3,600 Mile Restomod: 1979 Ford Mustang Ghia

When you’re considering a modified car to buy, one of the more challenging aspects of the transaction is whether the car aligns with your own tastes and preferences. For sellers, that’s the biggest risk of either embarking on a modification project or buying a modified car as a flip vehicle. You never know if what you end up with is appetizing to anyone other than you. In the case of this super low mileage 1979 Ford Mustang Ghia, I am confident that the custom touches shown here will find lots of fans outside of the seller themselves who dig restomod conversions. Find the 3,600 mile Mustang here on eBay where bidding has crested $35,000 with the reserve unmet.

The Ghia trim on a Fox body was Ford’s attempt to create a “luxurious” Mustang. Today, it has a modest following of enthusiasts who seek them out, if only for the rarity factory. The Ghia option wasn’t a hot seller and it’s difficult to find one in good shape today. This particular Mustang checks a few other boxes, too: it’s the desirable “notchback” design, which basically translates to a rigid, two-door coupe body, and it features the preferred 5.0L V8 under the hood. The seller speculates that this is a very early 5.0L car based on the assembly date, and it certainly stands out for being a factory 5.0L Ghia.

The Ghia really did get you a more luxurious Mustang, with unique dashboard trim, leather seating, and thick carpeting. Of course, you still had crank windows, so it wasn’t a total transformation. But when you talk about transformations, you have to discuss the dramatic transformation the modifications had on this upmarket Mustang. I don’t have a list of modifications, but it seems pretty straightforward: custom suspension to drop the ride height and a set of BBS-style wheels with color-matched centers and polished lip. I’m sure a few other tweaks have been made under the skin, but it’s amazing what a set of wheels and a lowering kit can do.

When this Mustang was new, it had to have been considered a top-of-the-line model. The Ghia trim plus an automatic transmission with the 5.0L V8 under the hood likely pushed the final price tag as high as it would go outside of a limited-production model like a pace car, and I’m guessing the take rate was fairly low compared to lower-cost trims or dedicated performance models. The seller’s car, with its attractive modifications and incredible low mileage, makes it a standout among other Fox bodies, and it’s not surprising to see the strong bidding on display here – although, the reserve remains unmet.


  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    For 1979 the revamped Mustang, now on the Fox platform, had big sales numbers. Occasionally one may find a very low mileage 1979 Pace Car, but otherwise finding a low-mileage early Fox Mustang is very rare.

    This one is well-equipped (the window sticker took two pages) and has been nicely maintained. I always found the chamois/tan treatment to be attractive. Yes, the wheels do completely transform the car. The bidding again illustrates the solid market for clean Fox Bodies, now reaching even to the early four-eyes.

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  2. Cadmanls Member

    I like the four eye Mustangs. There is an 85 LX drop top in my driveway. But what people are willing to pay for this one is just nuts, it’s rare, first year of the Fox platform for the Stang and can’t say I have ever seen one optioned like this. But it’s got the small rear end, no sway bars and the 302 wasn’t getting any real power numbers yet. Unusual yes worth that kind of money, well you can get more car for those numbers.

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  3. Amy

    I saw this very nice early example at Foxtoberfest. It’s nice to see there are some very clean ones still out there.

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  4. John H.

    Interesting my 79 Capri 2.8 Ghia had a velour interior and not leather. I also like the placement of the 79 only interior door handles on the bottom. I must assume nobody else did, as Ford moved them up for 1980.

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    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

      For the 1979 Mustang, available were: high-back bucket seats in cloth or vinyl; low-back bucket seats in vinyl, leather/vinyl, cloth/vinyl, or velour. Each in five or six colors. Plus the Ghia had a different style of headrest. I think that adds up to 32 different interior choices over the different sub-models. Amazing…. compare that to the interior choices on a typical new car today.

      I don’t know about the Capri but I assume the choices were similar.

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  5. Yblocker

    I bought a year old 5.0 Pace Car in 1980. Replacement tires for the factory 390mm TRX wheels were kinda pricey, so I gave it a set of Cragar SS’s with Good Year white letters, looked pretty sharp. Drove it for 10 years, good reliable little car, no hot rod, but pretty peppy for the day. 82 was when power started coming back, with the new GT, and more yet in 83, with the return of a 4 barrel. This era of Mustang is gaining in popularity, interesting to see what this one sells for.

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  6. Autoworker

    I can’t embrace the color, nice vehicle though.

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  7. MitchRoss Member

    The mods done on this car are perfect, as they represent a period correct road racing stance and the BBS wheels fit the road racing inspired look. Very taste full and could have been a factory auto show concept car from 1979. That’s why it will bring the big bucks

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  8. Don

    I’m wondering what tire wheel combo it has, it sits just right 👍

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  9. Nick Bernard Member

    Had a 79 Pace Car back in late 90s. A friend who had a leasing company gave me a deal as it was returned before lease was up. Great car. Entered in a few car shows. Was invited to display at Sacramento Fairgrounds with other cars.
    Still have Pace Car hat & trophies from car shows. Many pictures too.

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    • Yblocker

      A 79 Pace Car was returned in the late 90s before the lease was up? Pretty long ass lease. Or maybe I just forgot my meds today, I do that sometimes.

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  10. Gregory Mason

    Bought my Wife a new one in 1980. Car kept going dead. Brought it to Ford 3 times and they couldn’t figure it out. Told us to keep driving it until they could get the service rep from Ford to check it. Drove the car to the grave yard to put flowers on the family plots. Our son said there’s smoke coming from the hood. Within a couple minutes the whole front was in flames. Ford did take the car back and refunded our money without a question.

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  11. PairsNPaint

    After-market wheels and lowering springs do not a restomod make.

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  12. bone

    Gads… this was the worst color Ford ever came out with , and then they put that orangey interior in them too .

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    • Yblocker

      It was the 80s, your mom probably had matching shag carpeting in her living room.

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      • BONE

        Nope, Teal ! LOL

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  13. Phipps

    That has to be one of the last hot rods to get a vinyl top. definitely a unique thing on a Fox

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  14. Connecticut mark

    Wheels and lowering CHEAPEN the look of original car.

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