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4-Wheel-Drive Project: 1963 Dodge Power Wagon

The Power Wagon was Dodge’s medium-duty truck in production from 1945 to 1980. The second generation materialized in 1957 and the ¾-ton four-wheel-drive versions were coded W200 (the 2WD editions were D200). With its roots in wartime production, the Power Wagon was the first of its type designed for civilian use. The seller’s 1963 W200 is in rough condition, having last been registered in 2007. No mention is made of its mechanical health, so we assume a thorough restoration will be needed. Located in Spring Branch, Texas, this beefy Mopar is available here on eBay where the first bid of $3,500 has yet to be cast.

Dodge’s ¾-ton WC series of WW2 military trucks served as the basis for the Power Wagon. For many years, it was referred to by its engineering code, T137. Though Chrysler built them, the key 4WD components were outsourced to affiliate companies, including transfer cases, transmissions, and axles. In 1963, the standard engine was Chrysler 225 cubic inch “Slant-Six” but a 318 V8 that produced 215 hp was optional and installed in the seller’s pickup.

The seller has owned this truck since the 1980s, but it hasn’t been legal for road use for the last 17 years. It’s been parked for many moons and needs lots of love. There is rust present in the sheet metal and the interior looks rather tired. It comes with a PTO-driven winch mounted out front. To help with repairs (we think), two extra doors will come with the project. We assume the vehicle is complete and a cleansing of the fuel system will be needed to get the 318 to come back to life.


  1. Nevada1/2rack Nevada1/2rack Member

    I’d love to do a road trip for this old dude! An aged, simple older work truck with some skin cancer, it’d be great to get it on the road even if just by making it mechanically right. I’d replace that Pioneer cassette player with a modern repro type tho..

    My resident CFO however emphatically said something to the effect of I may want to consider cleaning the bed first as that’s where I’ll be sleeping..🤔

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  2. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Look like a later model 318 which isn’t a bad thing….stays below $5000 it might be a good buy for those Power Wagon guys…

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  3. St.Michael

    B, RB, Gen III or CUMMINS for sure !

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  4. Connecticut mark

    Nice old tough truck, the ford rims do not look bad on it .

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  5. HoA Howard A Member

    You calls this a Power Wagon? Power Wagons, to most, are the classic “dubja C” series, and this was just a Dodge 4×4 pickup. Got farmboy repairs all over it, no malice intended, it’s just they do things a bit different with what they had. Couple hundred bucks, get it going, hang a plow on it. You aren’t actually thinking of driving this beast? On the road? Good luck.

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    • Doc

      Yes, it’s a Power Wagon. It literally says it right on the side of the hood. And yes, it can be made road worthy again. I’ve started with worse before….. I’m guessing you’re not a fellow gearhead.

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      • HoA Howard A Member

        I’m guessing you’re new here. I should probably start my posts with “caution, sarcastic alert”, because I can read the Power Wagon script,, doc, I meant, the standard vision of Power Wagons, as perpetuated by TV, is the tried and true WC series. I’ve driven many trucks like this, my friend, so don’t be so presumptuous. You want to ride down the road in this bucket of bolts, by all means, have at it.

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  6. Melton Mooney

    I’m sorry but when I see these old Dodge trucks all I think about jumping under it and nabbing the third member before someone else gets it. These babies were always good for limited slips with good ratios.

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    • Doc

      I agree about the axles, but I love those trucks too much to part one out. I had a 68 with the 318, and it was 5.13 gears. It would pull anything….. I miss that truck. It had 680k miles on it when I sold it, and still ran beautiful. Never rebuilt….. And I’m a Chevy guy.

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  7. gary a foss

    Even better yet WC military Power Wagons had 6.36 gears and would climb a wall straight up until gravity takes over, 1st gear on mine was designated “Crawl” on the shift pattern!

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  8. Hoss

    This Era of 4×4 truck is my favorite. So simple and tough. To me it doesn’t really matter if it’s a Dodge Power Wagon, a Chevy or GMC Apache or the Ford F series. I admire them all. For the most part they all shared essentially the same drive train components except for the engine. Dana-Spicer differentials, New Process transmissions and transfer cases. I sure hope someone revives this old work horse.

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  9. John D

    I’m not a Dodge guy but I do like this old girl, get it road worthy and clean it up really well, not sure I’d do anything other then drive it. Cool truck!

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  10. Kenn

    Compliments to the owner – it has the air cleaner installed!!

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