who drive our projects, but some owners aren’t nearly as sentimental, apparently. Barn Finds reader J. Jefferson spotted a 1995 Ford Mustang GT here on kijiji that has only 330 kilometers from new and may be your best chance to buy a showroom-fresh SN95 Mustang with the V8 and a stick. 

The intake runners only look that good on a car that’s never been driven or a project that has had the manifold powdercoated. The fourth-generation Mustang is one of the more unloved examples, and used models are typically the cheapest example of a Mustang you can buy. Many enthusiasts feel the bargain-basement pricing is undeserved, but in the meantime, we’ll continue to take our V8 Mustangs as cheap as we can get them. This example, however, is meant for the pony car connoisseur.

These interiors often looked tired as soon as they had a few miles on them, and the quality of interior plastics and overall construction can contribute to this generation’s reputation for feeling cheap. However, when the example in question is nearly new, such issues are likely not to be as noticeable. The seller says it still smells new inside, and although leather would be preferred, the mouse-fuzz cloth interior does present well. Factor in the crank windows with the manual transmission and you have a bare-bones GT.

The small-block V8 was largely carried over from the previous Fox Body generation, but it was still a solid performer: 0-60 in under seven seconds and the quarter mile ripping by in 15 seconds. And, certainly, the aftermarket for these cars is enormous, but we wouldn’t dare modify an example like this one. When factoring in the cost of inflation, the seller hasn’t likely realized any meaningful return from this showroom-fresh Mustang, so kudos to the next owner who will likely get to enjoy driving it and stand a better chance of appreciation.

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  1. Paul

    I had one of these as a hire car with less than 200 miles on it and bits including the gear knob fell off in my hands while driving it.

  2. Ralph

    Mildly rare. I think this is a Mustang GTS, they made these to fill the gap for the now missing LX 5.0 Mustangs, but the price is nuts, pass.

  3. Joe Haska

    I feel the same about this car as the Mustang II , I am just a real sucker for unmolested, original un-restored cars in this condition. The price may seem high, I don’t know with cars in this condition, I think price is whatever the traffic will bear!

  4. Mike H

    So, if the ask is in Canadian dollars then they’re looking for approximately $16k for this? That doesn’t seem unrealistic to me, all things considered.

    Never been a fan of the the Mustangs from 1994-2004, but this one is an interesting catch. As always, the source of the value is in the delivery mileage, and any amount of enjoyment will drive that value down. Still, for someone who likes these you won’t likely find one nicer at pretty much any price.

  5. S.O'B.

    That’s a GTS as stated above. Was a V6 bare bones car with the 5.0’s good bits. First year for it and last year as a distinct model. Became an option package for 96-98. Price is insane. Currently doing a rolling resto/hop up on a neglected 95 GT I got in a trade for a Sportster. Going the budget build route for all around fun while fixing/replacing whatever needs it. VERY fun car and wifey likes the vert aspect of it. She’s also getting a taste for burnouts. Was disappointed when I asked her to film one since she wouldn’t be able to be in the car for it. Haha

    ps – mismatched colors from removing fast and furious body kit and shaved doors

    • EJB

      Is that color Teal (on the majority of the panels)? It almost looks like bright atlantic blue (not offered in 95′ though)

      • S.O'B.

        It was a back yard (made in back yard) show car at one point. Had lambo doors and was bagged as well as the body kit and shaved doors. Color is actually Ford Grabber Blue. Not factory of course. Will be keeping that color since it’s mostly that color already. Also like how it ties to the past like the engine does being the last year the 5.0 was used.

  6. Mark P

    I own a ’96 GT, bought it at 4yrs old with about 50K on it. I’ve owned it 17 yrs. It was owned by a guy that at the time I would have said he was older……my age now. He took great care of it, it was never driven in winter. I too have never had it on the road during winter. It’s got about 180K on it now. Mostly all original, original Mach460 stereo, original clutch, original exhaust system (all stainless). Just maintenence parts changed. When looked at underneath the chassis has no surface rust. One mechanic stated a couple years ago “cleanist ’96 Mustang I’ve seen”. Now the bad part, these Mustang’s rot where the strut tower meets the subframe, pretty much if the cars are driven at all. You have to look for it, the engine bay is tight. Well I noticed it on mine a couple years ago and I don’t know what to do. It’s nothing I’d repair myself and estimates are in the $3K range where I live. The car might be worth $5K on a good day. Body has no rust, interior is about perfect. Thanks for the design flaw Ford.

    • Steven Noren

      Do any of you have experience with hydrophobic paint? I live on dirt road and vehicles can build up a hefty amount of mud when it rains. The composition of our soil makes it very hard to completely remove with soap and pressurized water. The comment on the rusty strut towers got me to wondering if anyone has tried this paint on rust-prone places.

    • Oil Slick

      Sounds like you loved the car. Really sux about the rust man. Doesn’t sound like you can fix it but I’m sure you can find a replacement.

  7. Dolphin Dolphin Staff

    “A real sleeper”

    The seller seems to want to sell the car as a performance car, but when I test drove one back when they were new the 5.0 engine ran out of revs and breath real fast.

    There would be econoboxes that could easily outrun it now. A test drive in this car is a must if what you are after is performance.

    The price is CDN $, and comes to US$15,789, which still makes it pricey unless you really need to have a nearly new 1995 Mustang. Then drive it much and it’s worth a fraction of what you paid.

  8. DrinkinGasoline

    Not a fan of the 4th Gen Mustangs. Looks decent, just not for me.

  9. Miguel

    I bought one of these new with a stick. I can see the car being parked after trying to drive it in traffic. It is unusable.

  10. Larry

    If it’s not for DrinkinGasoline then it’s not for me. He knows EVERYTHING!!

  11. Phoenix1024

    Mine is a 1994, 102k miles, garaged since new.


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