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34 Years In The Barn! 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air

Until the 1955 model year, Chevrolet was behind the 8-ball with Ford when it came to engines. They hadn’t sold a V8 motor since 1918, but that changed with the all-new “Tri-Fives,” of which nearly five million copies were sold from 1955-57. This ’55 Bel Air is a family sedan that has been parked in a barn since 1990. The seller has nursed it back to mechanical health or at least has gotten it to run. Needing some cosmetic love, this Bel Air is in Spokane Valley, Washington, and is available here on Craigslist for $15,000 OBO. Another great tip by Barn Finder T.J.!

Though faded now, this Chevrolet may have left the factory in 1955 wearing India Ivory over Regal Turquoise paint. The finish could be original, and the body seems solid, though there is an assortment of dents on the passenger side to be worked out. Its condition may be a testament to dry storage as well as undercoating that the auto received either at the factory or dealer before it departed for its first home.

This Bel Air has the then-new 265 cubic inch V8 engine, which comes with an optional oil filter (really, those weren’t standard equipment?). A 2-speed Powerglide automatic transmission is there to take care of the shifting of gears. Despite sitting for more than three decades, we’re told it runs and drives now thanks to some resurrection work. That includes new brakes, a servicing of the fuel system (the gas tank looks new), and the electricals “have been gone through” (whatever that means).

To help the buyer get on the road to cosmetic recovery, the seller has a new interior set for the car that will go with the deal, though it’s not pictured. Also, all four of the wheel covers are present somewhere, too. While these 4-door sedans aren’t as sexy as the Tri-Five Sport Coupes, this looks like a good car to restore or use as a weekend driver once all the mechanicals are verified as roadworthy.


  1. Avatar photo "Edsel" Al leonard Member

    Needs love….and $$$$$$..$5k car- maybe

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  2. Avatar photo "Edsel" Al leonard Member

    Needs love….and $$$$$$..$5k car- maybe

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    • Avatar photo Not Again

      Perhaps 5k 7 years ago! New market, original car, 10k car at minimum.

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  3. Avatar photo Rbig18

    15k for a rough if solid 4 door sedan? Fully restored and 50k later it is still a 18k car. This flipper picked the right year but wrong model.

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  4. Avatar photo Driveinstile Member

    Besides a 55 Belair 2 door hardtop ( which I’ll NEVER be able to afford.) I really like the 4 door sedans. This is a great color combination, and even though the 265 Powerglide combo wont win many stop light wars, it will cruise very comfortably and reliably if treated right. This looks like it has good bones and would make a great restoration candidate, or just clean and up and enjoy it the way it is at least you wouldn’t have to fret ober some knucklehead dinging it in a parking lot.

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  5. Avatar photo Yblocker

    Homely. $15,000 worth of Homely, sorry, I don’t like’em, had’em shoved down my throat for too many years

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  6. Avatar photo Glyn H Wood

    Too many doors ! Butt ugly ! Good luck with selling that !

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  7. Avatar photo Wayne from Oz

    Looks like it was driven in through the keyhole of the barn door then reversed out through the same keyhole.

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  8. Avatar photo Dan

    Now THIS would be a good daily driver . Even though that 265 is original, I would swap it for an LS in a NY second (and keep that 265 to sell later). Redo the interior, clearcoat the exterior even with the dents, and find a way to get this for 1/2 price because it’s a 4-door sedan and I’ll get a daily driver that no one would think twice about stealing.

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  9. Avatar photo JACKinNWPA Member

    I would summer drive the heck out of it day and night. No reason to swap in an LS unless you can’t tune a carburetor, change and adjust the points or rebuild a fuel pump. (Did he just say rebuild a fuel pump?) yes. I would install the new interior, shine and protect the paint with a good cleaner wax. That’s all folks.

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  10. Avatar photo HoA Member

    Testing, just testing a comment not logged in. The staff assured me it’s a glitch in the system. I can’t believe , with all the ads, how you non-members put up with that? Become a member, it’s really worth it.
    This car is your typical mom and pop car, pop couldn’t drive anymore, and mom drove by “feel”. At around $2200 new, there was more than enough in moms cookie jar, and and was the staple of American families transportation. Whether you like or dislike Hollywood icons, it’s no question, Dinah Shore had a HUGE impression on the American public, and GM knew it. and post( nervously hitting button)

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  11. Avatar photo Jay E. Member

    Someone is door blind on price…

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  12. Avatar photo Shuttle Guy Member


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    • Avatar photo Wademo


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  13. Avatar photo Carbob Member

    I’m like a lot of people who have had trouble getting my head around the goofy asking prices for tri-fives. This particular example ain’t a 15k car. It’s a beat up worn out four door with powerglide. That said it could be restored to be a desirable vehicle. But to keep from losing your a$$ on it; 5k tops.

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  14. Avatar photo "Edsel" Al leonard Member

    xactly Carbob….

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    • Avatar photo Yblocker

      Love them Edsels

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  15. Avatar photo H Siegel

    If I was a younger man I would buy this in a minute. I absolutely love 4 doors and always have. I just don’t get the obsession with 2 doors. I would keep this car mechanically sound 1st try and polish out the paint if that doesn’t work I would do a reasonably priced paint job keeping same colors. And I would drive it and enjoy it because that’s what cars are for. Good luck to the seller and to the buyer enjoy driving a piece of automotive history.

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  16. Avatar photo James moore

    To much money to many doors good luck

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  17. Avatar photo John B. Traylor

    $15,000! Lots of luck finding a sucker.

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    • Avatar photo Yblocker

      There’s one born every minute, or so they say

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  18. Avatar photo Double Nickel Steve

    Price a little high. Convert from 4 door to 2 door and drive.

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  19. Avatar photo Stan

    That was my first car
    100 percent like that one. Bought it with no dents and drove it away for $40.00

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