39k-Mile 1995 Nissan Pickup 4×4 XE King Cab

I’m a huge fan of compact pickup trucks because of the excellent fuel mileage and practicality that they offer. When it comes to these trucks, Toyota’s offerings tend to hold their value the best, but other manufacturers presented appealing choices that are much more affordable these days, such as this 1995 Nissan Pickup 4×4 XE King Cab that’s available here on eBay as part of a no reserve auction.

This D21 is available in Spokane, Washington with a clean title. There isn’t too much history about this truck in the advertisement, but the seller provides the original window sticker and other forms of documentation with the pickup’s sale, and there’s no denying that the rust-free truck presents well in photos.

The exterior is very clean and I’m a huge fan of the period-correct graphic along the side, which is something that many of these Nissan trucks have. According to the seller, there is a “little bruise on the passenger door” that is not obvious in photos, and a few rock chips received repair with factory touch up paint.

Inside the all-original cabin, there is no damage of any kind, and everything functions as it should. The seller claims that the interior was never smoked in or used to carry around pets, and features such as the air conditioning, heater, radio, and roll-down windows all work without any problems.

Nissan’s KA24E engine rests under the hood, which is a single-cam 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine that the company also used in the 240SX. The engine pairs to a 5-speed manual transmission and a 4-wheel-drive system, and the drivetrain has 39,999 miles on it. The seller notes that the engine “starts right up every time,” and also that the clutch and 4-wheel-drive system work great.

At the time of publication, bidding is at $6,600, which is considerably less expensive than a Toyota in similar condition and mileage would cost. What would you do with this pristine little Nissan pickup?

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  1. Mitchell Gildea Member

    This truck is mint; the graphics pop on top of the white paint

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  2. JimmyJ

    Great truck very underrated my old man had one and put 500000k on it without touching the motor, being in lower mainland BC it wasn’t even rusty he sold it and I saw it running around years later. Just don’t be in a rush to go anywhere!

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    • Art

      Had to laugh at the don’t be in a rush part. I had a 91 2 wheel drive. The 2 wheel drive trucks with the 2.4 motor were pretty spunky for that time period. They had 20-30 more hp than any other compact 4 cylinder truck on the market. I had a new one in 1991, when I was younger and more foolish I outran a Dakota V-8 who was feeling racy on the interstate around Chicago. Although, I had a buddy who bought a 96 4×4 like this one, and he did say it lacked the power that the earlier Hardbodies had.

  3. Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Wow, this baby belongs in a Nissan museum, or in our garage, one of the two. I vote for our garage.

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  4. Miguel

    What do you guys think this truck will get up to?

    • EricG

      8200 now

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    • chrlsful

      15/17K $ national…not sure local but folks R starting to realize NW usa is as good at preserving cars as ur neckada woods…

  5. Engident

    My buddy daily drove his 95 2wd 5sp 4cyl Hardbody from new until near-weekly downtown Charleston saltwater floods rotted the frame in half only 2 years ago. He has it parked now in a field in NC, about 300k on it, engine never out, never burned a drop of oil, 3rd clutch I believe after years of city driving and hauling sailboats. I’ve been daily driving my 2006 4wd 6sp Xterra since new. 2nd clutch, only because I stupidly (but otherwise moderately successfully) attempted to haul a Bobcat with it 4 years ago. Nissan build quality may not have the laser precision of Toyota, but it is still light years beyond anything American, and the longevity is there if you take reasonable care of it.

  6. Kevin

    It is a shame nobody is selling a truck of this size in the U.S. I know the $$$ is in the bigger trucks, but not everyone needs one of those and/or can afford one. I’m hoping the bubble pops on big truck market to bring some of these back into the market. Trucks like this will hold their value for years ahead and are pretty durable to boot.

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  7. 370zpp

    I previously had a very nice 96 2wd and now own a 2002 Frontier V-6 I bought new. Has 103K on it, doesn’t use any oil, original AC blows cold (in FL). Will never part with it.

    This truck listed here is exceptional and a great value – if the bidding stays reasonable.

  8. JMB#7

    At first glance I thought that was an Ohio license plate on the front. I was, like that is impossible, there is no way it can live in Ohio and look this nice! Then I read the text and found out it is in Washington. I guess that I need to take a trip to Washington the next time I buy something.

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  9. RexFox Member

    Very nice truck, perfectly equipped too. I’m pretty sure those are not Washington plates; maybe Idaho.

  10. Scott

    This thing is awesome! Airbags?

    • RexFox Member

      I had a ‘96 which had a driver side airbag only.

  11. Robert J Deveau

    I’ve got a pair of these hard bodies, a 94 and a 89. Both 6 cyl 4X4, one auto and one 5 spd. The 94 (Canadian model)I’ve had for 15 years and the 89 came from Florida 6 years ago. Tough,fun trucks!

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