340/4-Speed With Sunroof! 1970 Dodge Challenger

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UPDATE 10/11/2022: It isn’t uncommon for a seller to have no luck on their first attempt to part with a classic, and that appears to be the case with this 1970 Dodge Challenger. Demonstrating perseverance, the Challenger is listed here on eBay. The details and location remain the same, and the bidding has passed the reserve and sits at $8,700. Let’s cross our fingers for the seller because I know they’ve been trying to send this classic to a new home for a while.

05/12/2022: When Dodge introduced the first-generation Challenger in 1970, there were some great choices available to the buyer, including an R/T and SE in addition to the base model, plus optional equipment galore. Numerous engine combos could be had, including a 340 cubic inch V8 with a 4-Barrel on top that was good for an advertised 275 horsepower right from the factory. Pair this small block with a 4-Speed, and you’ve got yourself a powerhouse and a car that wasn’t that hard to live with on a daily basis. That’s exactly how this 1970 Dodge challenger is equipped, and if you’ve been thinking about taking on an E- Body project, this one may be worth a look. The car is located in Woodinville, Washington, and can be spotted here on eBay.

The seller tells us that this Challenger was found sitting outside behind a house in Washington state, where it had been stationary since 1975. The story goes that it was originally a California blue-plate car but was involved in an accident and received some ’71 front-end parts during the repair. The Burnt Orange paint isn’t looking so good at present, but overall the body is in surprisingly decent shape, and it does seem like a good candidate for restoration. There’s also a sunroof, and if it’s factory, that’s a pretty desirable option on a vintage Challenger.

Unlike so many E-Bodies, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of rust on this one. The trunk must have been sealed tightly, as the pan looks considerably better than a lot of these that frequently cross the block. I’m not sure if that’s the original space-saver spare tire back there or not, but if the car has been out of commission since ’75 there’s a good chance that it may be. Unfortunately, we do not get a photo of the underside, but the seller says it looks rock solid down below. We do get a close-up of the floor, and while there is a bit of rust, it doesn’t appear to be a major issue.

Very little is mentioned about the inside, other than the car has the rally dashboard and a tach. The interior is also a Burnt Orange color, and I’m not sure I’ve seen that many Challengers with the horn trim on the sides of the steering wheel. Maybe it’s just that I haven’t noticed. The car is equipped with buckets and a console, and while I understand that water has been getting in through the roof, that driver’s seat looks like it’s got quite a bit of wear for a car that has a claimed 18,000 miles. What do you think?

The seller says that’s the factory numbers-matching 340 under the hood, with a 4396 carburetor and dual-points distributor, and that it runs great with tons of power. He also mentions that the car is driveable, but it runs off a gas can, so maybe he means it can be driven around the yard. The car comes with a clear California title. What are your thoughts on this 1970 Dodge Challenger?

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  1. Melton Mooney

    I think this would have been an A66 coded car, which got you a lot of the R/T stuff on a highline (non R/T) car. It would originally have had the R/T bulged/scooped hood as well. These specially optioned Challengers have a loyal following, and if the sunroof is factory it’ll bring a pretty good coin. IMHO, the 340 4sp combo is just about the perfect setup in an e-body, very much like the 275hp 327 4sp Camaros that I’ve always had a soft spot for.

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  2. CCFisher

    Is that a Jensen in the background?

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    • angliagt angliagtMember

      Yep – Jensen Interceptor.

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  3. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Mooney you are correct about not being a R/T. I knew someone with a 1970 Dodge Challenger convertible in yellow black interior 340 4-speed. It has a flat Hood and it started with a JH27. But that sunroof is not factory. My family has a 70 Challenger RT with a power sunroof from the factory. The company ACR installed it for Chrysler. You can see the Bondo around that sunroof and there were no tracks for the cables or the motor. I don’t know why somebody would do that cut a hole in the roof. The car is worth saving. And patch that roof. Good luck to the next owner. 🐻🇺🇸

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  4. Moparman MoparmanMember

    The ad states “power disc brakes”, but I don’t see a power brake booster, and the view is blocked, if there is a power steering pump. That sunroof is definitely sketchy though. Need to minimize further water intrusion into the interior. Looks like a good base to start from. GLWTA!! :-)

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  5. James Martin

    With the hole in the roof, would be like having a flood in your car ever time it rains. How long has it sat out in the elements? Floors have to be weak or rusted is that why no pics? The only good thing about this car is the 340 4 speed. 20000 and no reserve? Not a pot of gold here. Stupid people with to much stupid money. Unbelievable!

