3,983 Genuine Miles! 1957 Chevrolet 210

What you are looking at here is not a beautifully restored classic, but a completely original 1957 Chevrolet 210 4-Door Sedan with a mere 3,983 genuine miles on its odometer. I really have to thank Barn Finder art for referring this amazing survivor to us. It is located in Marietta, Georgia, and is listed for sale here at Hemmings. The asking price for this immaculate classic has been set at $44,900.

The combination of Larkspur Blue and Indian Ivory is always going to produce an attractive look, and this 210 is no exception to that rule. The car is spotlessly clean, which is to be expected when you consider that the car has spent the majority of its life as the centerpiece of two separate automobile collections. It is pretty hard to find anything to fault with the car, and there are no signs of rust anywhere on the vehicle. The sheer originality of the car is extremely impressive, and while it may currently roll on a new set of tires, the original spare remains in the trunk, while the originals that were fitted to the car are also included in the sale. The trim and chrome appear to be flawless, while the same can be said of the glass.

The immaculate theme continues when you open the door of the Chevrolet and are confronted with the interior. The original trim combination of Light Blue Vinyl and Dark Blue Cloth once again appears to be flawless, as do most other items inside the car. The mats look like they have some dirty marks on them, but these will hopefully clean off without having to resort to replacement. The factory radio still resides in the dash, and there have been no aftermarket additions made to the 210.

In years past, there would have been a huge temptation to upgrade the drive-train in this Chevy, but thankfully, that hasn’t happened. The original 235ci “Blue Flame” 6-cylinder engine is still in residence, backed by the original 2-speed Powerglide transmission. The owner doesn’t mention how well the vehicle drives, but with such low mileage, it should drive well if it has been properly maintained during its years as part of a collection. The new tires would tend to suggest that the car is fit to drive, while the owner also holds a full history of the car right back to when it was new.

The owner of this 1957 Chevrolet 210 claims that it could be the lowest mileage ’57 Chevrolet in existence today. That is a claim that would seem to be quite feasible, and makes this a pretty special car. Of course, it also means that cars such as this one will also command a premium price. Values have ridden a bit of a  rollercoaster over the past 3-years, but they are once again trending upwards. This car is priced right at the absolute top end of potential values, but its originality and mileage should well and truly justify this. It is a lot of money, but what price can you put on a “once in a lifetime” opportunity like this?


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  1. Joe

    Two too many doors.

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    • alan r leonard

      four doors are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. ken tilly UK Member

    Beautiful. Could a ’57 klunker be restored to this condition for the asking price? I don’t think so.

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    • PatrickM

      I agree. Beautiful car, good price. Although, “back in the day” that automatic 6 was considered a dog, for lack of speed. Today, I would like to have it…just as it is…. he says drooling with an empty pocket.

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  3. Will Fox

    At first I doubted this 210, but I guess it’s entirely possible. Pretty basic; inline 6 with no real options; even a blank plate where a clock would be. I’d ask about the back story on this, but I’m sure it’s like alot of cars this old and this clean. Locally we have a `59 Star Chief 4dr. sedan with about 8K miles a friend owns; just as clean as this. A janitor’s wife had it, and she passed in `62. her husband couldn’t part with it, so there it sat until my friend was able to buy it from his estate. The right place at the right time…….

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  4. JoeNYWF64

    Why would a 4 door family car with a 6 cylinder & no carpeting be used so little? Maybe cause there’s no power steering? lol
    If it were a 2 door convertible(or nomad) fully loaded with fuel injection, a/c, etc. – maybe i could believe such low miles.

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    • Dave

      Back then, the most common reason was taking a job where the company provides a car.

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  5. gary

    Did notice a dent on passengers side……..lower sill…….right between the doors……..i wonder if there is any documentation on the mileage……….carpet looks dirty on drivers side……..nice car in any case

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  6. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Beautiful car but another example of a car you really can’t drive or the value will decrease with every mile you put on it. While the condition is spectacular, $44k is a lot of money for a fairly mundane model. At that price, if it sells, it will probably end up as a static display in a museum or a trailer queen. Basically, it’s for looking at. The new owner, like the seller, will likely never experience the enjoyment of driving this beautiful automobile.

    I had the same model ’57, a 210 4-door sedan though mine had a 283 with power steering. It was a fine car, chartreuse and black, that was a really nice driver. Had it for a few years and never had any issues with it.

