Rusty Ranger: 1974 Ford Bronco

Hoping to compete with the likes of the Jeep CJ-5, Ford launched the Bronco in 1966 as an early player in what we now call the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) market. The first generation would be a hugely successful… more»

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Six-Figure Microcar? 1968 Ferrari Ferves Ranger

The seller of this 1968 Ferves Ranger claims its “twin” sold at auction last year for nearly $200,000! I’m not sure if this car will reach the same price, but it has an unspecified reserve. It can be found… more»

50k Mile Survivor: 1979 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT

If Ford ever had any doubts that it was making the right move by introducing a 2nd Generation Bronco in 1978, then they only needed to look at the sales figures to realize that they had backed a real… more»

No Reserve: 1974 Ford F-250 Ranger XLT

There is no doubt that this 1974 F-250 Ranger XLT would turn heads wherever it went. Let’s face it, its big, and the color is not one designed to blend in with the background. Having said that, it does… more»

31k Original Miles: 1972 Ford F-100 Ranger XLT

So often you will see classic pickups like this 1972 Ford F-100 Ranger XLT, and they will show plenty of the sort of wear-and-tear that is part and parcel of a life of hard labor. This one is different… more»

1971 Ford F-100 Ranger With a 428!

Raven Black was not the most common color to grace the flanks of a 1971 Ford F-100 Ranger, and the fact that this F-100 rolled off the production line wearing that particular shade is already enough to make it… more»

Rare Diesel: 1983 Ford Ranger Diesel

Starting as a trim package on F-Series Ford pickups and then as a Courier replacement, the Ranger has had a very interesting history. Even more interesting would be Ford’s choice of engines, such as what’s in this first-year, 1983… more»

Rust-Free 1st Year 1983 Ford Ranger

I predict that these early Ford Rangers will be future collectibles and this first-year model, a 1983 Ford Ranger, sure looks like a steal. It can be found here on craigslist in Bowdoinham, Maine. The seller is asking a… more»

Parked in 1992: 1958 Edsel Ranger 2-Door Hardtop

When the Ford Motor Company became a publicly listed company with the first sale of shares on the 18th of January 1956, many small investors jumped on board for what they believed was going to be a journey into… more»

Lone Ranger: 1955 Ford Ranger 4-Wheel Drive

Marmon-Herrington is renowned for the 4-wheel-drive conversion work that they performed on Ford commercial vehicles, and it was this company that waved their magic wand over this vehicle. The owner claims that this is the only known survivor. He… more»

429 Thunder Jet: 1978 Ford F-250 Ranger

As original and clean tow vehicles go, this 1978 F-250 Ranger is probably up there with the best of them. It is a solid vehicle that would possess enough power and torque to tow a small moon, and it’s… more»