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$3,500 Scout: 1962 International Scout 80

Holy complicated bumper setup, Batman! Obviously this 1962 International Harvester Scout 80 was set up to pull behind some sort of rig, but the seller doesn’t mention it in their Craigslist ad. This little box-checker (in that it checks quite a few boxes for me) is in the Denver/Longmont/Boulder, Colorado area with what seems like a great asking price of $3,500! Here is the archived CL listing, this one probably won’t last too long.

A deer would have no chance against this evil-looking grille’d Scout. Is that thing even legal on actual American roads?! It looks like a Mad Max catapult sort of contraption for pedestrians who are walking against the lights or something. Whatever it is, it’s in nice condition as is the back bumper, both of them look to have been recently repainted and I’m guessing the wheels were at the same time. It looks good to me. I love original-spec vehicles but sometimes things like this grab me and this one is grabbing me. The seller says about the body, it “has a few bumps and bruises that will need ironed out.”

The IH Scout started life in 1960, for the 1961 model year, and only ran for about two decades, until 1980. It’s hard to believe how ingrained in car society and culture that they really are with such a short life span. This one looks really good to me and since I’m also a 1962 model, anything from 1962 is on my radar. Not to mention that I love Scouts and especially the half-cab pickup configuration. This one looks like it was spruced up a bit around the edges and I can’t tell if the body is primer or faded paint. In either case, it doesn’t look horribly rusty, maybe a testament to fewer tons of salt on Colorado roads compared to the Midwest or Northeast US. The box is perfect for hauling a couple of oddball motorcycles in.

There are no real good interior photos, unfortunately. There are only two and neither of them shows the seat at all, so as far as we know there is no seat. I’m guessing that there is, but a photo would have been nice. Hagerty lists the value of a 1962 Scout 80 in #4 fair condition as being worth $5,100 so dang, yeah, this could be a winner right here. Gather the kids and dogs, we’re going on a road trip to Denver!

This little cornbinder is running the stock 152 cubic-inch inline-four with 93 hp. This engine was literally half of a 304 V8 and it looks like it’s been updated with an alternator. The seller says that it “runs, drives, stops. Carb recently rebuilt; fires up nice.” Here are a few more specifics about this l’il rig: “Dana 27 axles, 4.27 gears, rear posi-trac, T90 3 speed, Dana 18 T-case.” I really want to own a 1962 Scout someday. Have any of you owned a pre-Scout II Scout?


  1. KSwheatfarmer

    nice old binder

    • DartDude

      Grew up riding with my grandpa in these. He worked for a ranch in northern New Mexico. Only break-down I remember was a broken rear axle hub key. We took the rifle from a similar rack and walk to the highway and flag down a ride back to the house. Fond memories today seeing this old Scout.

  2. Kuzspike

    Is that a gun rack mounted on the dash?

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Yes, it is a gun rack Kuzspike. I drove this things twin brother from Wisconsin to Utah with my Harley in the back many years ago. That was one long ride. It was a blast checking out the ghost towns in the desert though. This rig would be a smoking deal in Wisconsin today. Hey Rube this should put a smile on your face, -12 this morning. Have a great new year to you all! Take care, Mike.

      • Rube Goldberg Member

        Hey Mike, yeah, I see that. I miss that like I miss an upset stomach. This would be great in the rusty states. The guy I bought my GoldWing from near Antigo had several of these, all with doors and fenders falling off. Something like this.
        If this is what Scouts are going for, I may check out that ’63 in town here again. Btw, high 40’s and brilliant sunshine today in the High Plains. 63 years in that icebox was enough. Have a safe New Years.

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      A lot of ranchers out west had gun racks set up just like that, in Scouts and Broncos. Dad never had either of those trucks and preferred his full-sized pickup. He always had a rifle in the scabbord in front of the seat, and at least one handgun in the glove compartment. How much slacker gun laws were 40+ years ago….

  3. Rube Goldberg Member

    Being from Colorado ( now) there’s a bunch of these, and all 4×4’s, for that matter, scattered all over in yards and fields. It’s as if it’s illegal to junk a car out here. The most popular 4×4 is without a doubt, the Toyota Landcruiser ( one person has 9 in their yard), but these and Jeeps are still pretty common. This has an impressive tow setup, and if going anywhere, with a top speed of maybe 50, it should be towed. Some loooooong stretches in Colorado. I looked at one local, a ’63, much worse shape for $700 ( $500 would probably get it) but too much work. Nice truck here, even if only for limited use. A modern ATV side by side probably does a better job than this, but where’s the fun in that? Parts should not be a problem. I have no experience with the 4 banger, although, no fond memories of the V8.

  4. KKW

    I had a 62 full cab, as a daily driver, not real comfy, but it would climb a tree, or scream down the road at 65 all day long. And I do mean “scream”, as that was about all it wanted. There’s still a lot of people who have a big misconception when it comes to vehicles rusting in this part of the country. Granted, they don’t use salt out here, but they do use chloride, which is just as bad, if not worse. The dry climate slows the process, but the rust still happens eventually

  5. David

    I had my 62 in Wyoming. It was bullet proof except for the door hinges. It was light enough you didn’t need a winch to haul it out. A come along or two worked fine. The wipers weren’t much in heavy snow. In low it would climb anything if it didn’t fall over backwards first. It was slow and noisy but a good little rig.

  6. Classic Steel

    I had relative with one and drove the lil scout! Not a race car but had torque !
    If your on a long trip leave this one at home unless you do the old v6 conversions they did in the 70s with Buick transplants ! I would put a late model four banger which these days exceed 250 horses on some ! I would think you need a local machinists assistance for tranny and bell housing etc.
    The front end unit add on would get removed in the first half hour of ownership ☺️

    • Neal

      When I was in high school(late 70’s) I worked for a guy who had a 63 scout. He got so angry about the 4 banger. He called it half a good motor! He yanked it out and shoehorned a 340 Chrysler and 4 speed. To look under the hood it looked “factory” installed . Way more power, better fuel mileage and it sounded a lot better, especially when the thermoquad was fully utilized! I don’t know whatever happened to it, wish I had it now!

  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    The local International dealer sold a pile of these in the 60s. He pretty much had the market cornered until the Bronco came out. But then the full-sized 4x4s came out and they took over the market. Still own it….

  8. Dan

    Looking for one with a factory installed front blade

  9. skidr55

    The outside shots you can see the high back bucket seats thru the window glass.
    Front bumper must have been a welding students final project. “A” for effort!

  10. Paul Weigel

    On the Scout there is a front seat with 2 headrests. Look closely from the first photo with the towbar in front, you can clearly see the bench seat. With the 2nd photo taken from the side you can see the bench seat. I enlarge the photo on my phone.

  11. Mike

    I had a 69. I really liked it. Even took the top off one time. Was a blast. As far as price? $3500. Really??? That seems like three times as high as it should be. Parts are scarce anymore or even non existent. What book was it that price it over 5K? I think everyone must use that book for their prices. Was that from the book that all the auctions use nowadays??

  12. M1008

    My Dad’s buddy owned a Sinclair gas station, in the 70’s. He had one of these sitting out front, had a plow on it in the winter. Had the big green Dino on both doors. Pardon my tears. Thanks for bringing back fond old memories. His was the same white color.

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