4-Speed Survivor: 1975 Chevrolet Camaro

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The mid-1970s was a strange time for the U.S. car industry. Rising fuel prices had changed consumer sentiment toward the kinds of autos they wanted to drive. And the economy had stalled, so fewer people were buying cars anyway. But the Camaro was holding its own, perhaps because the market leader for pony cars (Ford) had reinvented its product (the Mustang) as a subcompact. This ’75 Camaro has several notable changes from the ’74 model yet looks nicer than the seller gives it credit for. Located in Bowling Green, Kentucky where it’s been sitting for a time, the Chevy is available here on eBay where the bidding stands at $11,600.

In 1975, the Camaro had changed in a few ways, but it was still the same basic product that it had been since its redesign in 1970. The rear window now featured a wrap-around design to help improve visibility. The catalytic converter had arrived to help with emissions, so “muscle” versions of the car (like the Z28) were pretty much gone. And electronic ignition finally replaced the old points system. So, they should have been better (?) to drive as long as you didn’t have an overwhelming need for speed. The Camaro held its own in a down market, selling 145,000 cars in ’75 vs. 151,000 in ’74.

The seller’s car has two notable options: a 350 cubic inch V8 that produced either 145 or 155 hp depending on carburetion (a far cry from a few years earlier) and a 4-speed manual transmission that fewer than 9,000 buyers opted for. The seller’s car has both a 350 and a 4-speed, perhaps making it a more desirable purchase.

We’re told this Chevy original in Colorado. The photos show a very nice car finished in somewhat boring white paint with Rally wheels. But the seller says it could stand “some love.” It has a few little dents and dings that are consistent with a 48-year-old car, especially if the finish is original from the factory (we don’t know that). The two-tone interior also looks good, but the seller is quick to point out that it has wear and tear and could stand some cleaning.

Because the vehicle has been sitting for an undetermined period, its roadworthiness needs to be verified. But it starts, runs, drives, and stops {?) though the tires are old and may need replacing even though enough tread is present. The factory A/C may be inop as there is no belt hooked up to the compressor. So, this auto with either 10,000 or 110,000 miles may not take much to be a daily driver if that was your goal. The seller offers more photos and not only one but two videos for prospective buyers to peruse.

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  1. Moparman MoparmanMember

    I like this one better than the (IMO) overpriced 77 listed a little further down. Give it a little TLC ( and I’d liketo add a spoiler!) GLWTA!! :-)

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    • Stan

      Love the esprit no spoiler look Moparman. But i hear ya this is the rare car, along w the T/A, a spoiler looks good also IMO only of course-) Anyways biggger issue is almost 3800lbs and the lo-po 350. Can you get enough cheap upgrade from heads and a carb ? And make it a decent performer. Needs 100hp. 4spd w 3.08 cogs ⚙️ are fine by me 🙌 Very nice Chevrolet here for someone.

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  2. Tony Primo

    Nice little cruiser. More horsepower is as close as your computer. Nice to see a Camaro without all of the scoops and stripes for a change.

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  3. Jeff

    Nice little car.

    Noticed that the passenger side front shock is not bolted to the lower A-arm. It’s just loose up inside the hole!!

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  4. Mike

    Nice car, someone needs to buy this car and restore it, the way second gens prices are going up this car is worth a lot more then what the bid price shows

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  5. Maggy

    Ditch the pancake converter and put duals on is the first thing I’d do.3:73 gear and Yukon duragrip posi carrier next and a stock rear sway bar if it doesn’t have one I didn’t look at all the pics..Rebush and tune the qjet by sending it to Cliffords.edelbrock spreadbore intake and Hedman longtube headers ( they’re still made in USA). Get a custom curved to the engine Davis street strip HEI.At a 110,000 mi put a mild cam in it w/ a new t chain and w pump since the intake is off.I’d make sure the engine is healthy first though if not yank it and go thru the whole thing. Did something similiar to this to a late 70’s z28 with a 4 speed in the early 90’s for a customer and it really woke the car up.This car is really nice.The white with white buckets looks great imo. Of course I would go thru everything safety wise to get it roadworthy too.glwts.

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    • John

      Everyone seems to forget. These 70s cars were junk by 70,000 miles. So 110k … Yikes. It’s like buying a 2000s car with 250k. Expect a repair every week

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  6. Bob C.

    Looks like it would be a fun driver. The 4 speed would give that smog choked v8 some kick.

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  7. Old School 383

    Back in the day I had a 74 Camaro green on green 350 4speed 3.73 gears.
    Car was wicked fast. Miss it to this day.
    some one will get a great ride!

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  8. Don H

    Missing both bumper fillings.

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    • Harry 1

      Needs TLC, though the 11,500 price tag is a bit much for what it will still need to be fully restored. Its a pass for me hope it finds a home with a restorer that has the time & money to finish this Camaro.

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  9. Jon Rust

    My very first car was a 75 Camaro. The only difference from this one was mine was a light blue exterior and automatic transmission. I would love to take this one home!

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    • Joe L

      Me too! I had a 75 in 1987. Cream color with tan interior and a auto. I miss that car still.

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  10. Rixx56Member

    Over $14k with time left. Underneath looks
    very good. Keep the original equipment, then
    make it what you wish… for more fun!

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  11. Rickirick

    Had an LT in Persimmon color w/350 & saddle interior bought new in 1975. $4,000. Only put 25k on it be4 a corvette passing another car coming towards me on a 2 lane state hwy couldn’t get back in in time. Caused me to go off road & hit a culvert under some one’s dway, then going airborne & landing upside down & skidding down hwy. Only had sutures put in ring finger. And we worry about 5mph bumpers. Cars were still all steel back then.

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  12. 64 Bonneville

    Had an 80 Berlinetta with 350 and a 4 speed. Weak floors and a demolished right quarter panel, but the thing ran like a scalded ape!. First time I ever had a Chevy that could go sideways in second gear. Probably should have kept it, but there was an Oldsmobile I wanted, so turned it. I wouldn’t mind getting this one, if I didn’t still have my Olds. That Camaro was a $250.00 car back in 1996. left overs from a divorce, lady wanted it out of her yard. BTW sold it for $2000.00

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  13. Gary

    Beautiful car. Like the clean looks, even the color. Gives of a Kowalski vive. Of course, he liked his Mopars. Maybe if he hadn’t bought the farm in 71, he would have settled down to drive a nice sedate car like this, maybe even at the posted 55 MPH limit.

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  14. John

    Beware of the lady in white. White, unless original, means trying to hide the nasty bodywork.
    I had a 77 Z28. Tossed the stock drivetrain. Went with or race car “scraps” I had handy. I will say it was a great handling car. And love a bumper on a car instead of the rubber duck nose started in 78.
    But again… This is nothing special. Just another ” USED CAR” . Yet I’m sure someone will drive the market into insanity.

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  15. Chris Cornetto

    I like this one. This would be a fun off and on daily. This one is an excellent, unmolested original not often seen with these. This was likely ordered by someone who liked it and cared for it many years and survived the race head and rust purge that was the death of many. Leave it as is and repair what’s needed to make it mechanically sound and enjoy.

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  16. John M Stecz

    What’s not to like,it’s a 4speed,it’s White,and most of all it does not have a spoiler on the rear deck to ruin the appearance.

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  17. PRA4SNW

    SOLD for $15,600.

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