3,982 Original Miles! 1986 Chevy Silverado

We already knew that the short-box, squarebody Chevy C10 pickups were on fire value-wise, but this time-capsule grade example confirms that assessment beyond a shadow of a doubt. With under 4,000 original miles and sporting virtually zero alterations from factory condition, it may be one of the nicest ones left. Bidding is active, pushed to over $20,000, but the reserve remains unmet, not surprisingly. Will it break $30K? Find it here on eBay and located in Overland Park, Kansas.

The dark blue paint looks wonderful, as does all chrome ornamentation. Chrome bumpers look mint, and the desirable tailgate trim shows no defects. The seller admits he did swap out the original tires with a fresh set of rubber and refinished Rally wheels, but the original tires and Rally wheels are included with the sale (and easy enough to swap back for show purposes.) What else can you say about the body? It’s like driving a brand new C10 pickup. The bed rails and tailgate guard were installed by the dealer at the time of its original purchase.

Speaking of, this is the ideal combination of two-wheel drive with the short-bed design, a combination that some would argue is the most desirable of this generation pickup. The interior looks exactly as you’d expect a new truck to look, with no signs of sun fading in the carpets or ugly coffee stains or cigarette burns anywhere else. The seller notes the original owner bought the truck with some inheritance money, but chose to keep the Chevy as his special occasion or sunny-day driver rather than putting it through the rigors of daily use.

Obviously, the engine bay shows virtually no signs of wear and tear, and one would assume the truck runs absolutely mint. Despite the low mileage, the description seems to indicate the Chevy at least got to stretch its legs once in a while, even if only on limited occasions. This is perhaps the best sort of return for an enthusiast: you don’t buy a vehicle for its potential to appreciate, but it matures into a collector vehicle nonetheless. While you can still buy a C10 of this generation for less than $10K, I suspect this example will raise the bar for future sales of highly-preserved models.

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  1. Weasel

    This thing needs to be driven! I love the colors and hate the bumper guards (over-riders, LOL).

  2. FordGuy1972

    This is a stunning pickup, inside and out; an incredible, completely original survivor. Doubt if there’s another like it and it will certainly set a record price for this generation of Chevy pickups. Probably an investment grade vehicle and rarely driven; I doubt you’ll see this one loaded up with junk at the local landfill. That’s the decision the new owner will face; to drive it and enjoy it like it was designed to be enjoyed or trailer it around to keep the miles down. Well, I certainly can’t afford it so I’m glad I won’t have to make that call.

    • Weasel

      No pickup truck should be on a trailer unless it’s in need of repair.

    • Weasel

      No pickup truck should be on a trailer unless it’s in need of repair.

  3. b-rad jeepster

    The worst thing they did to a pickup TRUCK is put carpet and a radio in them.

    • Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

      My last Silverado had rubber on the floors and a radio that I could never get to work. A 2017. Does that count? LOL

  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I find it interesting the comment of buying a new one and still driving his older truck. I used to do that with cars, except it was the Ex driving the newer one while I drove the older one. Bought a new one every 5 years but definitely didn’t have that low a mileage on them.
    I like this one, though initially I thought it looked like there was rust around the wheel wells. Pretty sure it’s just reflections off the finish rather than an indication of rust.
    I like it, but I expect it will go for some serious money.

  5. George Mattar

    Stupid. A truck is for work and to throw junk in the bed. Yet all I see are housewives driving the new $75,000 F 150s.

  6. jerry z

    A 33 yr old truck with less than 4K! Too bad he didn’t inherit a 1986 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe!

  7. GeigerCounter

    I said it before and I will say it again, we need to hear more of the back story. Please explain the low miles. Why was this done? What was the intent?Was it an elderly person who soon got too sick to drive? Was it someone with more money then common sense? This would add so much to this site. I am tempted to start a site like that when I soon retire and have the time to do so. A site with not only cool cars to see (not necessarily for sale) but descriptions of the cars histories. Who owned them, how they were used. Every car has a life span , they all vary in how they were used and stored, just like the people who own them have stories. Would any of you out there visit such a site? Willing to pay for the privilege or could we keep the servers up and running with just advertising? Might be a fine hobby for me, who knows, maybe even a second career!

