396 and Triple Black: 1968 Chevrolet Caprice

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Some minor cosmetic changes resulted in a great-looking Caprice for the ’68 model year.  The tail lights were redesigned and became incorporated into the rear bumper, plus the front grille was modified with optional headlight covers becoming available.  At almost 18 feet long, the coupe tipped the scales at nearly 3,900 pounds and exceeded 4k in the weight department if a big block was chosen.  But an extra hundred pounds seems like mass well justified if it’s a 396, such as this 1968 Chevrolet Caprice here on eBay is equipped with.  This one’s in beautiful Niagra Falls, New York, with bidding up to $14,100 at the moment.  It’ll have to go higher though, as that’s less than the reserve price.

The history of this Caprice can be traced back 35 years, as it’s said to have come up from Las Vegas and been sitting in a NY garage for three and a half decades.  But other than the seller telling us the car has been driven just a shade under 31k miles, we don’t really get a whole lot of details beyond that, such as whether or not that’s the original finish we’re seeing or if it’s ever had a respray.  Either way, the paint presents well, plus black isn’t very forgiving in covering flaws and I’m not finding very many on this one.  The vinyl top looks good too, and those rally wheels give the car a nice sporty feel.

I am a bit confused over the engine, as it’s never specifically stated if this is in fact the original numbers-matching powerplant.  The seller does mention that the original R-12 A/C compressor is still hooked up, which is an indication that it may be the factory block, but I guess that component could have been removed and put on another motor.  In any event, things look to be in good order under the hood and there’s been a recent oil change.  There’s also a Turbo 400 automatic transmission, which has also had its fluid replaced in the not-too-distant past.

We only get this one picture of the interior, so there’s a lot left up to the imagination inside.  The seats are looking pretty good and in line with what I’d think they would be looking like at the 31k mile mark.  The passenger side panels appear to be in good shape as well, with power windows visible but the seller says there’s also a power seat.  Unfortunately, the dash is hardly showing and the steering wheel is wearing a lace-up cover, so I hope that’s not hiding anything.  In contrast to the less-is-more concept inside, 4 photos from inside the trunk are provided, and it looks like well-preserved solid metal all the way around.  What are your thoughts on this triple-black Caprice?

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  1. "Edsel" Al leonardMember

    Motor has been out…lots of new stuff under the hood…black is a merciless color=shows everything..not so sure only 31k on clock…buyer exercise due diligence…nice bones tho!!

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  2. al8apex

    Front seat is NOT original to this car, it’s a 70’s GM something

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    • CCFisher

      Rear seat, too.

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    • CCFisher

      Found it. 1976 Bonneville.

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      • MathieuB

        Headrest are clearly not from 68…

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    • Lathebiosas

      And it’s awful.

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      • Jon

        I agree, those seats are awful. When I saw the material, then the seat pattern, then the headrests, I started scratching my head.

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    • Paulc

      Those seats are from a 76’ Grand Prix. A friend of mine had one with exact seats. On another thought the Grandville had same pattern so could be that but definitely Pontiac.

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  3. Evan

    I’m not a fan of the formal roof that the hardtop Caprice coupe got. I’d much rather have an Impala.

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    • JW454

      I’m with you. While this car looks nice I’d much rather have the fastback looking Impala. I’ve owned every year Impala 2 dr. ht. from 1958 through 1967 (other than 1959) and I look at ’68 as the one that got away. A ’59 would have been in the mix too if one had crossed my path at the right time… it just didn’t happen.

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      • Chuck Dickinson

        I ordered a 68 Impala built and specifically chose the fastback. On the Impala Custom and Caprice, the deck lid always reminded me of the flight deck of an aircraft carrier!

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    • Blyndgesser

      I’d like the fastback roofline of the Impala with the hideaway headlights of the Caprice.

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      • JoeNYWF64

        The only full size Chevy in ’68 to offer hideaway headlights was the Caprice.
        The ONLY full size Chevy in ’68 to get ventless door glass in ’68 was the Caprice 2 door. All the others, including Impala 2 & 4 doors & Caprice 4 doors still got the little openable glass ventipanes in the front doors.

