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390 V8 Project: 1967 Ford Galaxie 500

The third generation of the Ford Galaxies’ included the 1967’s which were the third year in a row to wear stacked double headlights. This once proud ’67 Galaxie 500 2-door hardtop is a project that comes with a variety of extra parts, a spare motor, and a complete rear quarter panel to replace a damaged one. It just needs someone to take on the work. The car can be found in Albany, Oregon and here on Facebook Marketplace for $2,500.

The Galaxie bumped the Fairlane 500 from the king’s throne in 1959 and stuck around through 1974. In 1962, Galaxies got a 500 or 500/XL designation to go with the name in Ford’s attempt to keep pace with the Chevy’s best-selling Impala. While the ’65 and ’66 Fords were minimally different, the ’67 would be new from the greenhouse down, although still on the same platform. The Galaxie itself would get bumped off the balcony with the advent of the LTD in 1965. Galaxie 500 coupe production would exceed 57,000 units for 1967.

This ’67 500 looks good until you get a gander at the driver’s side rear quarter panel. It’s badly crumpled, having been in an accident. We don’t know if that’s what took this car off the road but it looks as if it’s been sitting for a long time. We’re not given any inside trunk photos, so we don’t know what the accident did on the inside that we should be concerned with. At any rate, the seller has a replacement quarter sitting on top of this one to take over. We don’t know how good/bad the passenger’s side of the car looks, but we hope just dirty like the rest of the white over red Ford.

The inside of the Galaxie looks as though it may have been used for occasional storage, such as the mac & cheese box in the back seat. What we can see of the upholstery looks good except for a rip in the seat bottom on the driver’s side. A spare dashboard comes with the car that has a set-up for factory air conditioning, but we’re not told if any under-the-hood plumbing is included. One of the two dashes is said to contain an 8-track tape deck. Suddenly, it’s the 1960s all over again! Here’s a photo of what a similar Galaxie would look like once fixed up.

Several of the photos illustrate a plethora of spare parts which we assume go to this car. So at least some part of that collection will accompany this Galaxie to its next home. We’re told the car has a 390 V8 under the hood, which would put out either 275 or 315 hp, depending on carburetion. However, we don’t know if the car runs (we assume it does not). Another 390 is included to help the buyer make one good motor out of two if need be. Both Hagerty and NADA think a ’67 Galaxie is a $12-13,000 car, but condition will of course drive that. The seller isn’t asking an arm and a leg for this car, but is there more than $10,000 worth of work that has to be done to get it back on the road in presentable fashion?


  1. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    The headlights aren’t the only thing stacked on this car!

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  2. Avatar photo JCA Member

    Wow, nice project. The interior looks like it would clean up well. All that and a free box of Mac & Cheese?

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  3. Avatar photo Mark

    You pay 2500 to buy it, then you spend 40 grand trying to make it look new and when you’re all done, the cars worth 18 grand. Only a fool would tackle that albatross

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  4. Avatar photo Kevin Finley

    Isn’t this the first car that came out intermittent windshield wipers?

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  5. Avatar photo Rick

    I have a trailer full of junk that I will rent out to be piled on and around a car before he pictures are posted.

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  6. Avatar photo Richard Van Dyke Sr

    Could be a good project and you would have a beautiful car when done. But doesn’t make sense if you intend to flip it.

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  7. Avatar photo chrlsful

    all ways surprised abt how the junk yrds handle their stock. They think we’re gunna rehab some pretty ‘out there’ stuff (& we do, but it pisses me off). Today, in my area, nuttin over 10 y/o is in the yrds. It all goes to the crusher – off for scrap prices as they rise (never when falling). This vehicle is ruined (not beyond repair).

    What is left is like a library. I-beam shelves 10 hi (30, 40 ft up) and corners w/street signs to direct the fork truck. Computers back at the office to catalogue location, no customers allowed back there.

    I love the stacked hdlghts and stamped chrome grill. I remember the dwn sz comet as 1st (mid 60s) then the lghts came up market (larger vehicle).

    390, C6 always meant ‘truck’ to me as well…
    but that’s just from personal experience w/them (& less w/the cars).

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    • Avatar photo Morgan Winter

      For FoMoCo, stacked headlights appeared in ’65 on Galaxie and Comet. Fairlane followed in ’66.

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  8. Avatar photo Geoff C.

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

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  9. Avatar photo Gary Beard

    In the summer of 1967 I bought a new white 1967 4-door hardtop Galaxie 500 with 390V-8. I loved that car. Fast and steady on the road even with the bias tires of that time period.

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  10. Avatar photo Courtney

    Rear bumper, rear panel, 1/4 panel straighten the truck floor and you have a small fraction of what this car needs done. Someone with alot of time and alot of skill could pull this one off on the skinny.

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    • Avatar photo Courtney

      Add to it the replacement panel is the wrong one. You might be looking at door issues to. Doesn’t look like the door will close. Donate it to the local high school shop class let them learn something.

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