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    • Melton Mooney

      I bought a gallon of body filler yesterday; $58 and change. Point is even doing it yourself is going to break the bank for many in this dying economy.

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  6. Mike Roberts

    Sunroofs are great until they fail. When this happens, it’s no longer “let the sunshine in.” It’s more like “the rains came down, and the floods came up.”

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  7. Steven Smith

    I actually inquired about this car a few weeks ago. The buying price was about 27,000 iirc. I live in West Virginia and I couldn’t fly out there to inspect it, and getting it shipped here would’ve put the total at around 30.

    The owner sent me a TON if underside pics and it looks VERY solid. I wouldn’t commit to buying unless I flew out there to see it myself.

    The deciding factor to pass on it was the sunroof. The owner does not have the glass, and I’d be afraid to commit to buying it without that in hand. I assume you could get one manufactured but it was just something I didn’t want to deal with.

    GL if you look into it.

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    • MoPar Mike

      The factory sunroof was steel and slid back under the roof. Would’ve been nice if the seller included a picture of the bottom side of the roof, that would eliminate doubts as to whether its factory or not.

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      • Gary

        It sure looks factory with the finished edges. If not new skins and the support braces are available

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  8. DON

    This was a California car and then went to Washington state , both areas are known for preserving steel better than many areas. The hole in the roof is an issue, but it could have been covered up in the yard it sat in, saving the car from more damage- the interior isnt moldy and rotted, so I’d say it has protected.

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    look at the hole closer, if it aint factory then a damn good pro installed it. no sharp edges, they are actually finished properly. potentially a moon roof?? oh yeah and the challenger was always the better looking of the E body sibblings

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  10. moparrunner

    The console looks like it came from an automatic. Why is the side cut out for the boot for a 4 speed. The whole floor on the drivers side looks like it needs to be replaced. It is separated from the door jam.
    Had a 74 Challenger and loved it other than the paint job. It had runs it it and the bottom of the doors and rocker panels where a different shade of white. Took a year to have the Dodge rep allow a new paint job. That was a mistake.

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    • MoPar Mike

      That is the correct 4 speed console.

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    • MoPar Mike

      The floor is fine, what you are seeing is the metal that is only attached on the bottom then folds over to cover the wiring.

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  11. steve

    What a DUKES MIXTURE of junk???

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  12. Beaner

    I have never owned a sunroof that did not eventually leak. Keep it long enough and you will get a wet head. Would never buy one brand new and certainly wouldn’t pay more for one used just because it was there.

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    • Grant

      Had a factory SR in a 2013 Civic. Never leaked, and still does not. Our daughter has it now and she uses it every day. Sunroofs need proper design. The Japanese know what is a good design, the Americans are still catching up. In 1970 it would have been an after thought to put in a sunroof, even for the factory (who dished it out to a company who did it for them) Yes, they all leaked in those days, and do not get me started on T Bar roofs. BTW, I do believe that a true factory SR in those years required a silly vinyl roof. I could be wrong on that, though.

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  13. Bultaco

    The seats in all of the E bodies turned to strips of crackly vinyl at some point, but not at 18,000 miles. I’d say 118,000 is more likely. If the sunroof is factory, and if the seller has all of the parts for it, this could be a really unique car restored.

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  14. joenywf64

    Could any 340s have came down the assembly line with a flat hood like this – by mistake?
    I don’t think i ever seen this steering wheel in a Challenger, much less in a 340.

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    • Gary

      I believe a flat hood was standard, a Shaker or bulge hood were extra if I remember correctly. Guys?

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      • JoeNYWF64

        Ironic that the 21st century V6 challengers all have hood scoops just like the entry level v8 versions, which may not please owners of the latter.
        Incredible how reluctant “modern” car makers are to tool up any new metal body parts, even after 4 or 5 model years, or in the case of the Chally, since 2008! Compare that to the incredible changes year to year in the late 60’s & the choices of body styles & individual options & colors, inside & out.

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  15. Mitch

    This is a money pit. The Interceptor in the background is interesting.

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  16. cold340t

    Needs MORE RUST!!!!!!! If the seller really wants to get a higher price for it.

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  17. Scott Rudge

    Sorry to say that this Challenger is not a factory sunroof car. The roof opening is the wrong shape for this model year – shape is likely a 73-74 manual sunroof opening. Additionally, this is an LA assembly plant car. There were no factory sunroof Challengers built at the LA plant that year.

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