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350 V8 Equipped: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS

The seller of this 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS states that this car is part of their eventual inheritance but it’s time to sell and get the money to his Dad. The car had been stored away since 1992 but was recently treated to a new battery, tune-up, rebuilt carburetor, belts, fuel tank, sending unit, rear shocks, front calipers, pads, shoes, hoses, and more so that it now runs and drives well. The Camaro is listed for sale here on eBay and is located in Miami, Florida. The buy it now price is $28,000 but you are invited to make lower offers.

The seller tells us that the car was painted and assembled in 1990. Presumably, they are referring to a refurbishment. Unfortunately, due to the rust, another body restoration will be necessary. There’s rust in both rocker panels and around where the vinyl roof was originally installed.

Personally, I’m a fan of the spoiler on these early Camaros, and the body does look pretty straight.

I’m just not sure I should be seeing this kind of rust in a $20,000+ car. Am I out of touch with early Camaro values that much? I’m sure one of you experts out there can enlighten us in the comments. The seller does let us know that all exterior moldings not on the car are there and come with the car. As a side note, the trim tag tells us that the car was originally black with a black vinyl top.

The interior is a mix of really good (dash top, rear seats) and really bad (front seats, center console). That shifter for the automatic is certainly different from what you’d find in a modern car! The “Tic Toc Tach” makes this combination somewhat rare.

Houndstooth. Ah, houndstooth. Such period upholstery! Did you know that houndstooth upholstery originated in Scotland in the 1800s? It became a symbol of luxury in the 1930s — I wonder why GM and Triumph chose to revive the pattern? Do any of you know?

Here’s a ubiquitous Chevrolet 350 cubic-inch V8 engine. Since the 350 was not available until 1969 we can be sure this isn’t the original engine – but I don’t think this would be the car to start with if you were looking to restore a 1968 Camaro. So the question is, would you re-refurbish the car? And if so, how would you spec it out? Let us know in the comments!



    uh wasn’t the 350 a 67 as exclusive? 68 also? 69 is when the rest of Chevrolet got a 350

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    • Michael King

      My father had a ‘67 Camaro SS, in red over white vinyl with black dash and carpets. He bought it new at DoubleMont Chevrolet in Louisville, Ky.—at nearly 35, his first brand-new car. It had the white nose stripe separated by a “350” emblem, and the air cleaner read “350 Turbo Fire, 350 Horsepower.” My mother totaled it the next year (with me in the back seat) – too much motor, not enough tire.

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      • JoeNYWF64

        & possibly not enough brakes, if your SS had 4 wheel manual drums?

    • Kevin Foster

      Hello all,the 350 was in fact available starting in 67.the exclusive engine was the z28 with high compression 302.yes chevy made a 302 for 3 years 67-69.strictly a z28 only option

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  2. Rich

    Help me Jesus! Another dreamer trying to sell a trashed car….Tree-fiddy. It’s worth Tree-fiddy. Would you accept this reasonable offer seller? God save us all from these delusional people.

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    • Mitchell Gildea Member

      The Loch-Ness monster has entered the conversation

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    • robert

      Sold for…………..$28,000….just what he axed for. You’re obviously delusional.

  3. Double d

    1967 ss camaro’s had a 350 available.

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  4. flmikey

    I always thought the 350 was available in the ’68…at least in the SS or RS, which this car claims to be both…hopefully, the winning bidder repaints it in the original color…nice find!

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  5. Calipag

    Look I’m a Camaro lover, especially first gens but come on! $28 large!
    I get they can ask whatever they want for the car and the buyer can pay whatever they feel is fair but don’t people look at what else is out there on the market and whatever price point they shoot for and do some kind of comparison. IF this sells for $28K or anywhere near that; my 69 RS will be on the auction block! :)
    Or is it the Barrett Jackson dream pricing chart that they go off of!!

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    • robert semrad

      How much will you sell your Camaro for?

  6. 70SuperSport

    Needs a roof skin and trunk pan and NOM. Asking too much $’s….

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  7. doug

    The 350 was absolutely available in ’68.

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  8. PaulG

    No personal attack’s.
    cRaZy as an outhouse RAT!
    Sorry I offended the rat…

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    • robert semrad

      Yep…Crazy like a fox……he got what he asked for.

  9. 8banger David Mika Member

    Bombed-out, and who did that paint job?! 20k. Someone spiked the nog.

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  10. Skorzeny

    Well look at the bright side, it’s not a rusted out ’68 Charger with no engine or transmission that they are asking 35K for…

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  11. Vance

    You can buy a lot of car for 28 large, and this heap would not fit into that category. COVID causes loss of your senses, taste, smell, but it doesn’t touch common sense, and this guy has none. Put the bong down and get realistic, its not even worth half of the asking price. I think this person need an intervention ASAP I am sorry for being so negative this close to Christmas, but come back to reality.

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  12. Jaime

    Ridiculous price ,there’s nothing special about this car and it trashed for the most part

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  13. George Mattar

    Doesn’t the seller mean $2,800? Just another trashed 68 Camaro. Yawn.

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  14. Neal Cook

    That’s a $5000 car tops. There all over in that condition. When you get them apart, there’s always Rust you never expected in your wildest dreams. Inner fender well, under the “A-Pillars”

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  15. Dusty Stalz

    The Chevy 350 was introduced in 1967. The authors need to do their very basic research. Also, the seller is going to have this car a very long time if he’s serious about that price.