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  7. Chuck

    Wow, this is exactly like my first car. I bought mine from the corner gas station in 1969 for $10.00. Drove it for about six months before totaling it (not my fault). The other guy’s insurance gave me $100 and let me keep it. My dada and I took it to the junkyard and got $10 for it. Bought my second car (a 1962 Corvair) for $110.

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  8. Tempo Matador Ray

    In the one photo of the interior, there looks like what appears to be paint over-spray on the door weather strip welting. Perhaps, a freshening-up of the original paint to enhance its life story…

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  9. James Martin

    Under the hood has a few flaws, radiator looks redone and resprayed. The horns look like rattle can painted. The valve cover is a different shade of blue. I am sure but , manifold looks to have over spray of blue and then black. This thing has been reworked to look like original low miles. 20000 max I would say 44000 is a fantasy .

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  10. Jack Quantrill

    I had ‘55, same colors. A 4 door 210. It got hit on the 101 fwy in California, pushed into the median iceplant, rolled over , and 4 of us survived. Built like a tank!

  11. Frank Fitz

    Agree with observations of James Martin regarding underhood fluff and buff taking away from originality. As unique as this “Gypsy Rose Lee” appears – for some reason it looks like driver’s side rear door is slightly different color/alignment and front passenger door doesn’t quite line up, without regard to rocker dent. For an original Michigan car; condition is outstanding. GLWTA

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  12. Frank Fitz

    Agree with observations of James Martin regarding underhood fluff and buff taking away from originality. As unique as this “Gypsy Rose Lee” appears – for some reason it looks like driver’s side rear door is slightly different color/ out of alignment and front passenger door, without regard to rocker dent, doesn’t quite line up, either. For an original Michigan car; condition is outstanding. GLWTA

  13. Glenn Schwass Member

    That is sweet. My first one was a 210 2 door with the 6 and the 3 on the tree. I like the trim rings with the original hub caps. I wish I’d saved one if mine . It went with the car and the next guy dropped a 400 sbc and made it a Belaire. Got rid of the rims and hubcaps. This price is a hair high but you won’t find a cleaner one.

  14. charlie Member

    Inherited my father’s ’56, 210, 4 door, meticulously mechancially maintained from new (until my little sister had it for a year and never checked, let alone changed, the oil), ugly 4 door body style, like this, at least compared with the Nomad, 2 door hardtop, convertible, and 4 door hardtop. 6, Powerglide, and no PS, PB, or other “needless” accessories. Had to teach him how to drive an automatic ( I was 14), he wanted to lift the accelerator to make it shift twice. Had it until ’68 when engine was toast (due to running out of oil) and body was rusted out in many places – spent the last 6 years of its life in New England. But it was, for the time, an excellent car, reliable, fast enough, big enough for 6, big trunk, OK on gas, and handled well. 21 factory defects, trim on one back door never lined up, chrome pitted at one year, bumpers permanently bent up due to bumper jack, passenger window dropped out due to never having been installed completely, and brakes were ok up to 55, and inadequate beyond that. Slow to 55 before a toll both, and then apply the brakes. Otherwise you might sail through, or worse, ram the car stopped in front of you. Brake lines failed several times, but, parking brake was quite able to be used to drive it home and then to the garage. Loved that car, I even dream about it occasionally, fondly, and it has been gone for 50 years.

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    • alan r leonard

      OK Charlie…..slow down…take a deep breath……….:>)

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  15. copocamaro

    sorry to say owner claims lowest mile 57 in the country https://www.motortrend.com/news/c12-0601-1957-chevrolet-bel-air-road-trip/

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    • r s

      He says he DROVE it 2500 miles, not that it HAS 2500 miles. Obviously nowhere near that mileage.

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  16. Bob McK Member

    Interesting car. Wonder if the story is correct.

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  17. Jay E.

    4 doors are the best! Bel air would get the price, this one I’m not so sure. You are really going to miss the V8 if you drive much. Unfortunately this one will probably just sit.

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  18. Duaney

    Skeptical about the mileage claims. How could the radiator fins be so beat up with that few miles? Car could have had odometer turned over within the first 2-3 years of ownership, then parked.

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  19. Ted B Simpson

    Is that rust in the pictures with the doors open. On the bottom of the door jam? If that is what it is called. Sure looks like rust.

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