383 + 4-Speed: 1966 Dodge Coronet

This 1966 Dodge Coronet is a nicely-optioned specimen that retains original California black plates and a liberal coating of patina. Equipped with a matching 383 paired to a four-speed manual, it’s about as slick as you can get for a boulevard cruiser that can pick up its skirt and boogie if the need arises. Although it’s a non-runner at the moment, it’s survived for too many years without being harvested for parts for anything other than the original engine to be rebuilt to running condition. Find it here on craigslist in Brentwood, California for $12,000.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Ikey H. for the find. The Coronet is one of my favorite Mopars, with that gigantic trunk and dramatically sloping C-pillar, and the killer looks that only a pillar-less coupe can deliver. The body looks incredibly straight up and down the sides, and with acres of flat sheetmetal, any tell-tale signs of body filler or accident damage would likely be easy to spot. The Coronet also wore nicely integrated bumpers from the factory, before the ugly era of safety bumpers took over.

The seller notes the Coronet is one of 1,200 cars made with the 383 and a four-speed, and that the fender tag and build sheet remain with the car. The interior is surviving well, with a clean bench seat, good door panels, and what looks like a crack-free dash. While the exterior paint is coated in well-worn patina, the rest of the car suggests it hasn’t been left to bake in the sun for decades despite being off the road for 30 years. The seller firmly states that rust isn’t an issue, so that would indicate the underside is solid.

Pleasingly, despite its time off the road, lifting the hood doesn’t reveal a partially-disassembled engine with the heads removed. Instead, the seller notes that the engine hasn’t been taken apart but that the next owner should still count on tearing it down before any cruise nights are planned. With plenty of documentation and a clean California title, this Coronet seems like a genuine no-stories car that is equipped exactly as an enthusiast would spec one when new. I love it, and hope it is never over-restored.

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  1. Arthell64 Member

    I always liked the 66-67 b-bodies. Great color with a 383 4 speed. What’s not to like?

  2. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    Extra value is what you get, when you buy Coronet!

  3. Skorzeny

    This won’t last long, she’s a solid, seemingly complete unit for a great price. So it needs an engine rebuild, just gives the next owner a chance to do a few upgrades. And a 4 speed. Wow.

    • Jack M.

      I would think that most 54 year old engines could benefit from a rebuild.

  4. dave

    Another cool as he…l ride. Dash is cracked.

  5. Gaspumpchas

    I’m with Jack M; you would defininetly want to rebuild the mill. Clean up and repaint the engine compartment while the engine is out, new clutch, reseal the tranny at least. there’s a lot of bang for the buck here. Would like to see the underbelly, a good inspection needed. Arthell64 is right, whats not to like? Would love to rip this baby thru the gears when its done, paint it or leave it alone. Good luck to the new owner.

  6. jerry z

    You know a car has been sitting a long time by the amount of vegetation growing in the engine compartment! But I still like!

  7. Brent

    G in VIN makes it a 2bbl 383 which is what it appears to be. Someone added the 383 4bbl emblem. Emblem should be behind the wheel well anywho. Nice starting point. Make it run, spiffy it up and drive the heck out of it. Make it’s tires smoke.

    • r s

      My brother had a 1966 Coronet 500 with a factory 383 4 barrel, and the emblem was located behind the front fender wheel opening, not in front of it. Guess they needed to use up the ‘V8’ emblem holes.

  8. Don H

    I think the 2 barrel made 275 hp gross net maybe 235 something like that still nice car👍

  9. CJinSD

    A 1966 Coronet 440 2-door hardtop in this color is one of the best-looking US post-war cars in my opinion. The proportions are perfect, the detailing subtle but effective at breaking up its mass.

    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      Yep – QQ code like a buddy has on his 1967 500….we will be a pair with my Satellite in the same color…….

  10. cold340t

    G eng. code is either 2 or 4bbl. for 66′. So it’s probably a real 4bbl. car. Rare car, worth fixing to DRIVE! Rare.
    But not for $12k as it sits. $5/6k realistically.

    • RNR

      Actually, there was no such thing as a 383 2bbl in a B-body in ’66 – the only two barrel B motor available in this car would have been the 361.

      My vote is it’s an original 383 4bbl car, and it’s still wearing the small un-silenced air cleaner it came with – impressive!

      • stillrunners stillrunners Member

        Agree….don’t see those air cleaners much !

  11. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I’ve seen a couple similar to this one in the past. Good looking in it’s day with performance for those wanting it.
    Funny thing, depending on the angle it looks like the drivers front corner is bent in some pictures and not in others. I assume it’s purely due to camera angle.

    • Lance

      It certainly looks to have some minor tweaks near the front top edge for the fender plus possibly pushed in slightly in front of the wheel well. Could be easily straightened by a good body shop.

  12. Tom Member

    Cool car for sure. Looks like a fun place! there is a lot of cool stuff in the background but too hard to tell much about what it is?

    Wonder what is hiding in the other containers????

  13. GeneB

    I had a mint one of these in gold paint, mine was a Coronet 500. It had the 361/auto trans. I bought it for $60 in 1973. Another one I wish I still had !!

  14. Del

    6 grand tops

    • stillrunners stillrunners Member


  15. Burger

    I was 5 years old, watching these being loaded off the truck at B.C. Hawk Dodge in Bellevue, Wa. I really liked this car. My friend and I were real pests in the showroom, asking for brochures and dealer goodies like key fobs. A few years would pass and one would drop in my lap. I did a typical 70’s go-fast transplant from a wrecked R/T … 440 magnum, 4-speed, POSI rear, disc brakes, sway bars, etc. Black body, black convertible top, white bench interior. Still have it. Still a “nice used car”. Goes like a scalded dog. Easy to get sideways with all that HP/POSI, with one hand on the wheel and the other on the shift ball.

  16. Troy s

    Good looking car and those wheels give it that “vibe”. Nice machine.

  17. Burger

    Early Magnum500 wheels were chromed steel and IMO, the best looking stock wheel of the period, hands down. A neighbor bought a new 300L convertible, sitting on a set of these. Even that big C-body looked formidable with those wheels.

    When I got my Coronet, it had some ugly mags on it. I would not let it leave the shop until I had it riding on some proper Magnum500’s.

  18. TimM

    Best deal I’ve seen here on an old Chrysler!! All the parts seem to be there!! It’s a 4 speed car!! It’s probably gone already by the time I write this!!

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