36K Original Miles: 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS

“Everything old is new again.” They may have been talking about the Ferrari 308 when that phrase was coined, as this was once the most stereotypical sports car you could buy, and its desirability rating seemed to take a hit as a result. Or maybe it was Burt Reynold’s, just pushing the preconceived notions of what a Ferrari owner looked like to the max. Now, for the record, I’m a big fan of Magnum P.I. and had no real issues with the guy, but it’s still good to see the 308 GTS coming back into the spotlight as a desirable modern-era collectible. This one is a driver, through and through, which makes it even more appealing. Find it here on eBay with bids to $36,100 and the reserve unmet.

Now, about that driver rating: this 308 left the factory wearing silver paint, which I’d argue was far more desirable than the wet coat of red it wears now. This was not an uncommon transformation among vintage Ferraris, even some of the more priceless ones (hell, they were chopping the roofs off of Daytonas pretty regularly up to a point.) In the case of a 308, however, I’d argue that finding one in a less frequently seen color would make it far more desirable. Still, one of the best changes is the upgraded wheels, which are apparently 16 inch versions of the factory Cromodoras and look absolutely fantastic.

The listing is fairly hard to read, given it’s one big block of text, but you can still pick off a few very salient points. For one, the interior upholstery has been redone courtesy of a very expensive kit from World Upholstery, an expert in import and exotic upholstery kits. The carpeting is new as well, and the dash and center console are said to be in good, used shape. Overall, I’m impressed with the cosmetics of this 308, as it clearly hasn’t been put away as a time warp specimen that only comes out a few times per year, but it presents as a car with far less than the 36,100 indicated miles on the odometer.

There are multiple upgrades and refreshes across all of the key mechanical systems, including a new clutch / pressure plate / and throw out bearing, among numerous other fixes. One would assume this means the engine came out for the clutch service, and hopefully any other maintenance needs that can be addressed with the engine out were carried out at the same time. The list of repairs and proactive maintenance tackled by the seller is broken out in great detail in the listing, which likely helps explain why bidding is so active, even with the reserve unmet. This 308 GTS is far from the best one you can buy, but that likely means it will continue to driven and enjoyed as the current owner has.

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  1. Matt G

    Umm, Burt Reynolds was the guy with the Trans Am, you’re probably thinking of Tom Selleck….

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    • Hank

      maybe he’s thinking of Charlie Chaplin….

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  2. Jay E. Member

    I’m sure he meant Tom Selleck. I never figured out how Tom Selleck fit into this car. I’m 6’2″ and I looked right through (into) the top of the windshield bow. I couldn’t slouch enough to put on the top.

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    • Matt G

      From magnum-mania.com: “The Ferraris used in the show had to be specially modified to accommodate Tom Selleck, who stands 6’4″ tall. The padding was removed from the seats so he would sit lower in the car, and the seats were bolted as far away from the steering wheel as possible to maximize the leg room. Even with these modifications you can still see that Selleck’s head is higher than the top of the front windshield frame! You very rarely saw Magnum drive with the top up.”

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    • Euromoto Member

      They have a 308 from the show on display at the Petersen in Los Angeles. They note that the seat rails were modified and that stuffing was removed from the seat bottom and that Selleck was always shot driving with the roof off.

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  3. Tom Selleck II

    Do you need a proof reader?
    I know ingwish reel good

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  4. Eric B

    An iconic Ferrari only because of a TV show. Performance on par with a modern Camry. They are good looking and will wow your friends that know nothing of Ferrari’s. Maybe pick up on a girl or two. “Hey sweet thang. Wanna take a ride in may Ferrari ?”

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    • Jack M.

      The latest Camry pumps out 301 horsepower from its V-6 engine. It will smoke a lot of muscle cars and sports cars. The trouble is that it is boring and there is one on every block. Would much rather drive something with a V-8 rumble and a 4 speed.

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      • JoeNYWF64

        I would think the majority of Camrys sold are the lot slower & more frugal 4 cyls. Who in their right mind would spend, what, 7 or 8 grand more for just 2 more cylinders on a generic rounded box? & you can’t get rear wheel drive, let alone 2 doors, much less the styling features & colors in & out, & just the equip i would want – def not video screens or body ctrl modules that control almost everything on the car!
        It’s not so much the v6, but what’s around it – with a 3 speed ’60s non lockup automatic, steel mechanical engine driven cooling fan, ridiculous monstrous GM harrison a/c compressor, & heavy ’70s disc brake rotors & p/w motors, factory radios, etc, etc., performance would suffer greatly. Even worse if the Camry had genuine mid ’70s steel 5 mph bumpers. lol
        Lot cheaper to upgrade an old car, say with a crate engine, etc.

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    • james malone Member

      A Tesla will blow them all away, but obviously not the point. My daughter was a design engineer at Tesla and far prefers my 70 Stage 1 4/speed for pure visceral enjoyment and pride of (future) ownership.

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  5. Mark

    Very nice looking for a turd that will get sucked off the road by a 2000 Chrysler mini van.

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  6. Howie Mueler

    Wow that has to be longest description i have ever seen on FeeBay. Not a fan of the gold wheels, and those seats would be the first to go with me. I hope it finds a new home.

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  7. Ronald Amon

    “…this 308 left the factory wearing silver paint, which I’d argue was far more desirable than the wet coat of red it wears now.” YOU are dull, Jeff. Very Dull. Red Rocks. Silver–bury it. Walk away girls.

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  8. t-bone BOB

    Item location:
    Hiram, Georgia


    There is a case for everything NEW, —-from 1980’s— More likely NOS, or more likely NLA ! As Dustin Hoffman was so well advised in the movie, “The Graduate” of the same era, “Plastics, My Boy!” Well, the decades have come full circle, and unless stored in a garage filled with inert gas, I assure you that there are only a very FEW people recasting shrinkage-prone Acetyl thermo-injected plastics from that age. “New car smell” has long since abandoned most 80’s vehicles–as the plasticizer in those hydrocarbon shapes, and/or shrinkage cracked AND BRITTLE original acetyl plastic parts ” Come of age”.

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  10. James West

    One of my complex neighbors had a 328 that sat out in the elements for awhile..I think he/she drove it sometimes…gone now…he/she now has a Lamborghini Diablo that hasn’t moved out of the carport for about a year now…

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    • Poncho

      Ask if the Diablo is up for sale. I could give it a new home and the love it needs. If the price is right. Lambo Rescue.

  11. Tompdx Member

    Because of the transverse mounted V8, 308s don’t require “engine out” service. Those timing belt headaches are limited to the 348 and 355. (The 360 belt service can be done using the access panel behind the seats).

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    • Howie Mueler

      And Mondial’s are engine out also.

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      • james malone Member

        The Mondial was not engine out until the final iteration (the T series), thank God.

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      • Howie Mueler

        Hi James, yes that is what i had, a 92 T. Thanks.

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