390/3-Speed: 1966 Ford Fairlane GT

The Beatles once famously sang about how all you need is love. The owner of this 1966 Fairlane GT believes that it lacks that single ingredient because it is a complete classic that runs and drives. Its drivetrain combination should provide enough performance to satisfy most enthusiasts, and it would turn heads if returned to its former glory. Alternatively, the buyer could address any rust issues and enjoy the car as a distinctive survivor. Located in Claremore, Oklahoma, you will find the Fairlane listed for sale here on eBay. The bidding has raced to $4,050, although this remains short of the reserve.

The Fairlane rolled off the production line wearing Candy Apple Red paint, but it has developed a baked and faded appearance. It is begging for some cosmetic attention, and the general indications are that it could be a relatively easy process. Certainly, the intense bidding suggests that people like what they see. The panels don’t wear any significant dents, with any problems representing straightforward repairs. The unknown quantity is the presence of rust. The seller supplies no information or photos that clarify the state of the floors or frame. However, a single shot of the inside of the trunk and one closeup of the inside floors reveals a few small patchable holes. Externally, there are other minor spots in the lower extremities, with the rockers looking rock-solid. The trim is all present, but some pieces may benefit from a trip to the platers if the buyer has visions of a high-end restoration. Most of the glass is acceptable for a survivor, although the windshield sports a large crack from top to bottom. The wider steel wheels and dog dish hubcaps are spotless and provide an interesting contrast to the weatherbeaten paint.

Unfortunately, the seller supplies us with no engine photos, but he furnishes limited information on the car’s mechanical configuration. Under the hood, we will find a 390ci V8 that feeds 335hp to the rear wheels via a three-speed manual transmission. It is unclear whether the GT features power assistance for the steering or front disc brakes, but the drivetrain combination should make this a potent classic. In good health, the Fairlane would storm the ¼ mile in 14.8 seconds before running out of breath at 126mph. Most enthusiasts would find those figures acceptable, and they stand as very good for a car of this type and age. The seller indicates that the vehicle runs and drives, although they supply no information on whether it is roadworthy. However, the signs seem positive when you consider the new tires and some of the restoration work they’ve already completed.

Apart from its drivetrain combination and performance potential, one of this Fairlane’s greatest highlights is its interior. The signs are that the seller attacked this aspect of the car as a matter of priority. When you consider the baked state of the exterior, there’s a good chance that the UV rays that inflicted that damage probably exacted a heavy toll on the upholstery and plastic. Their work was worth the time and effort because it presents superbly. The red vinyl is spotless, with the inclusion of a woodgrain wheel, bucket seats, and a console adding a classy air. The dash and pad are immaculate, and there are no aftermarket additions. It provides a striking contrast to the exterior and appears to need nothing.

There’s no denying that this 1966 Fairlane GT would look stunning with a fresh coat of paint. As a person who usually leans towards originality, that would seem the logical path to choose. However, I can’t help but think that with its interior presenting so nicely, repairing any rust problems and leaving the exterior appearance largely untouched could provide a striking visual contrast. Opinions will vary on that subject, but there’s no doubt this classic has struck a chord with potential buyers. There have already been an impressive forty-nine bids submitted with plenty of time left on the auction. It would be fascinating to learn what path the winning bidder will follow. Which would you choose?


  1. Cadmanls Member

    Shows great potential but have to wonder about the 3 speed thing. Not saying you couldn’t get it but that looks like a reverse lockout shifter that would bolt to a toploader. Three speed shifter had no need for the lockout. But yeah get the mechanics together and enjoy for a bit and then clean it up some more.

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    • Stan

      Lol is the interior picture from convertible model car ?

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  2. gaspumpchas

    I’m thinking that pic of the gut is out of another car or a sales brochure. Thats a 4 speed shifter. in the pic. Something smells fishy here. No pics of the mill? Pass….Also has a boatload of suspect bidders. Wonder what the reserve is? Good luck and happy motoring!

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    • Randy Voinier

      That’s exactly what the interior pic is. A 4-speed gearbox. A rectangular outside mirror turns circular when we see the whole project. I’m beginning to tune into these bids just for the amusement. Oh, and look at the patina laden photos and tell me the back seat didn’t get attacked by squirrels. Thanks for the LoL.

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  3. John T. Jacobson

    Why is the reserve not included in these ads ever?

    • Jesse Mortensen jesse Staff

      Because we don’t know the reserve.

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  4. Bob

    I owned a ‘66 GT with the same combination. I never understood why a 3 speed, but I guess Ford had a reason.
    I agree with Gaspumpchas, some about this stinks.

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      A 3 speed manual transmission was the base transmission in many Ford products of this era. If a buyer wanted a 4 speed or an automatic those were offered as options in most cases.

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  5. john muldoon

    Fast back roof versions were titled 66 1/2 on title as mine was. Unibody construction needs examined more closely but definitely a vehicle worth TLC and finishing.

  6. Dr Ron

    That is absolutely NOT the interior of this car!
    This is probably in the top ten sketchiest eBay cars I’ve seen in the last 22 years.

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  7. Jo Plath

    That’s a 67 dash.

  8. Carbob Member

    One of the many things I love about this site are the sharp eyed readers and their attention to detail. I’m specifically referring to Randy Voiner’s catching the drivers side view mirror morphing from round on the exterior pictures and rectangular on the interior picture showing the pretty upholstery. Big red flag.

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  9. Tailgunner Member

    There 2 pics of the interior floor pan with a little seat showing.
    That other full interior shot must be a motivational shot.

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  10. Jangus

    The parts of that car that aren’t covered in manufactured patina (check the mild surface rust with sanding scratches) are filled with plastic filler. Someone found a field car with faded paint and went to town with a DA sander and parked it back outside just long enough for rust to start forming on the bare metal. Pass.

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  11. Chris Londish Member

    Definitely a reverse lockout there, fishy is right, I wonder is there someone nearby that can confirm a few suspicions

  12. chrlsful

    good model to wave in the public’s face. That’s all I get on FB’s MP. Try’n closea deal & it goes no where or emitts that nasty wiff.

    With the 390’n C6 I all ways thought ‘truck’ (enuff that way in the shop) but my gaud so nice when restored. Love the stacked hdlghts’n grill, straight lines (see an earlier in sister co’s caliente`).

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  13. Ward William

    One word: PATINA

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  14. IALMAO

    Def not interior of this car…4 speed shifter,…wipers new, thought I saw wipers on floor of pic with ragged seat showing….didn’t sell anyhow,….I asked seller few questions,no response…imagine that!

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