        The Impala was ALSO available with the Caprice roofline!
        Also note the ventipanes here …
        The Caprice was not available as a fastback.

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    • Dale

      The formal roof would look much better if this car had whitewall tires with the standard wheel covers installed. The original seats would have also improved the appearance. Some things are just better left alone!

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    • Jon

      I’ve always liked the formal roof. A ’70 Caprice coupe was my first car followed by a ’72 triple black Caprice cpe.

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  4. TheOldRanger

    I still often dream of my first car 1965 Impala SS (purchased new) and I was a first year mathematics teacher in a high school. All my “kids” loved the car as much as I did, and I still regret to this day letting it go after I got married. However the wife is still with me all these 55 years….:-)

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  5. Grey O’Brien

    This car was originally equipped with fender skirts that are missing,

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    • Jon

      I think the skirts were still optional on the Caprice.
      I also noticed that the wheel openings are missing the moldings.
      But the bogus interior really ruins it for me.

      Btw, my Dad bought a new ’68 Impala 4-door in Sequoia Green with green brocade interior.

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  6. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    At first glance it’s not bad. The rims are all wrong. I don’t think even the beauty rings would help. I won’t waste mt time googling whether the interior is correct or not.

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  7. Fran

    I wonder how much salt is up in the quarters from that NYS salt??? They are paying people to move there, maybe the new owner can get paid to buy that and move there at the same time!

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  8. Burger

    Not a fan of tail lights in the bumpers, but the 68 Chev pulled it off OK. Never have understood how those hideaway headlights were not more popular. They transform the car in a very good way. Overall, I always liked the chop-top roof, as the Caprice was Chevy’s formal offering. The black paint, the roof, the headlights …. all spell a nicely cohesive formal look. The loss of correct fender skirts and addition of the rallye wheels work against the look. The interior is an abortion from some “velour era” car. Were I after a 68 big body Chevy, this is what I’d want. The wheels, skirts, and interior would have to be made right.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      It’s a lot easier & cheaper to find the latter 3 for this car, than it is to find the complicated ’68 hidden headlight setup(working or non working) from a wreck or in storage(forget NOS) for a nice Caprice that doesn’t have them or had them but was hit up front!
      Side interior panels here appear to be factory correct – i assume the driver’s side is as good as passenger side. & the ’70s seats at least try to mimic the doors’ small round upholstery “buttons” – call this a comfy custom interior. People at a car show will be VERY glad to see the car AS IS – they’ll never see another ’68 hidden headlte setup in the flesh & may have never seen 1 before! I seen just 1 in the flesh & i STILL! remember where i saw it in ’69 & what color it was & thought it was the most futuristic big chevy ever – also with its new ventless side windows & hidden wipers) , just like i remember where i was when JFK was shot.
      It was like a glimpse of the future that never came again!, until this one & just a couple others i seen online. IMO, the ’69 front bumper is just too big & “heavy looking” & is not “graceful” & “smooth flowing” like the ’68 – the ’68 front end should have been used through 1970 & Chevy could have saved a lot of money too in redesign work – tiwce for ’69 & ’70!
      Unlike stock
      (surprised you could get crank windows on the latter Caprice & probably no a/c too),
      there is a big armrest on this one for sale – for us elderly guys. lol

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  9. Bill D

    My 3rd car was 67 Caprice 2dr. Lt. Blue inside and out. No vinyl roof. Bucket seats and console. Bought it from the an older lady. Unfortunately I wasn’t smart or mature enough to take good care of it. Sol it to my boss at Fisher Body in Kalamazoo. He just wanted it for the engine. Loved that car and would love to find another one exactly the same or since I am dreaming one either the 427.

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  10. PRA4SNW

    Ended at $18,900, Reserve Not Met.

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  11. Scott

    I would give $20,000 for this car, I’m only ($19,875 short) if it is what it is (I don’t think they would take my 70 2D Gal 500 Custom 390 C6) as trade. I wonder if in 68 the 396 (402) could be had with the 6-Pack? Whish I Had that in this as Mine!

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  12. Paulcug

    I had the 67’ with buckets and a console. Same color combination but in 67’ it had wood panels everywhere. Keystone wheels and a red pinstripe you could guess what it was called.

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