33k Mile 1970 Pontiac GTO “The Judge”

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If the GTO wasn’t as tough as nails, to begin with, Pontiac added The Judge edition in 1969 with standard Ram Air induction. Unfortunately, the muscle car market peaked for most brands in 1970 and The Judge would only see a three-year run. This ’70 Judge is in great (but not perfect) condition and wears a second coat of its factory-colored paint, Polar White (most people associate orange with The Judge). Located in Franklin/Centerville, Tennessee, this low-mileage muscle machine is available here on craigslist for $92,000 (no looky-loos, please). Our appreciation to Rocco B. for uncovering this tip for us!

Sales of the GTO (“Gas, Tires, Oil”) began to cool in 1969 at 72,287 copies, which included 6,833 first-year Judges (named after the bit from The Flip Wilson Show, “Here comes da Judge”). But the handwriting was on the wall for the “Goat” in 1970 at just 40,149 units (3,797 were Judges) were assembled. Demand for The Judge dwindled to near nil in 1971 after which it was retired. And once the 1974 model year and the Ventura-based GTO ran its course, the GTO itself was gone.

For $337 extra, GTO buyers got the following extras with The Judge: L74 366 hp Ram Air III 400 cubic inch V8 (the 455 was an option); 3.55 rear gears; black grilles, grille surrounds, and hood-scoop trim; Ram Air callouts on the hood scoops; tri-color eyebrow stripes; Judge callouts on the front fenders, decklid, and dash; rear airfoil; Rally II wheels without trim rings; and G70 x 14. Polar White was the color of choice for earlier advertising for The Judge.

This ’70 GTO Judge is available because its owner is thinning the herd and has asked the “seller” to dispose of several cool vehicles, not just this one. This example has a TH-400 automatic transmission and we’re told the Poncho runs just fine and the documentation that comes with the automobile should validate both its authenticity and low mileage. The paint looks good for its age (and 8 or 9 on a scale of 10, according to the seller).

The black bucket seats wear their original weaved materials. We’re told the undercarriage presents well with just some light surface rust. The rest of the body checks out fine, including the Endura snoot which often catches some scrapes in parking. The seller is asking top dollar for this vehicle and it’s up to the buyer to decide whether he/she agrees with that as the assessment of this Pontiac’s condition.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. angliagt angliagtMember

    Says it comes with IA plates,but show a MO one.

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    • GTO455

      Thanks because he has the original plate for documentation and he is not going to run that plate on the car. The plate on the car is the current plate.

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  2. Maggy

    Warren Oates would approve.

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  3. TorinoSCJ69

    This underhood would have some better curb appeal with a new(er), non-torn foam filter element.
    This is a lot of green for a survivor Ram Air III.
    Did not see undercairrage shots.
    That engine and bay looks not too kept up for the low miles, collection status and 92 large.

    GLAD another one survived – GLWTS.

    Just to appreciate the ram air rare air, this stunning collection of GTOs and Judges a good read. These just came through Mecum
    thanks to 40 years of Chuck Cocoma’s love and restorations.

    No, no one believes the 4 hp gain the RA IV was rated over the III.


    Chuck Cocoma collection of 9 very rare Ram Air IV GTOs and Judges.

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  4. Joe

    Just another way overpriced musclecar……the collector is parting with this one now due to all the super-inflated prices on our musclecars these days….take a good look at the lousy condition of this car, and tell me it’s worth $92 K…….that’s absolutely a crazy price for this one…..

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    • TS

      I have to agree with you mostly. The engine bay and engine leave a lot to be desired at this price. I’m a little suspect of the miles to be honest. That engine looks like it has 85K or more on it. I think it’s a $45K car in this shape.

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    • Joe

      Absolutely correct !!
      Just another Sociopath trying to take advantage of someone !!
      Not cool !!
      It’s a $40 g car !

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    • Joey Dibiasi

      I agree that’s way to much for a old gto that’s supposed to be a low mileage car

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  5. GTO MAN

    the engine bay looks pretty rough for a 33m car

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  6. Davey Boy

    Maybe not this particular one but 2nd on my really want list. Have had two 70 Lemans. Both 400 bucket seat floor shift auto. Was going to fake one into a Judge but life said no and had to part with both. Really sad day that was. Hoping to get back on the horse soon. 70 440 4 spd. Roadrunner or 70 Judge or a clone of either considering it will be my last car I own. The wife can have the practical car.

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  7. George Mattar

    My 70,000 mile 70 GTO engine looked better than this. Not worth 92 big ones. If a RAIV with 4 speed maybe.

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  8. Emel

    That’s a nice lookin Judge….a guy I worked with at Sears Automotive
    had one, I think it was a 1971….in Green/Black.

    But $100K. Nah !

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  9. TA

    I had 920 $100 bills stacked up and ready to head to TN, then I saw the automatic transmission. Back under the mattress they go.

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  10. Rick Butler

    For this much money it should be show quality.

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  11. Carl Bacon

    Two weeks ago I had the TV on and it was either one of the two auctions on, and a Judge sold for over a million dollars. So, now they all go up in value accordingly.


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  12. Carl Bacon
  13. Darren

    “Hear comes da Judge ” was from the TV show “Laugh in” and was said by Sammy Davis jr. It’s not from The Flip Wilson show.

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    • Glen Riddle

      As you said it’s from “Laugh In” but there were actually three different comedians who played the judge on the show over time, though Sammy Davis Jr.’s portrayal was perhaps the most memorable. The others were Flip Wilson and Dewey “Pigmeat” Markham, who actually created the character.

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  14. PRA4SNW

    Seller probably bought it at one of the big time auctions and overpaid. Now trying to make their money back.

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  15. Robert Z

    Just curious but how can an original 33k mile car have a newer style Radiator shroud (one with shorter driver’s side plastic piece covering top rad insulator)?

    Also, master cylinder was changed already too (with incorrect one)?


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