400/4-Speed Convertible: 1967 Pontiac Firebird

UPDATE 4/21/2020 – We just received a bit more information from the seller of this Firebird on the car’s history. He bought it from the original owner in Milwaukee. After purchasing it, he drove it from Milwaukee to Nashville, on to St. Louis and then had it trailers to California. After having all the work done to clean it up, it went into a storage container in California. That was in 2002 and that’s where it’s resided since.

While first-generation Camaro Convertibles aren’t common by any means, with 25k being built in 1967, their Pontiac sibling the Firebird is even less common in droptop form. It really is a shame, as they look absolutely fantastic as a convertible. Add in Pontiac’s 400 cui V8, a 4-speed, and you have one fun machine! Well, the reader that owns this one has recently decided to liquidate a few of his classic cars and the first one to go is his 1967 Firebird Convertible 400 V8/4-Speed with AC delete. It really is a sweet find, so if you’d love to have it, it’s waiting for you in Joshua Tree, California with a $33,000 asking price and you can find it here in the Classifieds.

He has done a ton of work to make this car as close to perfect as possible. When he got it, he discovered that there was some surface rust on the passenger side floor and in the trunk. That just wasn’t going to do, so he had both stripped to bare metal and treated. The trunk received a coat of the correct speckle paint and the floor was painted and the carpet installed. The car’s paint was cleaned up, which looks great. While he was at it, he went ahead and bought a whole new interior and convertible top for it. He also decided to upgrade to the woodgrain dash, but he has the original if you aren’t a fan of woodgrain.

He didn’t want this car to just look good and to be nice to sit in, he also wanted it to be nice to drive. So, he replaced the entire front suspension with all new parts, the brakes were fully rebuilt, and a new exhaust system was installed. He also installed a set of headers to give it a nice rumble and he put a new carburetor on it. The other usual tune-up work has already been done, so it is ready to hit the sheet! The 400 V8 might not be as Chevy’s top offering in the Camaro, but with 325 horsepower it’s no slouch. He believes it to be the original drivetrain, which is possible given the mileage. And he’s provided a photo of the date code and it appears to decodes to October of 1966.

He has put a few miles on it since buying it and he admits that it’s a real eye-catcher. He also notes that one of the convertible top cylinders is installed backwards. Even if it is failed and needs to be replaced, it’s not an expensive or difficult to find part so it shouldn’t be much of an issue to fix. Hopefully, it is just in backward and will just need to be flipped around.

You really can’t complain about that front end! Between the quad headlights and the hood scoops, this is one mean looking machine. As you can tell, he has put a lot of time and money into making this a great car, but after sitting its going to need some work and he has other projects in the works. He’s asked us to help him with negotiations and to field questions. So, if you’d love to have this one, make him an offer via the Make An Offer button. And if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and we will do our best to get you the answer!

Price: $33,000 OBO
Location: Joshua Tree, California
Title Status: Clean

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  1. alphasud Member

    67 Firebird is a car on my bucket list. My buddy in high school had a Verdoro green one. Much prefer over the Camaro.

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  2. Jim in FL

    Agree that it’s styled better than the comparable Camaro. Was it the John Z factor? Always looks great with the Rallye II wheels. We had a red 68 convertible with a black top, which I was eyeing as my “first” car when I turned 16. Unfortunately it was rear ended in front of the house. Back in the 70’s that was a total. Wish we would have fixed it.

    Nice presentation, good luck. I’m glad they took he time to make it a decent driver instead of just focusing on cosmetics.

    I don’t think ‘AC delete’ was a thing. AC was an option on everything back then, and I don’t think it was even available with certain engine/trans combos. Our 68 had ac, I remember, and an auto trans, but was the small v8, a 326 I think. One of the reasons we kept our 66 Bonneville convertible into the 80s is because we couldn’t sell it. By the late 60s most full size high trim cars had ac. My dad admitted he messed that up when he ordered it. He said, he drove to work first thing in the morning with the top down and drove home at 6 with the top down. He didn’t need ac.

    • Tom Bell

      Correct on AC delete, Jim. Air conditioning was still an option then and many including myself passed on it since it was thought to drain off maybe 10 hp. Not acceptable on a muscle car. In 1967 I ordered a GTO convertible and never considered AC.

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  3. Stan Marks

    Great car, but one big disappointment. How do you put a Chevy steering wheel, in a Pontiac?? If you’re gonna make the car right, that steering wheel has got to go. JMO.

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  4. JC

    33k and he can’t make a simple repair on the top? smh….

