3,692 Mile 1969 Dodge Daytona Survivor!

When I first spotted this Dodge here on eBay, I thought it was a Daytona clone, but then I took a closer look and discovered that it’s a genuine Winged Warrior! The seller claims that it has been verified by a Mopar Historian and comes with all the correct documentation. It comes from the Bob and Sharon Malcom Collection, which is a privately owned Chrysler Museum, and has seen just 3,692 miles since new! This is one rare and desirable Mopar and the $375k BIN clearly reflects it, but they are willing to hear offers.

From what I have been to find about the Malcoms, Bob ran a Chrysler dealership in their hometown of Peebles, Ohio. They accumulated an impressive collection of cars and parts, but time has come to start liquidating. The Malcoms are the 3rd owners of this Mopar, which was actually sold new at a dealership in Pennsylvania. There isn’t much info on the car’s history, just that it’s a survivor. It has several autographs on the roof, but I can’t make out the names and it doesn’t say who signed it in the ad. They do state that the signatures can be removed.

This car is one of just 503 built, Dodge built just enough to get them homologated for racing. It’s equipped with the 440 V8 and automatic transmission, so it isn’t the super sought after Hemi Daytona, but is still an incredibly desirable car. There’s no word on the engine’s condition, but it’s probably safe to assume it’s in good working order. The lack of information is really surprising given the significance and value of this car. I’m going to guess who ever is handling the sale assumes anyone serious about paying $375k for a car will want to look at it in person before handing over a briefcase full of money.

Hagerty values a #1 Daytona at just $266k, so the seller’s asking might be a tad high. Obviously Hagerty’s valuation doesn’t take into account mileage or originality, but it’s hard to justify the $109k premium. If this were a Hemi car, it would be a steal at this price, but 440 cars just don’t fetch the same kind of money. So I guess it will boil down to how badly you want a low mileage Daytona survivor! What do you think?


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  1. fulltoy1

    Looks like they are trying for a Home Run with a BIN of $375K and it’s not a Hemi..

  2. fulltoy1

    Very nice looking car don’t get me wrong..

  3. Russ

    If I had the money I’d probably already have the hemi one and if I had one I’d buy the 440 just to have the pair in my collection. 😎👍

  4. lance

    A lot of big names autographed the car, but why oh why on the outer body instead of in the trunk. So much for waxing the car.

    • gbvette62

      I was particularly impressed to see Big Willie Robinson’s signature there, the founder of the National Brotherhood of Street Racers!

      • John D.

        I remember reading a Hot Rod article about Big Willie and his Superbird

      • AMCFAN

        Don’t be. He has been a fixture at the Mopar Nationals in Ohio and would be happy to sign anything for a few $$.

      • Troy S

        Can be seen in the beginning of Two Lane Blacktop, I believe.

      • Big Ed

        Rest in Peace Big Willie! Does anyone know where Big Willies’ Charger is now?!

  5. Del

    Nice. They will have no trouble getting the asking price.

  6. Matt Member

    I remember reading of this guy and some of his stuff in Mopar Collectors Guide about 6-7 years ago. The dude has i think 7 wing cars. He also owns vipers, chargers, challengers, and a bunch or old dealer promotional stuff (like gargaes and sheds full of it). I remember the article was part of a larger one about a 1 of 3 eggshell white road runner, that he sold new.

  7. Tort Member

    Would come close to rivaling the Cobra when new for an investment but this is just pure ugly!

  8. Phil

    Don’t hate but these have never flipped my switch! I would much rather have the SS Nova any day…

  9. 8banger Dave Member

    Yea, that SS Nova is an awesome little machine…

    • David Barlowe

      Dave, there are thousands of Novas around. Why buy a Shirley when you can have a legend.

  10. Michael S

    being that this Daytona is a 440 and not a Hemi and also the Cosmetic condition does not justify a $375,000 bin. they need to be a bit more realistic

  11. Srt8

    If I had that much $$$ just waiting to be spent I would already have it in my shop. Hemi or not this is my holy grail of mopars.

  12. Milt

    Why put the names on the car? Sign the glove box like a Shelby.

  13. Jesse James

    That is a very beautiful piece of American horsepower history and some condos go for a million dollars in New York I’d be happy with paying 375,000 be driving around in that as my everyday driver

  14. Jim

    at $375K, it makes a man what to build a Dayclona.

  15. Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

    Why would anybody in their right mind want to be seen dead driving such a fugly car?

    • Mark S

      If your dead you won’t be allowed to drive, and your not going to care about being seen. Just sayin.

      • John D.

        I always say it is better to be seen than viewed!

    • glen

      As I’m sure you know,they weren’t designed for looks.I can think of other, uglier cars,that had higher sales, starting with the Aztec. Then there’s the Pacer, the VW Thing,Juke,Cube,etc.

    • Jerry Brentnell

      the didn’t say that in1969 at the daytona 500 when this car booted gms and fords ass all the way to the finish line! first cars over the finish line were daytonas the were built for one thing to win stock car races so mopar or no car!!!!

    • David Barlowe

      Ken Tilley, you talk about ugly, look in the mirror. You probably so ugly the Dr. slapped your mama.

