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356 Out in the Rain


One day a while back Dave and his wife came across this Porsche purely by chance. Here is Dave’s story in his own words.

I was out with the wife doing some community service and ran across this sitting under some trees in the rain. It is right near the ocean so it won’t last long where it sits. We were coming down a rather sketchy mud slicked hill (just barley avoiding sliding into a fence), when my wife said “hey isn’t that a Porsche?”. The only Porsche we have owned was a 912 years ago, so I was happy with her ability to spot the car. So I jumped out into the rain and snapped a shot for you. It’s at a house that gets rented out for events, mostly weddings so people must know about this car.

This is all the info Dave has on his find, so if any of you know this car and what’s its story is, please share! Thanks Dave for sharing this find with us.


  1. MH in MN

    I wish I could find a car like that just sitting outside. In Minnesota most everything is already taken or rusted away.

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  2. Don Andreina

    It looks like an ‘A’. Lack of windscreen would suggest a Speedster, or else someone has taken a chainsaw to it. Yep MH, wouldn’t you just love to stumble across something like this.

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  3. Charlie link

    Looks like a kit car due to the fact that there is no surface rust or dents (fiberglass).
    I would be interested in this car if you want to share location??

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  4. paul

    best place for a bathtub Porsche…why out in the rain of course!

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  5. Mark E

    I suspect replica also. If it was real, it would be worth enough that it would be too tempting to steal for some people! (rolls eyes)

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  6. Haig Haleblian

    As young Benjam Bdradock was told in The Graduate. Plastic

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  7. Haig Haleblian

    Geez, I need to proof before hitting the send button Benjamin Bradock.

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  8. Chris A.

    Maybe a wedding party member/guest forgot where they left it. Plastic, or it hasn’t been there long. Haig, really funny, oh Braddock has two d’s?

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