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390 Equipped: 1970 Ford F-250 Ranger

When it comes to any classic vehicle, perfection isn’t always essential. Sometimes it is enough to drive a classic that is a proud and original survivor. That is what this 1970 Ford F-250 Ranger represents. It is a long way from being perfect, and there’s no doubt that it could be stunning if it were returned to its former glory. However, it is equally certain that it would attract just as much attention on the road if it remained in its current form. With that in mind, this is one that you should take a closer look at to decide what you would do with it. Located in Clearfield, Utah, you will find this might Ford listed for sale here on eBay. There have been 15 bids submitted, which has pushed the price to $2,125 in a No Reserve auction.

The F-250 is wearing Boxwood Green paint, which time and the elements have taken their toll on. There is plenty of surface corrosion showing through, but it appears that the owner might have treated this to prevent it from advancing any further. As far as penetrating rust is concerned, it seems to be quite positive. There is some visible in the lower front fender on the driver’s side. There is also some on the floors, but this could be addressed with patches. The lower cab corners look pretty encouraging, and the frame wears little more than a dusting of surface corrosion. If the buyer is looking to return the Ranger to a pristine state, then the bumpers will need to be repaired or replaced. However, the glass does appear to be free from any significant defects.

For 1970, the gun engine for the F-250 was the 390ci V8. Not only did it offer buyers 255hp, but 376 ft/lbs of torque meant that it was the perfect option for anyone hunting for a tow vehicle. That is what we find under the hood of this Ford. The 390 is backed by a C6 automatic transmission, while power steering and power front disc brakes are also a part of the package. The good news here is that the Ranger seems to be in excellent mechanical health. It has recently been treated to a new carburetor and a new radiator. A tune-up and service have also been performed. The owner says that it starts easily and runs well. The vehicle has been fitted with a tow hitch, so it would seem to be ready to haul some heavy loads right away.

The interior shows some of the wear-and-tear that you might expect to find in a 50-year-old pickup, but it remains serviceable. There is a slip-cover over the seat, but it isn’t clear how things look below that. It is probably safe to assume that it has taken a beating over the years, and replacement will be on the cards. If the existing cover isn’t to your taste, then a replacement in the correct color and pattern can be found for under $300. The floor could use a new mat or a carpet set, but the rest of the interior is reasonably respectable. The owner states that this interior represents motoring at its most basic. That means that there is no power assistance for the windows or seats and no luxury touches like cruise control. The F-250 is fitted with air conditioning, but this doesn’t function. A Pioneer CD player has been installed, which should help to alleviate boredom on those longer hauls.

Now that you’ve had a chance to look this 1970 F-250 Ranger over, what would you do with it? Restoring it to factory original would not be difficult, or it could make the perfect basis for a custom or rat rod build. There’s no reason why it couldn’t remain unchanged and continue to ply our highways for another 50-years. Does the fact that the bidding is low in a No Reserve auction tempt you to submit your own bid? If you do, I can’t say that I blame you.


  1. Avatar photo Boatman Member

    Either a ’71 grille or a ’71 truck.

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  2. Avatar photo KKW

    As the comment above mentioned, the grille says 71. Too bad the side mouldings are missing, but they are available. These are great trucks, I’d be interested, but I’m in the market for a 4wd version.

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    • Avatar photo Jeff

      It’s a ’70 with a ’71 grill, the gas tank is behind the seat, ’71 moved it out of the cab. I had both a ’70 and ’71

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      • Avatar photo KKW

        You are mistaken, the tanks were behind the seat till 76 or 77, I had a 71 as well, and the tank was behind the seat.

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  3. Avatar photo Bob C.

    Looks pretty solid. At least it appears not to have those “widow maker” split rims.

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    • Avatar photo chipl

      The split rims were all recalled in the 80s. The manufacturers replaced them with one piece rims and new tires. It is also a violation of safety rules fro a commercial shop to work on them today. That doesn’t mean that some didn’t escape. A good friend of mine had a 74 Power Wagon with split rims, and the tires took a 16.5″ wheel diameter. Try finding a new tire today in 16.5″s.

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      • Avatar photo KKW

        16.5 wheels were the replacement for 16″ split rims. I would think someone is still supplying 16.5 tires, but maybe not.

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      • Avatar photo Mark Kurth

        I think you’re confusing split rims with the split lock-rings used on older cars and up into the ’60s on pickups. The lock rings are still legal. I’ve got the originals on my ’69 F250 and on a ’29 Packard. Some shops don’t like em, but they’re still legal.

        Split rims were used on over-the-road trucks. They actually split in the middle of the rim. You’re correct in that it’s not legal for shops to work on them.

        BTW, Coker still has a good selection of 16.5 truck tires. I recently steered a friend there for tires on his Apache pickup.

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  4. Avatar photo Don Allen


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  5. Avatar photo JohnfromSC

    IMO this is a bargain if it doesn’t go over 5K and the engine is good. The truck 390 offered 255HP/376 torque both in 70 and 71 (ref: blueoval). There are easy ways to wake up that FE 390 and get it to 300HP and the F250 package would make it good for towing your classics especially considering that it already has A/C and PB.

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    • Avatar photo Chris M.

      I totally agree. This is a great truck with plenty of service life left in it.

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  6. Avatar photo Amishtrucker

    I had this same truck as a work vehicle way back in the day. All I’m sayin is if you want to stomp on the gas and lay down your Goodyear autograph for a hundred yards, this will definitely do it. I hope my former boss isn’t on here……

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  7. Avatar photo timothy herrod

    most of the 3/4 tons of that era that i looked at had the 360 in them. the only way that i could really tell which FE it had was that little aluminum tag that was bolted to the intake by the coil, maybe it was under one of the coil bolts. its been a long time since i checked. 360’s seemed to get worse mpg that the 390’s from what i remember. I also have seen more than one of them with the driver side axle sticking out after the nut spun off

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  8. Avatar photo Phlathead Phil

    Had one identical to this. It was a ‘72.

    Biggest piece of crap I ever owned.

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