4-Speed, Green, and Mean: 1978 Chevrolet Camaro LT

Back in what we sometimes call the good old days, one could head down to their local car dealer and sit down with a salesman to custom order an automobile.  GM was especially well known for giving you a long list of options to tailor your new automobile to your desires.  If you are looking for a distinctive seventies Camaro with quite a few of the most desirable options, then take a look at this 1978 Camaro LT for sale on craigslist in Lido Beach, New York.  While no Z28, this Camaro is quite attractive and is a 350 with a 4-speed car.  Is the $15,000 asking price on the money or just too high?  Thanks to Pat L. for the interesting tip!

In the seventies, the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird kept the flame alive for muscle car fans.  Garnering most of that attention were the Z28 and the Trans Am.  With their bold sticker packages and slightly more aggressive body modifications, these two cars were on everyone’s wish list.  Flying under the radar were the lesser versions.  That was a shame, because the styling of the base cars was both clean and attractive.  Both cars managed to make it through the mandated 5 mph bumper styling hurtles with little fuss.

The Camaro you see here is an example of just how attractive a non-Z28 could be.  It was ordered in the LT trim configuration and is on just its third owner.  The ad states that this car was ordered with the intent of having the Z28 parts minus the Z28 bling that goes with it.  The color is “dark blue green metallic,” and is said to be 50% original.  While the paint appears to be dulled by age and weather in the picture, this is a very unusual but pleasantly attractive color that compliments the car well.

Inside, this Camaro was well equipped with power windows, power steering, a tilt steering wheel, and air conditioning.  The seats look to be vinyl with cloth inserts.  The whole interior looks to be exceptionally well cared for considering the age of the vehicle.  The only aspect of the interior that detracts is the Vega steering wheel that Chevrolet felt compelled to attach to nearly every car of this vintage.  Perhaps it is a personal prejudice on my part, but I never felt that this plastic monstrosity looked good in any car.  It is especially galling to see one on a hot rod that may otherwise be acceptable in appearance.

Under the hood is a 350 cubic inch small block V-8.  It is backed with a four-speed transmission, and power is delivered to the rear wheels through a Positraction equipped rear end.   The fellow who checked those previously mentioned options also opted for a heavy-duty radiator, sport suspension, and power disc brakes.

In all, this is a really nice Camaro with some highly desirable options wrapped in an attractive, yet seldom seen color.  The $15,000 asking price may be a bit steep for a non Z28 Camaro, but this one would probably draw a lot more attention at a car show.  The options are right, the color is appealing, and the LT package meant that the understated good looks of the design wasn’t covered up in stickers.  It may be too early for $15,000, but that number is likely to be considered a bargain in a few years.

Do you have any memories attached to Camaros and Firebirds of this vintage?  Please share them in the comments.


  1. JW454

    Well that didn’t last long. 12 seconds from the posting to deleted ad.

    Nice little car though.

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  2. Mike

    No thanks.

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  3. Mike

    No thanks

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  4. Danny B

    Nice car….a bargain

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  5. Dave

    Maybe it was towed. It’s parked the wrong way up against a stop sign. Those crazy New Yorkers…

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  6. Tony Primo

    This is how people that like to drive fast and not just look fast order their cars. No unnecessary attention from law enforcement agencies. The only improvement I would make, is to upgrade to factory 15 inch wheels.

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    • Greg

      I like it! Nice under the radar cruiser with all the right options. Completely agree on the wheels, those are the ugliest wheels Chevy ever designed, in my opinion. I would personally prefer the 5 spoke Z/28 wheels

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  7. steve

    Green? Yes. Mean? No.

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  8. AndyinMA

    I like this car a lot. The interior looks identical to my 79 Berlineta. That was a 305 auto but I was young and happily clueless.

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  9. Richard McBride

    I had a 1977 Z28 Black w/ orange graphics. It had a12 bolt posi w/3.73 gears and a 4spd. I rebuilt a ’68 327 11:1 .030 and had the heads rebuilt. Ran 9.15 in the eighth at Avilla motor speedway in Indiana. Too bad it’s gone and so is the track.

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  10. Flynn Patrick O'Brien

    Had a 80 Camaro Berlinetta back in the mid to late 90s. Paid $750 for it and only had like 60k on it. Worked at a local Chevy dealership so they gave me a good deal on it. Silver in color but was dulled out with red interior and had a 305 4 barrel and a automatic transmission. No posi traction and no rear spoiler. Only rust was that panel above the tailpipes. Came with a Bethany beach license plate on the front of it which may explain the body condition. Also had factory Berlinetta wire wheels on it but I ended up putting gold trans am cross laced type wheels on it. Drove it for about 1yr if that and sold it to my buddy. This is a nice specimen. GLWTA.

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