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390 S-Code Project: 1966 Mercury Cyclone

In the mid-1960s, the Cyclone would be the Mercury Comet’s version of a mid-size muscle car. It stayed largely in the shadow of the Ford Fairlane GT and the growing popularity of products being rolled out by the other competition. If the seller’s car is ’66 Cyclone GT convertible, it would be a rare car as only 2,158 copies were made (and another 1,305 of the not-GTs). Located in Mulvane, Kansas, the field find is available here on craigslist for $2,500 OBO. Thanks for uncovering this cool tip, Sam A!

The Mercury Comet moved up a size category in 1966 to be an intermediate along the lines of the Fairlane. And the S-22 performance edition of the Comet was now called the Cyclone, a more formidable moniker. Because the car was now built on a larger platform, there was room for a bigger engine, i.e., the 390 cubic inch V8. In 1966, you could get the Y-code 390 with a 2-barrel carb and 265 hp. Or the H-code with a 4-barrel and 275 hp. Or the High Performance (HiPo) version that came with the GT and produced 335 hp.

We’re told the latter engine is in the seller’s s weather-worn Merc, though finding any physical evidence is difficult given its condition. The hood is the fiberglass one that would have come with the GT, too, so perhaps that’s what we have here. This 390 is paired with an automatic transmission, but the engine is locked from sitting and we suspect the tranny will require help as well. This vehicle has likely been exposed to the elements for a long time, so the floorboards will all need replacing.

The interior is a bit of a mess, but it has the bucket seats that would be desirable in a car like this. The top is also a goner, which helps explain the condition of the interior. There is no title for this car, only a bill of sale, so you’re going to have to work with your DMV to get this sorted out. This is a rare convertible that could be cool once again, but the cost and labor required to get there will be significant.


  1. Maggy

    Money pit imo but the seller is asking a fair price at least and it still has a drivetrain in it hopefully original. Would be worth it for the parts. The hood is worth some good $.My buddy in WI has one and it’s a 66 convertible too.glwts.

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  2. FrankD Member

    Looks like it didn’t survive the Cyclone very well.

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  3. Not Again

    Rare car, perhaps even rarer then most located today and a drop top to boot! Looks like the car is intact and probably numbers matching! Price is actually very fair, especially for the current market place! Would be a great buy, with the incentive of having a rare car! Great but and find!

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  4. 433jeff

    Someone close by will beat him Dow to 2 grand and relist for 5500 minus the hood, and we will look at it saying, Wow rare car numbers matching.

    It’s not 1986 anymore , money left on table

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  5. Piper62j

    Big project. If the trunk lid is any indication of the rot this car has, be prepared to call your banker. These older convertibles are known for disappearing floor pans and a sagging body that prevents the doors from closing.

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