39K Miles From New: 1987 Honda CRX

First-generation CRXs aren’t necessarily as loved as the CRX that followed in the late 80s, but finding an unmodified survivor is often just as difficult. This 1987 CRX isn’t the hot-hatch Si; it doesn’t even have a manual transmission. But it does have only 39,000 miles from new and remains in excellent condition. Find it here on eBay with no reserve and bidding above $2K. 

The later cars wore painted bumpers; these earlier CRXs are always identifiable by their gray plastic trim with red striping. Also unique to this generation of the platform is the blocky red or black “CRX” trim piece between the taillights, which were also taller and wider than the later cars. This CRX is said to be completely rustfree, and the vintage “Scottsdale Honda” dealer plate frame may indicate a long existence in a sunny, desert climate.

The interior is really where this CRX shines, as that Arizona sunshine has wrecked havoc on some pieces of faded-out plastic trim – like the front lip spoiler. The interior is well preserved, with sport buckets seats still displaying plenty of support and unmarked carpets. The dash remains uncracked and a factory radio is still in place. The seller will also include the extremely rare (and pricey on eBay) original carpeted floormats. The A/C still blows cold, too.

Amazingly, the seller notes that the original exhaust system is still on the car and looks like new. The 1.5L mil has received a basic tuneup, including plugs / wires / cap / rotor / and a carb clean-out, which is likely one of the bigger jobs you’ll ever have to do on a vintage Honda from this era. Despite the automatic, the eager bidding goes to show that pure, unmolested Hondas of the 80s are going to be desirable specimens for years to come.


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  1. jdjonesdr

    Gonna watch this baby and grab it for the better half if it doesn’t go crazy…

  2. Rx7turboII

    I didn’t get the colt turbo but I’ll be bidding on this! And then promptly converting it to a 5-speed! LOL

    • Alan (Michigan) Member

      If it were a manual transmission, the bidding would be $1500 higher than the $3500 it is at now.

      I expect it to get there anyway……

  3. Nathan Avots-Smith Member

    My grandfather traded in a ’65 Mustang (!) on an HF model CRX in 1988 or so, although I think the Honda was an ’86. He made semi-regular trips from Orange County to Las Vegas, where his aunt lived, averaging well over 50 MPG. The joke in the family was that the mileage was so good because the wheels never touched the ground—that little thing could fly under his lead foot!

    • billy

      I had a 1990 base Civic. My old man took it on vacation with Ma when it was new (I am an awesome son!) and got over 50 MPG with it. Just a base 2 door with a 4 speed. Honda made some great cars then. Don’t get me wrong, my wife has a great 2013 Civic we bought new that is wonderful, but its not nearly as fun as the 25 year old stuff. Honda, are you listening?

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        I still drive my 91 Civic DX work car, 5 speed. Still a fun little car to drive. And in pretty good shape for sloshing to work in Wisconsin winters, always went well through snow. Old stuff is fun to operate.

  4. Michael

    For a vehicle never been in an accident, I have to question why the front fenders are a lighter shade than the rest of the body?

    • Rich S Member

      The front fenders were plastic which might of cause the shade

    • Alan (Michigan) Member

      Actually, that might be part of it, but to me, the doors look darker than what is in front of and behind them. But the biggest discrepancy is the front clip.
      Probably had to do a sand and respray to get rid of all of the rock and bug chips after being driven over 200K miles…….

  5. Jack Quantrill

    I had one like this and it ran great for years til I gave someone a jump start! After that , it kept blowing ignition modules. Was forced to trade it in.

  6. KevinM

    39k from new??….think again Chumbly…..read the vehicle history report supplied by ebay….this babys turned over at least once….

    • Alan (Michigan) Member

      Based on the miles read at emissions tests, it is more likely twice, and could even be THREE times!

    • Rx7turboII

      I asked the seller about the mileage claims and sited the autocheck report and surprise, he won’t respond to me I quit bidding at 3000 now…

  7. Rich S Member

    The radios for that period CRX/Civic were all dealer installed
    along with the AC’s. But a lot of of dealers like the one I worked
    at preinstalled then on most of the ones on the lot.

  8. John C Cargill

    As a former Honda Svc mgr in the early 80s. I thought the early CRX a very enjoyable and competent little car. It and the 2nd Gen Prelude were my favorites. And the CRX is the one I would like today.

  9. Peter Dakin

    CRX a great car. Just runs and runs and runs too. My 1989 now 28 years old 221,000 miles has had new universal joints, distributor, water pump and radiator, batteries and tires and most important my wheels off re-under sealing ensure no rust, but black plastic finish on top hatch and black finish on windshield wiper arm now worn off to silver. Seat backs and edge upholstery renewed. My daily drive and pick up truck. Love the rear access storage capacity. Photo shows this year carrying Compressor, Cross Cut Power Saw and Ladder, all transit blanket protected to repair the Children’s Home Gazebo. Have crossed the USA in it, a daily drive but now retired. Have unsolicited offers monthly from folks wanting to convert to Rice Rocket or thinking they can buy cheap. But no way, at 82 this car likely to outlast me! A keeper! So cheap to run and it flies too.

  10. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Winning bid:US $5,450.00
    [ 74 bids ]

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