350 Equipped: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

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Undoubtedly, the SS and Z28 versions are the cream of the crop for enthusiasts seeking a First Generation Camaro to park in their garage. However, genuine examples can come at a prohibitively high price, making well-executed tributes a more affordable alternative. That is one option open to the new owner of this 1969 Camaro, with the small-block hiding under its hood representing an excellent starting point. It is a blank canvas, making faithful restoration or the restomod path equally attractive. The first thing it needs is a dry workshop so the process can commence. Therefore, the seller has listed the Camaro here on eBay in Manahawkin, New Jersey. Bidding sits below the reserve at $6,100, with a BIN option of $15,000 available for interested parties.

The photos confirm this Camaro has led a colorful life, with traces of its original Rallye Green paint emerging from beneath the existing White and shredded Black vinyl top. The side-exit exhaust and vintage Cragar wheels suggest someone has pursued the custom path, but any changes are reversible for those contemplating a faithful restoration. It will be a major undertaking because there is the typical lower body rust and rotted floor pans. However, the cowl and rails look sound, and there is no evidence of trouble in the door frames. Dismantling the car entirely would be wise, and pursuing a rotisserie approach would ensure a high-end result. That begs the question of what to apply to the panels once the bodyshell is rock-solid and as straight as an arrow. The original paint shade would have been striking, but this is when the buyer can personalize their ride. Hugger Orange is an iconic color and would be uppermost in the minds of many. Alternatively, a custom candy or pearl finish would guarantee the car turns heads. I usually sound a note of caution with that approach because choosing a paint shade that can look outdated fairly quickly is easy. Those willing to roll the dice could select something more flashy, but a factory finish is a fairly safe bet.

This Camaro’s interior would have been a pleasant place to pass the time when this classic was shiny and new. The original owner equipped it with air conditioning and a console, with splashes of woodgrain on several surfaces. The interior is essentially complete, and is another aspect of this classic that is a blank canvas. The cheapest alternative would be a faithful restoration using one of the many trim kits available. However, if the new owner chooses the custom path with the paint, they could carry that theme inside with unique trim and upholstery. Cloth seatcovers would be a popular choice, although some may find the lure of luxurious leather irresistible.

The seller states that while the Camaro rolled off the line with a 350ci V8 under the hood, the small-block occupying the engine bay isn’t numbers-matching. A Turbo 350 automatic transmission tackles shifting duties, with the first owner adding power steering. The original engine’s specifications are unclear, although it is safe to say the driver had at least 250hp under their right foot. This 350 doesn’t run, with the seller admitting they haven’t tried to coax it into life. This is good news for potential buyers because I have previously seen cars of this caliber suffer significant mechanical damage as an owner has attempted a well-intentioned revival. This means that the new owner has complete control over the process. This small-block might be perfect for the buyer’s project aims, but they might scrap it in favor of something more modern or potent.

I have floated a few potential ideas for the new owner to consider once they have this 1969 Camaro in their workshop, but I have only scratched the surface. This classic offers so many possibilities, and the buyer’s decisions will only be limited by their budget and imagination. I hope my approach has set minds racing as our readers consider the alternative. It will be fascinating to learn if they are a catalyst for anyone to pursue this promising project further. I wish you luck if you do.

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  1. Yblocker

    Will the madness ever end

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    • Arthur Courchesne

      No!. The classic market has just gone stupid due to the fact that people are making money and everyone wants to jump in. Motorcycles are not exempt. Last Mecum auction a 1972 Kawasaki H-2 750 sold for $50,000 with the decals on the wrong side of the tank. These bike don’t handle , vibrate and shake and sold for $1,399 new. E-bay prices are out of control, A set of NOS sidecover panels is listed for $1,800 Cdn and a full original body set for a 72 H-2 at $10,000 Cdn. Makes the Camaro seem like a good deal! I owned 3 69’s including a Z-11 Pace Car which I sold for $7500 back in 1986. As a retiree I can’t even get back into the classic car market. Out of reach for the average guy now. Sheer madness to say the least but even worse when people are willing to pay these prices! It just keep driving the prices higher.

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      • Mike Smith

        I’m ok with what you say but I would keep it as a surviver clean it up find a chin spoiler and a rear trunk spoiler restore the hard top and give it some paint maybe even some SS badges and a SS hood the one with the chrome louvres on it

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  2. 8banger 8bangerMember

    As nice as the interior once was, it is currently Rodentis Infestus.

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  3. TRUTH

    Hard pass at the price expectations. For 15k you can go buy a really nice driver from the same era.

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    • Mark

      I agree! Even if a car at 15k needed a little bit of work.

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      • ROCCO 603

        Hey good luck to him.
        But i.m.o he/she is definitely watching too much t.v. Barret Jackson ect.

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  4. Edward

    Yes, a $3,000 parts car someone can turn into a Z28 tribute.

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    • Mike J

      Not enough pic’s to tell for sure but if the hood is origin it looks like an SS hood

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      • steve

        There is no badging indicating it’s an SS, so if the hood is SS, it’s not original. This car is one big pile of time and money for anyone wanting to restore it.

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  5. Wiliam

    So out of control I can’t even buy a parts car for my project so it’s dead in the water

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    New Jersey ?? You know the bottom is a rust bucket.

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  7. DON

    I’m not a Chevy guy, but this car with that color combo would have been one sharp ride back in ’69 ! I’m sure someday it will undergo some kind of restoration/restomod , not sure about the 15k for whats here now

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  8. Fred

    Does anyone know if a Z28 came standard with a sun tac, or was it optional. I’m having a senior moment and can’t find anything on line? Thanks for your help.

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    • steve

      I’ve never seen any reference to a Sun tach, nor have I ever seen a Z28 with a Sun tach. The tach was an option up until May 1969 when it became a standard feature on Z28’s.

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      • Fred

        I thank you for answering me. The reason I asked bought a 69 used in 1970 I was 21yrs old it did have a sun 7000 red line. Probably put in by former owner

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      • Rick Hunter

        In 1976 my good friend had a Baldwin Motion 69 Z28 and it had Stewart Warner tach and as far as I recall it was dealer installed

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    • Charles Jenkins

      Some of the very hip dealers would column mount a Super Sun for you, but I think most buyers just took the one they already had in their ’55 (or whatever hot rod they happened to have) and put it in themselves. (I had a Super Sun that followed me through 5 cars,)

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  9. stillrunners stillrunnersMember

    CYA…”needs just the normal stuff”….same seller as the 69 fastback – maybe a 2fer buy ?

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  10. Rod L Lustila

    All you would be buying here is the roof and firewall.thats it.really. everything is going in the garbage can,except what I mentioned.

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  11. Claudio

    As a young man in his late 20’s, i bought a 69 rs and toyed and built it to my tastes not bothering with originality , kept it for 18 years , sold it and invested the money in real estate , spent my free time renovating houses instead of cars and retired at 56 ,these prices are crazy but thenagain so are my properties ! YOLO

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    • Fred

      I also was in the homes biz, building sold my company and retired at 42yrs. I still have a love for all types of cars because I’m in the hobby not for the money but the history and the people you meet with the same passion

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      • Claudio

        Totally agree about the people one meets in these shows

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  12. Mark f

    What a deal considering that car was listed in Boise Idaho on March 8 for $3900.00. Was trying to purseude a friend that this a good deal and then it was gone to another Camaro Capitalist that thinks rusty cars are worth a fortune. Thanks to Barrett Jackson for inflating junk cars to star wars status!!

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  13. Claudio

    Max bid at $8300.00
    The market has spoken !

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