    • GeigerCounter

      I see now after re reading this, there IS an explanation of why such low miles. Oh well, getting even more senile. Wonder if this is how the dearly departed would have wanted to see the inheritance spent. After all, what I leave I would like to see go for practical purposes, something to give the inheritor security. Heck, he didn’t even drive it that much. Besides that, in this time period, I could have picked out a few better vehicles to buy for a fun weekend cruiser, that is for sure. Or better yet, just think of the old 60s cars that were available for a song then, and are worth a gazillion dollars today. To each his own I guess. I never inherited anything except my big nose and even bigger prostate.

    • jerry

      if you took the time to read the the e bay add you will find the answers to your questions, simple as that! I know where there is a panther pink 69 dodge charger 383 4 gear that was special ordered , loaded on a trailer at the dealers and never put on the road! last time I saw it it was on 6 jack stands in a 3 car garage? not for sale at any price! they don’t need the money! thats what I was told! so don’t ask!!! why do this,? none of my business

  8. Bakyrdhero

    Nice truck. I don’t mind the bumper guards. That is all..

  9. Howard A Member

    Clearly, the real deal. I could see this happening, just didn’t use it. Seems a waste, but they will double their investment. Note to bidders, it may look new, but it isn’t, and just so you know, Autozone has all the parts you’ll need.

  10. local_sheriff

    Even if I had this kind of $ to spend on an old vehicle there would be plenty other vehicles I’d rather choose! I won’t deny it looks impeccable, but I really HATE the bumper guards and the ’81up front as they so clutter this otherwise killer 70s design…sorry…

    Would much rather locate a driver quality ’80down at a fraction of the cost that I could both afford to buy AND drive without worries

  11. Ken

    The truck looks plain interior lot of money

  12. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Looks just like my dad’s 1986 SW I inherited and sold a couple of years ago. It was an okay truck – just hated working on it had about that many miles plus a 100,000 more. The old 305 was getting close to a rebuild so I let it go for $3500 to the Southwest Chevy guys.

  13. JERRY

    Having owned several new trucks (C-10 pickup and K10 Suburbans) of this era, I was never that impressed with the quality, fit and finish and durability of them. I would be hard pressed to drop $25K plus it would take to buy this one. My last new one was a 1990 K10 loaded Suburban that cost $20,400 new and it had two 700R4 trans replacements plus other issues under warranty. I stuck with them and bought the best truck I’ve ever owned, a 1999 Chevy C2500 Crew Cab Short Box with a Vortec 454/4L80E that was still pulling strong with 160K miles with all the original untouched powertrain. I’m still driving Chevy’s because of that truck!

  14. The one Member

    New, is new, not 1986.That’s old! Don’t care about the specifics, probly wasn’t broken in correctly, among all the other stuff that occurs with the aging process. Looks kike a whole lotta trouble to me.
    2 cents…

    • The one Member

      I meant “like” sorry…

  15. DanChester

    The square body GM pickups are handsome, for sure. BUT, they are also the ones with the side saddle gas tanks. That is probably one reason they were not highly prized before when the safety concerns were fresh in mind. Now amnesia has set in…

  16. Doug

    Yeah, basically a ” Brand new” old truck – with all the issues of the old truck. Too nice to really use it as a truck, no extended cab for a little more room for grocery bags, tools& whatever, poor gas mileage and performance compared to a 3-5 year old modern truck. I’d be surprised if there are no issues upcoming with the brakes, unless this truck was driven a half dozen miles every month. Sitting undriven is NOT good for vehicles ! It promotes corrosion in hidden places, seals dry out and get brittle, condensation shows up in fluids where water doesn’t belong.
    If I were to put this baby on the road, first thing would be to flush ALL fluids and replace with new, then do a thorough and careful inspection of all rubber bushings, motor and trans mounts, etc, then start it up, let it run for at least a half hour while checking for leaking seals, test the brakes a few times, then take it out for a short drive at a time when traffic is very light.
    Once the vehicle is in top condition, I would probably opt to replace the carburetor with a self-learning EFI throttle body like the Holley Sniper or the FAST EFI . That should significantly increase both economy and driveability, without hurting the value, since putting the carb back on would be easy enough for a purist who wants maximum originality.

  17. Bob McK Member

    Nice find! I wonder what it will bid up to and if the new owner will preserve it, or drive it.


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