  16. nessy

    Maybe I am wrong but I recall another one, in orange with the factory Hemi and 4 speed sell for around a million dollars at auction a few years ago? I think it had a tan interior and also had very low miles.

  17. S Ryan

    1 of the 4 wing cars they have for sale. Along with a Dodge van and an AAR.
    If only???

    • Ron

      The AAR looks like new, I crawled under a couple of years ago. The photos are exactly as it looks in person.

  18. Hoppie612

    He also has a Richard petty number 43 charger that was actually raced and signed by petty after he bought it. I live a mile from Bob’s museum it is unbelievable.

  19. DrinkinGasoline

    I’d rather have the baby blue Valiant.

  20. Eric

    They’ve been showing this car in the Mopar Survivors tent for years at the Nats and Carlisle. We’ve had several car club gatherings at their place over the years. It’s an incredible collection. Congrats to whoever ends up with it.

  21. R.hernandez

    I’d rather have that white and black one
    That car is smooth!
    I like the way they filled that gap between the nose and fender smooth real smooth!

  22. Troy S

    I read somewhere that these were first used at Talladega in 1969, where they set record speeds at over 200 miles an hour although some racers refused to drive it on the rough course. Ford had the Mopars beat with their new Boss 429 cars until these winged warriors showed up, add the super bird in ’70 and it was no contest.

  23. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Big Willie did have Daytona’s….his wife drove/raced one of them. Forget what engine these have….they just don’t get that many miles to enjoy them !

  24. Ron Bunting

    Back in the 70’s the Buddy Baker Daytona was sent to New Zealand on a tour of the car and hot rod shows. i got up real close to it, in fact i climbed in and sat in it .No one told be to get out or anything .if i had known it actually ran ….. So,anyway, the editor of the local New Zealand Hot Rod magazine, Robbie Campbell some how managed to get it to drive and took it around Pukehohe race track for a few laps . He mentioned that although it was rapid,it didn’t take too well to the corners in the race track,although he tried . The same car went back to the US and found recently in a very sad state before being restored .

  25. Mike

    It was also banned from Nascar shortly after it was introduced. The bigger engine and wing created a huge advantage and not considered a stock car. More HP and all that down force from the wing.

  26. TR

    What’s amazing about this cat’s offerings, the van is the least likely one you’d see at most local car shows

  27. Kent

    More spectacular design then beautiful..
    Not worth the money in my book.
    Just a nose and wing….added….
    Prefer whitout.

  28. Ian F

    I agree it’s strong money for the least desirable version, but the negotiations have to start somewhere. Having been a Mopar nuts for decades, I’d probably consider it for a collection if I had the means.

    The mileage is actually a nice number – low enough to add value, but not so low that adding a few hundred a year won’t significantly impact that value.

    • Tom Member

      That is the best part about a car like this. You can actually drive it and enjoy it a little bit without killing the mileage thus killing the value. If it had under 1K miles you would not want to roll it over. I believe the value will be the same at any 4 digit mileage. Put 6K miles on it, enjoy the heck out of it and turn around to more than likely a profit anyway !!

      I had a 67 Firebird 400 Convertible for 30 years and ran it from 42K to 50K miles. 8K miles of mostly great times ! The recession bought it along with my 72 454 M21 Stingray and my 59 El Camino. (Not good times).

  29. DR Member

    Herb McCandless
    Big Daddy Garlits
    Big Willie
    Dick Landy

    Some Mopar legends wrote on that car. Pretty cool.

  30. AMCFAN

    Despite being in a collection for it’s entire life and showed for over 40 years to anyone interested or displayed at shows this car really isn’t a secret find. It is the beginnings of what is in store for all of us that have a car valuable or not. You simply cannot keep it forever or leaving it for your kids may be a waste of time. He should have sold it years ago when he could actually justify the asking price.Put the money in a nest egg and the family would have a lot less headaches dealing with the snoopers not interested in the car but actually what else is in the garage and scammers. Ben Franklin said it best about holding into something too long. I see the family consigning to a big auctioneer and quite possibly we can tune into the Speed Channel.

    The signatures on the car do not add value. Although “Mopar” people had nothing to do with the car.The family put on a Mopar show for years at their dealership (sold in 2011) and moved it to Kirkersville at the National Trail Raceway AKA Mopar Nats. The cars put on a lot of mileage on and off the trailer. The guys who signed the car were either guests or selling their autograph. Want a Big Daddy autograph? $25. now and you can take his picture. What a dealio. If it were a Sox and Martin and having Ronny’s signature on the it would be a plus. It isn’t and as with the Green Winged warrior previously posted which I am to guess is owned by the same family by the pics of the location. I stand by my previous comments. The wing and nose do not add $300K to the value of a Coronet. Oh and not a race car!

    • PAW

      Could not agree more on having signatures on cars.

      The only option I could even remotely understand is in case of a genuine original race car which would have been raced by a world class name. And even that on I would rather have on paper / have a video made.

      Being on site when film this was recorded, this would be a perfect example what I would do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdapBwWgka8

      Saddest of all are Carroll Shelby signatures which you can still have for a few bucks. Why on earth could you want one? The man passed away 2012!!!

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