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    • robert semrad

      He sold it, Dusty…..

  16. Kenton Briscoe

    That car is highly optioned! I see power windows, power brakes, power steering, possibly tilt wheel, a/c, rs/ss, console guages, houndstooth and who knows what else. That being said, it clearly needs A LOT! If it’s a numbers matching car, that would help it’s case but still not a 28k car in my opinion. My unprofessional appraisal: 12-15k. Bonus would be unforeseen rarity.

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  17. Jerry Lane

    67 they came out with a experimental 350 68 I believe was the same 69 350 went into mass production. A lot were auto power glide in 67

  18. Bob Bliss

    Automatic, extremely rough, wrong engine doesn’t justify the price. Under $10k and then someone would have to be desperately needing it.

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  19. EPO3

    Had one with a four speed I traded for 69 GTX I loved that camaro but not as much as the GTX


    Are you kidding me? $5K is more than what this is worth, but there are chumps that will put in another $50K in the rust bucket to make it presentable.

  21. Stu Berman

    $4,000 if lucky enough to find someone to buy it,I’ve seen totally restored muscle and classics here in Vegas for less than that asking price,where I’m at on Nellis Blvd near the Air Force Base there’s acres of property with all kinds of old cars…

    • robert semrad

      Looks like he was lucky, Stu…..not everybody has access to all those dry climate classics like you are. Why don’t you go out there in the desert, find the gems, buy them, and put ’em on Barnfinds? You are where some people would like to be.

  22. JMB#7

    I guess that I quickly forget that 1990 was thirty years ago. Still, for it to look like that now on the outside really makes me question the lack of preparation that went into the repaint. As for the inside, it appears that the seats were the victim of “a hound’s tooth”. I do hope that it lands in the hands of someone who will save it, but I doubt that even half of the asking price would make any sense at all.

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  23. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    What many people don’t realize is the huge amount of work required to correctly repair the rust along the drip rails. Don’t forget that in addition to the roof panel having lost most of it’s metal thickness all along the entire roof edges, the main inner bracing metal along each side will have deteriorated as well [those areas didn’t get painted when new].

    You can’t weld to deteriorated metal, so this will require more metal replacement along the sides. Not replacing the inner metal pieces can lead to a loss of upper body strength [sounds like what my doctor says about me at my age!] and if the car body twists from something like a large bump or pothole [or too much HP], the windshield can crack.

    The quickest and correct method would be to source a non-rusted top assembly from the south-west area of the US, and perform a top-ectomy.

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  24. Chuck

    Yes, this car is overpriced. Many of the cars we see on BF are overpriced.
    Hilarious that people complain about what cars should be worth. In 1978 I paid $400 each for a 68 Camaro convt 327, powerglide; and a 68 SS/RS 396 4 speed. Both rough shape, but drove them home. How much did new cars cost then? How much were you earning by the hour?
    Everything costs more today than 30-40 years ago. Plus, now we are looking at 50 year old cars in worse shape than back in the day. Market value is what someone will pay for an honestly presented car today. Plenty of less popular cars available for less money.

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  25. gary

    Yes 350 was available as a stand alone option in 1967. 350 is NOT RARE in the early camaro. They were produced in the 1000’s.

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  26. John Annis

    Yes,67 was the first year forcthe 350,only in the Camaro. I had a 67 Camaro 350 RSS,4 speed.

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  27. gary

    Not only was the 350 available in a 1967 Camaro but was the ONLYgm available with a 350. Others did not get the 350 later.

  28. Roy Stauffer

    28k is over priced in the condition it is in most i’d give is 10k but this need lot of work new roof is the biggest

  29. robert lewis

    car is OK..send it up north to make ice-cubes in the hood-trays(they are cool),air & PS PB are a bonus tach = rare ,auto trans is a minus ,a new vinyl top would help…nope… you would go under with this car

  30. James Bishop

    Based on the non info of the cowl tag , nobody can say for sure this camaro is a real RS/SS but it appears to be . The cowl tag is the bible of a camaro’s authentic build , along with the block, head and body numbers to prove it’s the real deal .This car, if it is a numbers matching along with the great options as it appears to be, in this condition would go for around $20.000 . However , need more info , and of coarse a physical look in person . Auto, A/C , pw ,pb,ps, black houndstooth interior , and if it all matches is a diamond in the rough . Hey, there might be more options B/C there is lack of pictures . For all newbies on camaro’s there never was a experimental 350 or any other motor for that means . 1967 was the start of the 350 in GM .Back in the days of 1967 you could just about order anything you wanted in a camaro . Chevrolet was into Racing and Performance and filling the need . There were 5 different 427 motors from 67-69, available in the camaro and corvette . In 67-69 Z/28’s had a 302 in them only . All other camaro’s had 6 cylinder or a 307, 327, 350,396,427. Options varied per motor . Look into getting a book about camaro and corvette and other GM cars so you know what your about to buy or sell .

  31. JoeNYWF64

    Not impressed with ’90 paint or repro seat covers & the lacing used on that common steering wheel cover. lol
    Surprised seeing non chromed side window drip moldings, but optional wide chromed stainless molding on top of door skins & below side rear windows.
    Lower RS rocker panel molding & black paint below it both missing.

  32. gary

    Yes, The 350 was available in 1967. In fact, there was a Emblem in the grille that said SS350. The 350 was rated at 295hp. The camaro was the ONLY GM to receive the new 350 engine. NO other model was available with a 350.

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