390/4-Speed: 1969 Mustang Mach 1

This Mach 1 has been off the road since 1982 when it was stashed away in a storage container. It has since been pulled out and made to run again. Though not perfect, its originality and big block/4-speed combination make it worth some serious consideration. It’s located in Bessemer, Pennsylvania and is listed here on eBay where the bidding action ends tomorrow.

The interior looks pretty good for a car that has been in storage for 35 years. The seller claims that the rodents didn’t get to it and that the wiring seems to be in good shape. The lights and things inside all work. The t-handle and shift boot are the only items in here that appear to not be stock.

The seller has already done a lot of work to make this pony ride-able again. The fluids were changed, the carb rebuilt, tuneup items installed, and a new battery dropped in. No mention is made of the brakes though so you will want to check on that. No sense in going fast if you can’t stop.

There’s some rust in the quarters, but the rest of the body appears to be very solid. If this car were mine, I’d treat the rust and attempt to preserve what’s left of the paint. Then I’d drive it and work through any of the other issues that popup. Does that sound like a good plan to you?

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  1. Wagon master

    The S codes are more rare the 428 engine.

    • jbd

      Very True for 1969!

  2. NotchNut

    New gas tank sticker has 1993 on it, but been in a storage container since 1982. And you can tell the tank has been in the car for awhile. Just an observation though.

    • Harry Hodson

      NOS Ford part. Coulda kicked around a DC or parts Dept for years before it got in this car. The dealer delivery sticker is old as Moses. Lol

      • Rocco

        The tank could’ve been sitting in a parts dept for a while, but if it looked like this one when sold, I would’ve asked for another one.

  3. Dan

    Those 390’s were slugs….lots of torque…but not fast….beat one with a 283, 4 speed 1964 El Camino…

    • S.Martin

      Well, chevy power rules eh. Nothing else to say.

  4. Oingo

    I would be especially careful to check the ownership trail to ensure that it is legit.

  5. Oddimotive Cason Oddimotive Cason Member

    Lots of potential there and I love the factory tach. I wish my ’70 had one… S code Mach is definitely unusual and presumably early for a 69 Mach (?).

  6. cudaman

    My ’69 “R” code 4-speed with 41k miles and last tagged in 1986 being pulled out of its tomb. According to the Marti Report it was Indian Fire with white interior when new. Didn’t know that when I bought it. 1 of 1………

    • Jwinters

      Marti reports can make pretty much anything a 1 of 1 my 2007 mustang is also a 1 of 1. The only one with leather seats wheel locks and satin aluminum instrument panel. Lol

  7. Mike Williams

    One of my favorites, but I wouldn’t buy anything from Pennsylvania, just say’n.

  8. stillrunners lawrence Member

    The guy I bought my 6.5 liter 68 Cougar from also had a 69 M1 stang 390 on jacks in the garage….it was white with red strips….never would sell it so never new what happen to it after he passed…

    • Dickie F

      I have a blue 1970 Mach 1, original one owner survivor coming up as a project, in the next few weeks. It has 35k on the clock and is in almost mint condition.
      It has been stored for about 15 years due to a licencing issue…. started every few months with a coke bottle of fuel down the carb….
      It is in Cape Town, South Africa.

  9. John H from CT

    Auction over. Unsold at $25,100! Owner very unreslistic. That was all this car was worth given its condition, IMHO.

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