4-Speed Dual Quad: 1963 Ford Galaxie 500

The Beach Boys immortalized the phrase “Four speed, dual quad” in their 1962 hit song “409,” which lauded Chevrolet’s NASCAR motor of the day. Ford answered with this 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 (R code) 427 Dual Quad, 4 Speed, and, if you’re shopping for the rare street version, and not scared by these pictures, this could be your day. Find it here on eBay in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania!

At first glance the car appears to have been either forcefully rear-ended or perhaps dropped on another car in a junk yard, however this picture shows something equally frightening, a real possibility that rust has viciously attacked this car from the bottom up.

“Dual Quad” (which the seller lists as “Dual Qual”) refers to the twin four-barrel carburetor arrangement, which appears to be present in this crappy cell-phone picture. While the Dual Quad setup was mostly designed to boost bragging rights at the local diner, the single-carb race version yielded 410 horsepower and 476 pound-feet of torque (thanks to Motor Trend for some details). In lieu of a description the seller offers a simple decoding of the VIN and body tags. Caveat emptor. Fewer than 5000 were built. At last check 29 bids had driven the price to $5,500, making the “Buy It Now” price of $7,100 a real possibility. Balancing the car’s rarity against the “Fear of the unknown” factor, what do you think it’s worth?

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  1. Craig

    I hope he gets enough for it to buy a decent camera. Sheesh….

    • Oingo

      He has one! check his previous eBay sale of the 03 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. I noticed that two sellers used almost the same text in their feedback.

  2. Miguel

    My gosh, what happened to this poor car?

  3. Tom Member

    Well, yes, terrible pictures (pretty sure on purpose). Amazing car IF its real and it seems to be. Chicago would explain the rust for sure. (It is where I live & I am a rust expert).

    I will call BS on the 33K original miles. come on, really….I am also hoping you have some real estate in Florida or a bridge I could buy. Without extreme documentation I don’t even know how someone could say a car with this much rust and this much interior damage (even showing in the terrible photos) and the overall “smash up derby” look it has going could claim 33K original.. I honestly question 133K thinking it may be on its third time around !!! Sorry…I just hate when people selling cars like this think people are that stupid…..I know there are a lot of gullible people out there but come on. ok, done.

    My real problem is this is a rare car, awesome drivetrain. It is sitting in what looks to be a shop that specializes in Fords (minus the trans am)…..why are they not taking full advantage of an amazing restoration on this amazing car.

    What do they know that they are not telling???????

  4. DerekF

    Ex-demo derby car?

    It smacks a bit of Animal House

    I’m scared!

    • Sam

      Ditto…I was thinking a more svelt death mobile. More nimble than a connie

  5. Bob

    That 427 would have been a true race engine. It was sold to the public because Ford had to sell 500 of them for it to qualify as a “stock” engine to race in NASCAR.
    I drove one when they came out, and the performance was awe inspiring. They were not a mom and pop engine.

    Like 1
  6. jw454

    When it looks this bad, does it really matter that it only has 33000 miles? When it’s ripped to shreds, is “original interior” a selling point?
    When it looks like it barely escaped the crusher, does “original paint” do anything for it’s value?
    This will be very expensive to restore. It better be a labor of love.

  7. Nova Scotian

    This looks good from the rust belt point of view. LOL! ALL metal rusts, and in cars where salt seeps into every crevice…no matter what, you cannot stop the eventual destruction of the automobile. I’ve seen worse. Thing is, after 5-8 years on salt covered roads, 99% of people sell off their beloved treasure because rust starts to deteriorate everything, including what makes it safe for the road. Repairs start to mount and the usual sell off comes along. The only determining factor is how much pain (dollar wise), the owner is willing to endure.
    I’d say this owner is numb from pain. This won’t see asphalt ever again.

  8. GP Member

    Drive train/V.I.N. swap.

    • William

      Yup…my first thought…

    • CycloneJeff Jeff Member

      I can not stand when people think a vin swap is justified in a build. Then do not build it. Build a clone then. Just do not understand this thought.

      • Mike W H

        Jeff, you have to think like a scammer. Which is what a VIN swap is. Fraud. Lotta $ chasing too few 427 Galaxies brings out the scams.

  9. glen

    It’s still an awesome car, rough, but awesome. Not having a cell phone (really!), I have to ask, don’t they have a flash built in?, ’cause these photos suck.

  10. sir mike

    Bring a good car.to reshell this mess into.Rear of frame bent upwards.Look at the kinks in both 1/4’s behind sail panels.

  11. Galaxieland

    Would like to see the “X” brace behind the rear seat back.

  12. macvaugh

    I suspect that this is a very carefully, artfully created advertisement to sell a vin tag and rare parts. The buyer can get the parts and paperwork without the car being shown publicly on the internet to be resurrected when the $50K restoration is completed. The last digits of the VIN are not public, and no real photographs of the car are shown. I am confident that the title will be marked original miles.

    As a consequence, this can be an investment, with an Arizona shell and a Tennessee interior going with the rare parts to make up a very desirable car. Coming soon to a television auction near you :)

    • al8apex

      my thoughts exactly, I’ll even bet a shop in Georgia does it that has “history” of doing VIN swaps … (think back to a green 69 RS Z28 Camaro sold on BJ)

  13. John Manley

    Wow as a major fan of these 63.5 cars this is the worst one i have ever seen
    Listed r code or not. You don’t even know what your Getting for starters. He also has a poor e bay rating at 97% knowing
    Alot about r codes myself he is clearing
    Hiding most if not all the missing unique
    427 car parts. Its doubtful a 427 engine
    Is even in there as people selling these
    Cars are proud to show off the 6 lower
    Crankcase bolts indicating cross bolt
    Main caps.so its likley a lame 352 or tired
    390 as the 2×4 intake
    bolts right on. So who is he marketing
    This car to ? Guys with a rust free body
    That want those vins and build a bogus
    R code car.