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  5. 19sixty5 Member

    This is a nice appearing car, but I believe $33k is a bit high. The overall appearance looks nice, but it does not have the correct tall style 67 hood tach. The engine compartment is pretty much a mess, no mention or photo’s of the block stampings, and there is no mention in the ad if this is even a real 400 car or not. There were a ton of Firebirds modified over the years with 400 hoods and deck lid badges and engine transplants. The only engine “number” shown is a casting date that is basically unreadable. I have no issue with the engine mods, intake and exhaust manifolds are readily available if the new owner chooses to return to stock. I do like the car, but no photo of the two letter engine code makes you wonder if this car is a 400 car originally or not.

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    • Fred

      The front bumper is from a 400 car (emblem imbedded)

      PHS documents will tell the tale

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      • Tom Member

        That arrowhead on the front bumper indicated that the car had the sport options group, not that it was a 400. The recession bought my 400 Firebird Convertible that I had for 30 years. Needed money. 50K original car. My PHC documented car was equipped with almost every factory option including the tall style hood tach, AC, power windows, power top, steering, brakes, Safe-T-Track, deluxe interior and exterior trim package. I don’t remember what all was in the sport options group but I am 99.9% sure the arrowhead was not there to indicate it being a 400 or not.

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      • Tom Member

        Mine was a 67 and had all the rarely seen options like the power windows (only 4% of all firebird production), grab handle on dash, Remote Driver door mirror and visor vanity mirrors. Bought it from the original dealership in GA. Owner bought it for his wife. It was White, white top and black interior. She wanted red so he painted it red!

        Bought it in 1985 with 42K miles on it. He brought to Chicago from GA through a broker. It came up on an 8 place car hauler with 7 GTO convertibles from 68-70 and the Firebird. All from his personal collection in which he was selling everything to retire. $4,995 bought any car on the truck. I was 19. I wish I had $35K then, pretty sure I could have made a deal for all 8 cars !! BUT WHO KNEW THEN ?

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      • Andy

        Tom, the arrowhead on the front bumper and the L shaped grill bars only came on the 400 cars. :)

      • Andy

        Hi Tom,

        I dug into my Firebird library and I came across the following info for the 1967 Firebird:

        The W54 Custom Trim option cost $108.48 and consisted of P01 deluxe wheel disks, N30 deluxe steering wheel, U05 dual horns, exterior bright moldings (wheelwells, side roof rails and windshield pillars), padded front door panels and rear seat side trim, full length armrests front and back, passenger side assist bar, and a perforated vinyl headliner.

        My resource went on to say that the front bumper on the Firebird 400 was adorned by a flexible arrowhead logo that identified it as a premium Pontiac product and served as an energy absorber to prevent bumper damage during minor impacts.

        I hope you find this information helpful.


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  6. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Wish I could buy it, but I can’t. I once had a 69 hardtop with 400/400 in Canary yellow with black vinyl top and American Racing wheels. It had A/C power steering power disc brakes. I loved that car, but unfortunately I was showing off to a nephew when a VW squareback ran a stop sign in front of me. Both cars were totaled. Fortunately, life goes on.
    God bless America

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  7. Bikefix

    It’s a nice $25K ‘Bird that needs another $5K-$10K to make it “as close to perfect” as possible.

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Make him an offer and we will see if we can work something out!

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  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Missed out on a yellow one just like this one – one of the better brother-in-laws I had was going to let me have it when I was ready for a car…dad nicked it most likely because of the 4 speed.

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  9. Troy s

    Nice looking Firebird with plenty of power, a bit upscale compared to the Camaro just like the Cougar-Mustang thing. Not that it matters now but did these have any street cred amongst the leadfoots back then?
    There was one for sale back in ’82 or so I remember, already well worn, two different styles of mags, and a 421 transplant. You never know how some of these old rides managed to survive the past 50 plus years…or were revived.

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  10. TimM

    Really nice car, all the right boxes where checked on this one!!

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  11. Andy

    Hi Josh,

    Great write up but I would like to point out that all 67 Firebirds came standard with the woodgrain trim in the centre of the dash, though it was actually wood.


    • Andy

      I meant to say that the woodgrain trim WAS NOT actually wood.

  12. PatrickM

    Nice looking caar for suure! Weep, weep. Good story, too.I only have a few questions: (1) Why isn’t this mine? (2) Why don’t I have the money for it? (3) Why don’t I have storage space for it? (4) Why is someone else driving my car? (5) Why didn’t they hold the camera still on some of those shots? (Should have used a real camera,not a cell phone.) And last, (6) Why a Chevy steering wheel? Huh? Huh? Why/

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  13. Stan Marks

    I addressed the same question Re: Chevy steering wheel.

    As for the other why’s………
    Why are most of us in the same boat, Pat???

  14. Ed Jennings

    I had a ‘69 convertible with the 350 HO and 4speed. Red with white interior. That’s one I’d like to have back.

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