383/4-Speed: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

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If it weren’t for the rear spoiler and a couple of small “350” badges, there would be little to indicate the potential hidden below this 1969 Camaro’s skin. It is a solid and tidy driver, but its drivetrain specifications should satisfy the most hardened performance enthusiast. Its most pressing need is a new owner, with the seller listing it here on eBay in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Bidding has raced beyond the reserve to $36,100, with time remaining for interested parties to throw their hats into the ring.

The seller indicates this Camaro spent most of its life in California, helping explain its rust-free status. The panels show no evidence of problems, while the underside shots reveal nothing beyond the occasional spot of surface corrosion. Tin worm can be a significant hassle with these beauties, but it is something that is unlikely to cause its new owner sleepless nights. It sports an older repaint in its original shade of Champagne Gold, and although it isn’t perfect, the overall presentation makes it a high-end driver. There are a few minor flaws and chips, but nothing requires immediate attention. The paint retains a deep shine, coating panels as straight as an arrow. I can’t spot any trim or chrome problems, while the glass appears flawless. The steel wheels and dog dish hubcaps provide a sleeper look, with only the rear spoiler and fender badges suggesting there might be more to this classic than meets the eye.

Lifting the hood reveals what sets this Camaro apart from mere mortals. It isn’t numbers-matching, but its drivetrain combination should set mouths watering. The engine bay houses a fresh Chevrolet Performance 383ci V8 that sends 425hp to the rear end via a four-speed M22 manual transmission. Power steering lightens the driver’s load, with power front disc brakes bringing proceedings to a safe and sure halt.  With so much power under the driver’s right foot, the journey down the ¼ mile should take around 13.9 seconds, although that figure will be dictated by how effectively it can apply those ponies to the road. The engine and transmission are recent additions and have done little work. The Camaro runs and drives perfectly, with this YouTube video providing a snapshot of the car in action. It sounds crisp and clean, accelerating with no hesitation or evidence of mechanical issues.

The Camaro’s interior surprised me because I expected to spot aftermarket gauges and other additions. It has avoided these changes, and there isn’t even a tach to monitor the beast under the hood. The overall condition is acceptable for a driver-grade classic. There is mild wear and stretching on the upholstered surfaces, but a retrim would only be a consideration if the winning bidder is a perfectionist. The carpet looks new, while the dash and pad are spotless. The car features factory air conditioning, and although it did blow cold, the seller hasn’t recently tested it to confirm whether this remains the case. There is an AM/FM radio and a console, but no additional extras are visible.

I like classics that are genuine sleepers because they only attract attention when the owner wants them to. That description perfectly describes this 1969 Camaro, and it seems I am not alone in my admiration for all it offers. It has attracted an impressive forty-five bids in under a day. It needs nothing, and although it isn’t perfect, it is a classic the winning bidder could drive with pride. Is it a driver-quality car you would consider pursuing further?

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  1. Stan

    Wild mild. Spoiler delete would add 💤 🛌

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  2. Brian

    Power, and ac…. what a complete package!!! Can’t get any better….

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  3. BigBear🇺🇸

    When I saw this Camaro with the 383. I had a big smile and wish I had it! The seller gets it. To me it the perfect sleeper. The color is not screaming look at me! The wheels are perfect and 69 are the best lines. Even AC with this beast! With 5 days to go and at $36,600 I would not be surprised if it hits $50,000. Good luck to the next owner. 🐻🇺🇸

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  4. Frank Sumatra

    Has that “COPO” look to it.

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  5. PL

    I’d lose the spoiler, and the foil would be complete.

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    • G.Clark

      I agree, spoiler would have to go.

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  6. John W Kriegshauser

    Best looking first gen Camaro in the worst color available in 69. But its still cool!

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    • JoeNYWF64

      But not IMO the best lookin dash – the ’69 firebird dash would look better here. Why not! – the ’67-8 bird used the ’67-68 camaro’s dash.
      The ’67-68 RS’s look bad ass too.

      I’m surprised vintage air keeps the a/c compressor on the driver’s side with the long hoses.
      The floors in my house are not as clean as the one above – could maybe do surgery in there!

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  7. KFT

    I see this at the auctions all of the time, Dog Dish hubcaps on race cars.
    In the 70’s, people who engaged in the Grand Sport of Street Racing would be embarrassed to have dog dish hup caps on their cars. Librarians, secretaries driving Camaros with 307s or sixes would have these.

    Dual exhaust was always a dead giveaway and most Rodders knew what you had after a weekend. Cragars, Keystones, Magnum 500s or Chevy Rally wheels were the best.

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    • Ryder

      ET Mag wheels should be added to your short list IMHO.

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  8. GaryZ26

    One thing about this Camaro that is interesting is the colour, Champagne Gold, the least sold colour of all for 1969, about 0.5%. Only slightly less popular than Tuxedo Black (yes, unlike today black were black, along with white and grey, have invaded the planet).

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  9. RexFoxMember

    This would be a fun car to own. I think I would leave it as is and just enjoy it. The sellers statement about the AC makes me think it does not work, but for $2,000 it would probably be blowing cold for a long time. The ‘easy’ fix for the speedometer is probably not easy, or he would have fixed it. Still, it seems like it has a lot going for it and will most likely make the new owner very happy.

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  10. 19sixty5Member

    Interesting car… I agree about the AC, but it does have an upgraded aluminum A6 type compressor, so who knows. Another interesting thing I noticed at first was that there are O2 sensors on the head pipes, so EFI? After looking through tall the photos it has a Holley carb. Maybe it had EFI? New engine, new fuel tank suggests the previous drivetrain had an EFI system. Nothing wrong with a well tuned vacuum secondary Holley carb. Correct shifter with the correct chrome ball, something you rarely see anymore, factory AM/FM, clock, lots of new suspension parts. Appears to be solid as a rock, drive as is and have fun or do a cosmetic resto back to original appearance. I like it!

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