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36,850 Miles! Much-Loved 1962 Mercury Monterey


What a stunning car! This two owner 1962 Mercury Monterey has obviously been loved it’s entire life. It’s located in Morris County, New Jersey and is listed here on eBay. Bidding is currently at $5,200 and isn’t yet up to the reserve.


What distinctive rear styling! Not only that, the chrome is gorgeous. How about original paint? Check. It was off the road from 1973 to 2005, but stored very carefully. The seller talks about the original owner quite a bit and about the care they took with the car. That, to me, is something special. To have all the documentation, all the stories, things like the owner adding the stainless steel fender skirts when the car was new–these are things you don’t see very often with a car–and things that are worth a lot to me.


What a neat hardtop! Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing about this one!


Just look at the interior! Wow! Not just original, but terrific! This one is special, folks. I’m sure the reserve is pretty darn high, but I’d argue it would be worth it. To get a car that’s been this cherished, this cossetted since new; what a tremendous opportunity! On the British car lists, we call them DPO’s, for darned previous owner (ok, some folks substitute for the first word, but you get the idea. You know, the folks that threw away original parts, allowed rust to happen, didn’t maintain things properly. This wasn’t one of those owners, as a matter of fact both of the previous owners have been exactly what I’d like to see in a car owner–a caretaker!


Here’s the engine–a 352 cubic inch V8, which no doubt is enough to pull this car with some gusto. Of course, it has the same lightly used but taken care of look of the rest of the car. Also, the seller has done a fantastic job with pictures and information. If you are remotely interested in a 1962 Mercury Monterey, you should really look closely at this car!



  1. motoring mo

    business in the front
    Party in the back

  2. Mark MacD

    What a beautiful, well preserved car. I love the small touches that separate this from it’s Ford sisters. Awesome.

    • Jakob Shay

      Who are its Ford sisters? I can see T-Bird. But what else.

  3. Trent Poole

    Jaime, you guys have been coming up with some seriously cool cars lately. This Mercury is just amazing ! Wow !

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Thanks, Trent! A lot of them come from you folks (!

  4. Paul

    What a gorgeous, I mean simply outstanding representation of the early ’60s styling. Love it to death. However, for only 36k, the first owner must have ridden the brakes a lot as the lower right corner of the pedal rubber is worn. I have a ton more miles on my cars and the wear is no where close to that. The engine and under belly did not match the rest of the car. For a car that was undercoated, well. Thanks for sharing this wonderful machine…

  5. ccrvtt

    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  6. Mike H. Mike H

    For once I see that the seller has provided photography far beyond what could ever be considered “normal”. The representation on this car is phenomenal with a very detailed description and clear photos. I suspect it will sell well provided that the seller can get the money he feels that it’s worth.

    Personally, I didn’t think that the wear on the brake pedal was unusual for the mileage noted, and it appears that there’s reasonable documentation to support the mileage. It’s nice to see a car (for once) being offered by an owner that’s cared for it for a length of time rather than a reseller. This is a gorgeous car that’s well represented, and I’d personally love to be the next caretaker.

  7. Chuck

    Really nice car; only thing I would do is take off the stainless steel skirts, or at least sandblast them & paint the same color.

  8. Boss351

    Wow! What a cool car. Great pictures and documentation to support the mileage.

    The skirts seem to draw too much attention in stainless steel. The body color I think would tone it down.

  9. Ed P

    When a car of this age has so few miles on it, I have to ask why? Nice car.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Ed, many times a car like this is in the Northeast. Beater cars are used in the winter, and the nice car only comes out occasionally in the summer. Consequently, they end up with far fewer miles than cars in the sunny South. Just my opinion, but I’d say it’s borne out by the cars we see submitted to the site.

  10. boxdin

    Love this car. We bought a new Merc Commuter Wagon in 1962 and later had a flat tire and the spare was flat due to a broken chrome trim pc “ter” of commuter with the attach spear stuck in the tire. Laughs ensued for years. On trip I had the area behind the third seat as mine !!

  11. smittydog

    The “GOOD” is the unbelievable high prices are saving the beautiful (and ugly) styled cars of our past, which would otherwise be left to disintegrate.
    The “BAD” is the demand is mostly restricted to baby boomers reliving their child hood (guilty) and a few of their motorhead kids.
    The “UGLY” is when the boomers get too old to drive and your millennial kids have a dumpster dropped off at your house and have all your crap thrown in it and your classic car is put up for sale, will the demand still be there or will the “bubble” have already burst.
    So go out to your garage, uncover your baby, back it out on to the driveway, wash and polish it like you did when you were a kid, back it into the street, pull a hole shot and go drive the crap out of it while you still can.

  12. Bob C.

    The 61 and 62 style were always my favorite with full size mercurys. The 1960 models were too big and luggy. I like the roof on this one. I was not a fan of that funky roll down back glass on some of the later models.

  13. Loco Mikado

    My great uncle had one of these back in the day. He used to haul his 30 ft trailer to Mexico from Oregon every winter and back. Lets say he said the roads especially in Mexico left a lot to be desired in those days. When he passed away in ’69 the old Mercury was still chugging away. His had a 3 speed manual transmission though.

  14. Rolf Poncho

    Now that’s a beaut of a car I like


      If I remember correctly, a ’62 4-door Monterey, same color scheme, was the Baldwin family sedan in the cult movie PANIC IN YEAR ZERO (a post-atomic flick starring Ray Milland and Frankie Avalon).

      Like 1
  15. Tom

    Wow, what a gorgeous car. That back end!

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