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36k Original Miles: 1973 Dodge Charger

If this 1973 Dodge Charger is as original as the owner claims, then it has definitely earned the right to be referred to as a survivor. With only 36,304 original miles showing on the odometer, it is also a car that many would consider to be barely broken in. The Charger is located in Marina del Ray, California, and is listed for sale here on eBay. It’s interesting that the owner has set the opening bid at $8,000, and while there hasn’t been any action at this price, there are 55 people who are watching the auction.

When it comes to exterior color combinations, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with Gold Metallic paint and a white vinyl top (in this case it’s a half vinyl top). This combination suits the Charger very nicely, and while the supplied photos are sadly lacking, the overall presentation of the Charger looks to be really good. I don’t see any signs of rust issues, while the paint, chrome, and glass, all appear to be in first-class condition. The owner says that the car has a few light scratches and imperfections, but these are pretty hard to spot in the photos.

The best word that I can use to describe the interior presentation of the Charger is spotless. There are honestly no items that I can really fault, and the car looks like it has been well loved and cared for. I must admit that I’ve never seen what the owner refers to as the Aztec cloth trim, but I really like it. While the car isn’t loaded up with luxury items, it does come equipped with factory air conditioning.

The Charger could not be considered to be a muscle car, but it still packs a 318ci V8 and a TorqueFlite transmission under the hood. In addition to the A/C, you also get power steering and power brakes. Here the good news continues, as the owner says that the car starts, runs, and drives really nicely, with no leaks, smoke, or odd noises. A new battery adds to the buyer’s peace of mind, while a dual exhaust with new mufflers should impart a rather nice note to that V8.

This ’73 Charger seems to present exceptionally well, and if the mileage claim can be verified, then it is definitely a pretty special car. The interior trim combination is quite unusual, and given the way that these are currently holding their value, I’m surprised that there haven’t been any bids on the car up to this point. Maybe one of our readers might change that.


  1. Superdessucke

    Seems like each gen of Charger got less desirable after the 2nd gen until the current one turned it around a bit in 2005. If this was a 2nd gen we’d probably be seeing some very lively bidding, lunch pail 318 or not.

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  2. Chris Layton

    I never have been a Mopar follower, but if I was one of the fortunate folks with an unending supply of money who liked to buy cars I would probably throw down 8K or so for the car just because of the low mileage and condition of it. Dual exhaust and some suttle mufflers would make a pretty cool ride to drive around town occasionally and make the true Mopar fans take a second longer look.
    And if you’re into collecting cars that’s one of the reasons you collect them.
    Unfortunately, I’m a “have not” so it’s one of you “haves” that will have all the fun.
    But I’m a sucker for the second longer look at a good looking car (or woman).
    Go ahead, spend that s***.
    Can’t take it with you.

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  3. TimM

    It’s been detailed well!!!

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  4. Fred W

    I like these and think that Mopar dealt with the 5mph bumper regulation much better than Ford did.

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  5. Kenneth Carney

    My BIL bought a car just like this one in 1988. Like this car, his was a low mileage example that couldn’t be told from new. Instead of taking care of it as he should have, the drunken fool flogged that poor car just about anywhere he went.
    One story he told me was how he and his brother cannonballed the car from Peoria, Illinois to Winter Haven, Florida in Less than 16 hours! The two of them flew down the interstate at speeds of over 110 MPH!! He told me that the 318 hummed right along with no complaints at all. The car met its tragic end in 1991 after my BIL was driving drunk, missed a curve, and ploughed through a brick wall at nearly 70 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. The car was toast, but he walked away without a scratch! Now in his 50’s, he’s looking for one just like the car he totalled in his misspent youth. Would history repeat itself? Not if I had the cash to buy the car and keep it from him. Sis likes Chargers, so this car would be right at home in our driveway.

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  6. Hank Kaczmarek

    I had the 73 SE and still want to have one again. Had I the disposable bread at the moment—This one would likely be in my garage.

