350 And A 4-Speed: 1974 Corvette

1974 Corvette

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While this L82 4-speed manual equipped Corvette may not be the most desirable combination or year of America’s sports car, I think these more rounded C3 models are some of the cleanest shapes around and offer a lot of bang for the buck right now. This one is located in Dover, Ohio and is offered here on craigslist for $4,750.

Round tail lights

The seller is quick to explain that a new rear bumper cap to replace the obviously missing one is provided with the sale. A similar piece would have to be sourced for the front bumper as well. Right now the car runs and drives, but needs brake work. Also, the passenger side door won’t open, which the seller states is a common C3 problem.


I look at the shifter, the clean dash, and iconic crossed flags in the center of the steering wheel and I think this is a lot of car here for the money. What do you think?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Rick

    Darned if it does not look like that the nose cap was deliberately cut. It surely was not the result of an accident, those cuts are straight.

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    • Rick

      Well…maybe not. I downloaded the photo of the front and blew it up. The line nearest to the drivers side is a straight cut, the rest doesn’t appear to be.

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      • Tom S.

        I look at lots of wrecked cars in my work. It’s not uncommon for dangling pieces of bumpers to be cut off after the collision.

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  2. St.Ramone de V8

    These years of Corvettes are pretty lame, of course, but a cheap way to get into a ‘Vette. Guess there’s no way to get that back end retro fitted to a ’68-’73? I always thought that looked terrible. Even when new.

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  3. DREW V.

    I’m not a big vette fan to begin with but the $2.99 K-Mart Blue Light Special steering wheel cover really puts me off this car. If the owner pinched pennies this bad, there is no telling how badly they skimped on maintenance, upkeep and repairs…???

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    • phoneman91

      The steering cover is there to cover up the factory hard plastic steering wheel rim. Nothing to removing it and then there will be a stock interior with factory vinyl seats in still good condition .

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    • JW454

      My guess on the steering wheel cover is to avoid the “Sticky Wheel” syndrome prevalent in these types of GM steering wheels. If you’re not familiar, these wheels have a tendency to become very sticky every few months. Oldsmobiles, Buicks, and Pontiacs all had a wheel made using this process and, they all get sticky sooner of later. I have this wheel on my ’72. During the summer I have to clean it with “Goof Off” every few weeks.

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  4. phoneman91

    The L82 /four speed/no factory catalytic converter was one of the more desirable power train combinations for that era.

    The old dried out bumper cover issue is common for that model of C3.

    I wish the seller was closer to me. I would be tempted with that asking price. The engine bay is stock and clean for the most part. As is the interior.

    C3 Corvettes are like vintage Mustangs —NOS and new parts are easy to find. But not necessarily cheap.

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  5. Jeff V.

    Good points: L82 instead of L48, 4spd! Bad points; hmmm

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    • phoneman91

      It there has been no collision damage and the frame isn’t rotted out—at the asking price-the bumper covers and the cost to replace them wouldn’t be an issue.

      If the seller was just 900 miles closer to me…..

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  6. phoneman91

    Some lucky individual has apparently bought this C3-the listing has been removed. It was an attractive price.

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  7. mike d

    removed by seller.. may have been good for a ” cheap thrill” being a car from Ohio, rust on the underside may be a problem . if the original engine, you may have to put up with the wheezing and coughing if you stomp on it, and the dieseling after it has been shut off

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  8. Cameron Bater UK

    Hmm, the only Vett’ I’ve ever really liked is the 2 window, fastback Stingray (C2?) which, in my opinion, is the most beautifull car ever to come out of America.

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  9. Dan

    74 was the last year to not have a catylitic converter..the L82 was the same engine in a 74 Z28, not the fastest of years as most folks compare everything to the top year of 1970 but, there is potential and also the fact that these were probably some overlooked Vettes…it wouldn’t cost anymore to beef up this car than any other. It’s still a 350, and probably a Muncie trans. Those plastic nose and rear bumper are readily available and can be replaced fairly easy. A trip to a body shop for a good paint job and a going over as far as checking brakes and other things, I’m guessing a 10 k investment would result in a nice driving and good looking car. Don’t knock the steering wheel cover, I had a few of them because they made the wheel comfortable, had nothing to do with costs. I’ve had a 73, a 77 and an 88 vette, the 77 style and ride was the best of those, the 73 and older rode like a buckboard wagon in comparison. I hate to see it’s gone, I just got the email telling about it and it’s gone. Anyone know what it sold for?

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  10. Scott Allison

    My 75 was in the exact same condition as this one.. Same color, and it was also missing the nose and tail, including the cheap steering wheel wrap.
    Nose and Tail will run about $400.00 each for fiberglass replacements. I removed the wheel wrap, and found a perfect steering wheel under it! I’ve seen other 74/75’s go from $2500 to $4500 in this shape. So whoever bought this Vette did good. Mine’s been taking 1st Place in the Vette categories for the past 3 years after a paint job, and a lot of detailing.

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