4-Speed Drop Top: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette

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When it comes to project cars, starting with a car that has a few key boxes checked makes a lot of sense. For Corvette buyers, there are endless choices for different eras and configurations to pick from, so digging a bit deeper into the unique options and colors that a car came with from the factory is a smart way to end up with a vehicle worthy of restoration. This 1968 Corvette convertible here on eBay is equipped with the preferred manual gearbox and left the factory wearing desirable Safari Yellow paint.

Bidding has reached $10,900 and there’s no reserve, so this drop-top Corvette has “winning” written all over it. The original paintjob is obviously long-gone but that’s not a deal-breaker on a Corvette: so many of these cars have been repainted by this point that another paint job to bring it back to the original color won’t offend most enthusiasts. With its pretty split chrome bumpers and Rally wheels, this car looks pretty killer as-is but will look even better with a respray in yellow.

The interior is in far better shape than I was expecting for a project car convertible. Usually, when the top can go down and a car has been neglected, the seats, console, and dash are all completely trashed. Not so here, and while it’s far from perfect, you can absolutely use this cabin as-is while other parts of the car are improved. I’m shocked by how nice the dash pad still is, and have to believe this indicates it was stored indoors for a spell.

The engine is a non-matching 350, but the seller doesn’t specify whether it was 350-equipped from the factory. The engine does run with starting fluid, but due to the Corvette’s brakes being non-existent, you’re not going far. With no reserve price in sight and for being a configuration and paint code worthy of restoration, this 1968 Chevrolet Corvette convertible looks like a strong buy anywhere below $20,000.

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  1. Dave

    I could love this car, I’d have to love it to put all that time into restoring it. Oddly, these pictures were taken in the rain with the top down…

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  2. Chris

    I bid on it. Not telling my limit (yet). Driven a few and always wanted one with a manual. My wife likes them as well. Wish me luck!

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    • Gtoforever

      Whoever got it at11,900.00 had a good day!!!

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    • Don Leblanc

      I wish you much luck. A very worthy project if you have the time.
      I would actually keep the blue color, looks awesome on this year of Corvette.

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    • The Other Chris

      Did you get it?

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  3. Robt

    I prefer the blue.

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  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Chris, If that’s the one you want, good luck on your bid. Other than the obvious cleanup, looks like it at a minimum will take: new top, body work, paint, exhaust and possibly an oil pan.

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  5. Jaime Harrington

    The article mentions the original 350 engine, 68s were the last year for 327s.

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  6. Neal Jacobsen

    Don’t forget that the brakes need to be completely gone over. Stopping one of these is real task when all you got is shoe leather!!!

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  7. Don Leblanc

    I could see nice chrome sidepipes on this puppy !

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    • Jon

      Sidepipes are the worst to put on this Vette.
      I took mine off and restored it to rare exhaust.
      With Side pipes all you smell is exhaust.

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      • Robt

        I second that.

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  8. David E. Cummings

    This car won’t take much to make it a fun driver. I’d take it to a Maaco paint shop, and for 4 grand, it will look great. Now, I can hear some of you laughing, but let me tell you, I have a 65 Nova Super Sport that I had done that way, paid the extra for cut and buff, and it looks like a $10,000 paint job. I get compliments every time I have it out. It has been 3 years since it was painted, I got their best paint, and it looks like it was painted last week! Put 20 grand into paint, and you have a garage queen. Did that with my 66 Vette roadster, and sold it a while after the paint, because I didn’t drive it anymore because I didn’t want to hurt the paint. My nova paint was actually $3700.00 3 years ago, and included a color change, doing the jams, under the hood and trunk, etc. Chris, good luck with the auction, and think about this comment if you win it!!!

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  9. douglas hunt

    yep, this one is nice ….I would get it mechanically right and drive it for a while just for fun. Later on, I have two different buddies in the body/paint biz, so what I couldn’t do would definitely get done ….sigh …my Landcruiser must come first :-(

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  10. FrankDMember

    1968 was not a great year except for big block engines. I purchased a 69 which was a great car. I recall see 1968 corvettes in the body shop under warranty fixing fiberglass problems around the headlight doors. The fiberglass was lifting and peeling back.

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  11. 64 Bonneville

    Sold at $11,900, that and another $11,900 to get it in great shape, and you are still under market. Parts can be expensive, but a lot are the same as a regular Impala, check the interchange manuals. save a few bucks. some of the larger libraries, that have like a main library with a technical and reference section will have the interchange books. And often times open 7 days a week, until late (9:00PM). work smart, not hard.

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