390-Powered 1964 Ford F-100 Custom Cab 4×4

The fourth-generation Ford F-Series is hard to beat in my world but I live in a strange world as most of you know. They really had it all in this era and this 1964 Ford F-100 Custom Cab Flareside 4×4 long bed is one cool truck. The seller has it posted here on eBay in Parma, Idaho and the current bid price is $5,700 but the reserve isn’t met.

My brother had a 2WD 1964 Ford pickup in this same color and it was fun to drive and easy to work on. We have pictures (slides, actually) of us literally inside the engine compartment because there was so much room in there and so little “stuff” compared to modern vehicles. That one had a straight-six, unlike this beast which has had an engine transplant. Hagerty is at $7,700 for a #4 fair condition truck and with this upgraded 390 V8 and interior improvements, I’m betting that the reserve is close to $10k, give or take? Thoughts?

The patina vs. paint debate is almost as old as Chevy vs. Ford or Packers vs. Bears or any of the other great rivalries of our time. I would love to see this truck with a nice new shiny turquoise paint job but I could live with it as it looks right now. I’m not a fan of the oversized wheels, I prefer the look of smaller wheels on these trucks, but that’s just me. Give me a set of vintage Firestone Town & Country snow tires – or a modern equivalent – over these fat tires, more of the size of the spare tire. Just to have some traction and a more period look.

The interior has had a bit of a refresh, as they say, with a new seat cover and carpeting. CARPETING?! In this truck?! Ok, enough fake drama, I’d like carpet, too, even if it never would have had it from the factory. It looks good inside but a wood kit for the bed is in order for the next owner. That’s a nice $600 weekend project and will make it usable and really dress it up. The underside has heavy surface rust and there are a couple of rust spots to try out your new welder on, but otherwise, this looks like a great, solid truck.

The engine isn’t original to this truck, it’s a Ford 390 cubic-inch V8 of some unknown vintage and it had to be quite an upgrade. It runs and drives great and will do 70 mph all day long according to the seller. The 4×4 system works as does everything but the radio and this could be an incredibly fun truck to own. Let’s hear from the fourth-generation Ford F-Series pickup fans out there. Leave as is or paint? Are there any other modifications that you would make?


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  1. angliagt angliagt Member


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  2. Bruce Rolfe

    I think I see a quick trip to Parma this Friday to check this beast out.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Let us know Bruce!

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  3. Howard A Member

    Had I known winters could be so brutal here ( who ever thought it would snow in the Rocky Mountains in the winter?) I would have held out for something like this, instead of the GMC AND the Jeep. It’s okay, the 2wd GMC still makes a great highway truck, this, not so much. Fact is, this is another, “take your chances over 50mph” vehicle. In ’64, you had no business going 70 mph in a pickup, the 390 was for brute pulling power, not how fast it could go. Great find,,,if painted, looks terrible now, they were a nice design.
    And Scotty knows full well, us Packer fans aren’t too keen on the Vikings either,, GO PACK!!

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  4. Harvey Member

    Works like a truck rides like a truck.Mine had a six,4 spd,4:88 gears.Sounded like a helicopter above 50mph.Hauled mountains of firewood:-)

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  5. Frank Sumatra

    All this needs is a Lincoln Welder-Generator bolted in the bed and it will pay for itself in no time.

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  6. AndyinMA

    That’s a good looking truck

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  7. Greg Williams

    Growing up my dad had a ’65 Ford truck just about the same color & LWB, with the 6 cylinder motor. He would pull into a station and say fill it up with oil & check the gas. That truck never let us down. Super good truck.

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  8. Jerry A

    with that big 390 engine and fat tires, you can bet this truck has ‘armstrong power steering’!!
    i have a ’74 F250 and when the power steering gave out, it was a workout to make slow turns. i also have a ’66 F250 with a 240 6 cyl engine w/o power steering and it is easy to steer at any speed. Sadly, the ’74 is rusting away at the roofline and the complete drivetrain will be a parts donor to the ’66 when the day comes, including power brakes and steering.

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  9. Jesse

    My dad bought a 65 in 6 or7. Newest pickup he ever owned. 750-16 Goodyear sure grips. Farmed and worked at the land o lakes creamery 11 miles away. Towed uncle’s mobile home to New Mexico from Minnesota. Many moose/deer hunting and fishing trips to Canada. Uncle ran it low on oil. Burnt the valves on the 352. Stuck in a Mercury 390 like this truck got. He died in 88 at 54. I still have it in the woods. Miss him.

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    • Jesse

      Jesse continues….We were riding around one day and spotted dogs chasing deer. I took off after them over a plowed field. Rough. He said go faster. It will smooth out. It did. He must have had experience. He emptied a revolver out the passenger window. They jumped in the river valley. I turned around to leave and the muffler was steaming in a dead furrow. Best time I ever had with dad. I never felt more alive. Adrenaline rush.

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  10. Tony S.

    I like this truck! It’s 4X4 so I get the big wheels; I’m not a fan of cow-catchers on the front of trucks but it works with this…looks like a big ole wild Boar! If I didn’t already have a 1960 F250, I would be a serious contender for this. I would leave it the way it is, keep it running and enjoy it. Once you paint it, it’s only the beginning – ask any garage Queen. 😎

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  11. Duwop

    Nice looking old Ford don’t think I’d do 70 in it though

  12. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Auction update: this one ended at $8,900 and no sale.

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