33,880 Miles! 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Survivor


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Once again we have a low mileage claim, but when you look the car over, it really does appear to be a 33,880 mile car. The old Olds (see what I did there?) is located in Zanesville, Ohio and is listed here on eBay at no reserve. Bidding as I write is only $1,225!


Still wearing the dust (the seller suggests it hasn’t been washed in over 10 years) of storage, this one extended family car (the original owner was the seller’s brother’s father in law) looks only a few years old at  best. Even the tires look period, and I suspect they are, being Sears tires. There’s one scratch that was probably put on the car in storage (the seller included a close up picture), and a single spot of rust along the bottom edge of the passenger door that’s about 1/2″ long.


Nitpicking: I do wish they had latched the hood for the pictures. Oh well. The chrome looks shiny and everything looks straight, just like it should be. The vertical surfaces that don’t have the dust layer look great, as does the paint in the door and trunk jambs in close up pictures.


If you look closely at this shot, you’ll see almost unworn pedal pads, mint original factory floor mats and of course, the requisite CB radio that was added to what seemed like most cars in the 1970s. We don’t get a picture of the seat upholstery but given the rest of the car I’ll bet they are nice. It still might be worth asking for a picture of them if you plan on bidding.


Under the hood, in addition to more dust we have a “Rocket 350” Olds small block. Note the air conditioning. The seller mentions that there is some paint gone and cosmetic damage below the brake master cylinder; it’s amazing what a good paint remover DOT3 brake fluid is! All I know is that I like it, and if the price stays anywhere near where it is (highly unlikely!) it will make someone a great bargain classic! Let us know if you pick it up!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Paul R

    Nice survivor!
    Gotta love the under dash 8 track and the CB on a slide mount although I would remove them and the mud flaps.
    The seller also states the original shift lever is in the trunk.. I think they are referring to the turn signal stem, that would of been replaced with one with controls for the aftermarket cruise control that has been added to the car.
    The Olds 350/barrel was rated at 180 HP but it made good torque and was fast for the era. I owned a 1972 Cutlass S and put 200K hard miles on it with the original engine. Wish I had this one!

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    • Dave

      The “CB” radio is actually a old 8trac stereo with another slide in bracket in the floor.I have one just like it in my 67 Coronet 500. Stereo for me is a speaker in front dash top and one in the rear package tray. A switch under the dash give front or rear music, and a factory “reverb” in back. With the factory AM radio, this was stereo, factory style.

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  2. Kincer DaveMember

    Oh man I want this car! This is almost identical to my first car when I was 16, wow the memories that came flooding back as soon as I saw it today. I’ve went to Ebay at least 10 times to look at it lol.

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    • Tom S.

      Bid on it. You want it. You deserve it. You know it’s the right thing to do.

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  3. Chris in Nashville

    Hahaba… Only up to 4550.00 now…

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  4. Gary Gary

    That’s an 8-track player mounted to the bottom of the dash, and it appears that the CB would have been on the floor and hand speaker mount just to left of the 8-track/FM radio. That’s pretty much how I had my 68 Chevelle set up. Those were the days of AM radios & FM tuners.

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  5. TomMember

    Great car, so was that Toronado earlier, but what is with the greens!!?? Couldn’t people hide away better colors?

    I should talk, I have a 64 olds that is light metallic green that someone will find one day (at the rate I am going !!) as a 58K mile barn find with the plastic still on the seats !!

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  6. 68 custom

    nice olds I would rock that!

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  7. Curtis J Henshaw

    The bidding is at $5,650 now.

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  8. Tirefriar

    Man, I remember those early removable under the dash radio mounts. Mine held the stand alone tape deck. This car brings back some great memories. Alas, it’s pretty far away…

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  9. Chebby

    You call it Baroque Gold, I call it Squirmy Brown.

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  10. Bob S

    If you are willing to put gas in it, and rebuild the simple motor every 350K, should last forever . If you live in a rust belt, just drive the frame with seats attached. .

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  11. Joe Nose

    All this needs is an Audiovox 5-slide equalizer and an Antenna Booster and it would nearly match the setup I had on my ’71. Great car.

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    • Kincer DaveMember

      I had the Pyramid 10 band EQ and a Kraco cassette deck, two Pioneer 6x9s in the rear deck lol, what good memories!

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  12. Ty

    I had a Pioneer Super Tuner with eight track and Audiovox equalizer with Pioneer 6x9s. Tuner is still laying on a shelf in my garage along with an unopened Bad Company eight track tape. Had to have a back up just in case! Great times! Nice car.

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    • Joe Nose

      Had a spare Bachman Turner Overdrive sitting around somewhere. But most of mine were home-recorded using a Peerless deck.

      And certainly everybody ran 6×9’s.

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  13. Prowler

    Mine was a console mounted craig power play 8 track player with pioneer wedge speakers with velcro to hold them to the rear package shelf.
    I had about 6 ft of extra wire to them so when the party got rocking I could pull them out and put them on the roof
    I also remember that system cost much more than the $75 car it was in.

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  14. Ck

    Bought a brand new old stock 8track stereo for my 70 elcamino SS at the Stafford Springs swap meet last fall ,my buddy bought two ,a spare in case we need it LOL.Evidently the guy we bought it off had bought out an old stereo store.Heres the kicker they were $20 bucks each .They were a screamin deal,in our fragile little eggshell minds.

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  15. Bruce

    I wish it was a 4 door. It would make a good parts car for my 1971 flat top cutlass station wagon.Bruce.

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  16. Tom Driscoll

    “A/C is untested”, really? Just turn the switch on and tell us if it works! I think probably not after sitting 10 years…

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    • Poppy

      Surely they’ve done so but don’t want to mention what they found, or don’t want to mention that they just seized up the thing by running it without a good refrigerant/oil mix circulating.

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  17. John

    I wish I could find this car now.. it’s the car I’ve been looking for forever. it is exactly like my moms old car and my first.cant find this color anywhere and I’ve been on a mission. And my wife is part of the Olds family so it makes it that much sweeter and really puts me on a mission .. love this car I screenshoted it. If I have to look for another color I will but I want this car.

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