  14. Howard A Member

    I’ve gotten in hot water before about mileage claims,( mostly from the people selling the car) some justified, some, I just don’t know, but,,,I just can’t contain myself, if this person really believes this car has 33K miles,( and trying to pass it off as such, to who, IDK) our hobby has hit a new low. Sorry, this is such a poor representation of an alleged 33K mile car, and I’ve grown tired of it. And I don’t care what you folks think of me, this is just piss poor. Rare? You bet, but if you are willing to rebuild a hulk like this only because of what it was, and not the actual car itself, I’m going out on a limb here, but you’re just as foolish as the person who is selling this for $6,000 dollars. Terrible.

  15. flmikey

    I would like to think that the person who buys this car has enough brains to verify that this car is real before forking over 6 large….

  16. ben dobreuenaski

    Looking for expensive junk?. Look no further. Remember that swapping VINS is a jail time nono. I’m suprised that auction companies do not do further examinations of serial numbers as they would be liable of fraud on renumbered autos.

  17. Warren

    If you look closely at the crappy engine pic, I think I see a hint of blue on the valve cover. I agree about the speculation that this is a garden variety FE and the ad is a sleazily crafted attempt to sell the VIN. Note the ad points out it has a “FE Big Block” motor so that clears that up. Bet the seller wears a checked sport coat….seen this a few times and more often than not, the car comes back up for bid after winning bidder backs out at the thought of the cash changing hands. $5699? Sheesh.

  18. mike D

    Looks like a standard Galaxie Interior to me, wouldn’t it at least have buckets?

    • Tom Member

      I am not a Ford expert but if like most new cars back then you could order or delete any item line by line. Want a 4 speed and a bench seat, want AC but no heater or vice versa, power brakes but no power steering….no problem just check the boxes of what you want. Very cool.

      I had a 67 442 factory order bench seat on the column, steel wheels and dinner plate hub caps and every heavy duty option you could put on a 442 then….12 posi, factory traction bars, front and rear sway bars, HD radiator….like I said….very cool.

    • CycloneJeff Jeff Member

      500 bench. XL 500 buckets

  19. Mlaw

    Flim flam man steer clear.

  20. james burton

    a buddy of mine had one of these back in the 80s that he offered to me for $200. but it was all blue bench seat car 4 spd. fe but the starter was missing . by the time I got back to him he had took it to the crusher. another truck buddy of mine scooped it up from the savage yard to pull the eng. and 4spd. trannie to put in a 64 ford truck. turned out it had a 428 scj block toploader trannie and 410 locker rearend. they crushed the rest of the car. man I bet this was a real big buck car. that got by me cause it didn’t have a starter on it. my buddy still has the truck.

  21. Phil

    I paid a bit more for mine, but at least I got to drive it home. 390, auto.

  22. Fred D

    Had one,brand new in 63.It was a 1963 1/2 R code Galaxy convertible. Black top ,black interior,and Heritage Burgundy. $3249.00. It had one of Fords first electronic ignition systems, and an alternator. It had a BW T10,and 411’s in the back.They didn’t recommend buying Fords equalloc.They would not warrentee it.Great car. Wish I still had it.

  23. Shane Friederich

    Everybody on the Ford Galaxie FB page calls BS on this one too. Bad photos, 33k miles and rough as heck, and quite sure that is not the correct motor. Watch out!

  24. James

    He very specifically states the car comes with it’s original 4spd trans, but then only describes the engine that comes with the car as a “FE big block motor” which could be a 352, 360, 390, 410 … I’m not even going to say 428, because there is no way in hell that car has either a 427 OR a 428.

    Someone is getting duped by a slick used car salesman who is trying to trick somebody who is not paying attention into thinking that the 427 is still with the car. Then when they find out that there is no 427, he will point to the section in the ad that says it only comes with the “FE big block motor”. Buyer beware.

    • Fred D

      I had a 631/2 R code in 1963 .check out the exhaust manifolds. I have never seen those on a 406 or a 427.Some thing is weird.

      • Kevin

        That’s because it probably isn’t a 427. The 406 and 427 came from the factory with cast iron headers

  25. Clay Byant

    Would you buy a “chick magnet” like this where even a regular magnet wouldn’t work?

  26. Phil Harris

    Sorry, can’t believe this one. He says he would end auction early, I would end it now at $6000.00 before the bidder smartens up. There is no truth in this AD as far as I can see.

  27. Kevin

    If it is in fact a 427, the engine alone would be worth a considerable amount. 427s are extremely scarce. 390&427 cars came with engine identification badges on the front fenders, all others did not. I see none on this one.

  28. Pa Tina

    This would make a great addition to the “Sin City” fleet.

  29. Travis

    What are your guy’s thoughts on this 64 427? https://louisville.craigslist.org/cto/d/427-galaxie/6233984181.html

    • Kevin

      Interesting find for sure, a relatively easy restoration and not priced bad considering the rarity. Neat that it still has the original valve covers. Finding a replacement 427 would be next to impossible, but at least all the markings are there. Would still be a great car with a nicely prepared 390

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