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  7. Jon Rappuhn

    During periods when I didn’t have hi perf mopars, I had several old reliable 318’s, which I never had any problems with. Good mileage, easy freeway speeds with power to pass, 727 auto extremely reliable, and inexpensive insurance (in those days). I even liked the 71-73 Chargers and Satellites. That said, after looking at the pics on ebay, some thing(s) just don’t quite look right. 37,000 miles and the engine looks like that, even with steam cleaning there seems to be a lot of paint missing from valve covers etc. Pics show white door panels in first few photos then a gold panel on passenger side in last few photo’s. Gold upholstery, carpets, gold (or white?) door panels and a strange textured black dash and steering wheel (with gold insert and strange Dodge lettering in center portion). I know in mid to late 60’s you could get ma mopar to put just about anything on option pages on the car I don’t recall being able to do that in mid 70’s, and after having four 71-73 Chargers, Satellites and several full-size mopars, I don’t recall any non interior colored dashes of a texture like that. No longer have my dealer order books, so might be mistaken. IMHO, this one may require a closer look and caution. (FYI I have owned over 200 50’s to present mopars along with one 56 Ford, and a few Chevy’s, ((worked in relatives Chrysler, Ply, Dodge, dealership helps)) lol). So just saying as always, “buyers beware”

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    • Jon Rappuhn

      Oops, white door panels then gold panel, sorry.

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    • r s

      If someone really wants a 37,000 mile car they sure as heck can find one that doesn’t have excuses and apologies to be made left and right for mismatched colors, panels not in alignment, obvious repaint, etc. etc. etc. This car is not what it is being sold as IMO.

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  8. Grid Michal

    In the early 70s I was a manager for Hertz in Maine. In the summer we increased our fleet by leasing Mopars and AMCs. The manufacturer picked what we were going to get because they were getting them back in 4-6 months. One year Chrysler sent us a bunch of Satellite “Sundance” 2-door hardtops that had a huge decal on the hood like a Trans Am, but this was more like an Aztec Indian painting. It looked pretty good if it was parked in a bunch of 4-dr Darts and Matadors. One night an “attitude” arrived late and took a Satellite for a stay in Bah Habbah. He swapped his Mopar the next day for an Avis-something, telling our patient complaint department that our employees were slopping paint all over the hoods of the cars, and should be disciplined. I ended up disciplining them with a great party with excellent hootch and dynamite music. Then I whipped ’em into a frenzy. I love discipline.

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  9. r s

    I’m not buying “37,000 original miles.” The repaint is as obvious as can be. The firewall doesn’t match the body color and there’s orange peel etc. all over the place on the body. The hood doesn’t match up to the front fenders well either. And I am highly suspicious that is an original fabric on the seats – I can’t find its like online and it looks like something that would have been in a Dart.

    I would dearly love to have a Charger of this gen again – mine was a ’73 SE, about 40 years ago – but not this one, no way.

    Why can I not post a photo today? That is missing and I’d love to post a shot of my own Charger. (Story: a friend of mine worked as a mechanic at a local shop where us youngsters hung out and I pulled up one day in my Charger. He was out front in a big Mercury wagon with 429 or 460 and he said ‘This station wagon will blow the ****ing DOORS off your Charger’. So I raced him. It wasn’t even close, the Charger won easily.)

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    • Jon Rappuhn

      Yes to all of the above discrepancies, I believe that upholstery came from a Coronet or Belv. of that era. To paraphrase Elmer Fudd “Be vewy, vewy cautious!”

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      • rich farley

        I owned a 1973 charger.it had this exact interior.and same gold color.

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  10. Miguel

    I would only buy one of these if it has covered headlights.

    Also, I love it when just by chance you get a cool license plate from DMV without trying like this one.


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    • RoadDog

      They stopped offering hideaway headlights in ’72. FYI.

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      • RoadDog

        *After ’72. My bad.

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