406 Tri-Power G-Code 4-Speed! 1962 Ford Galaxie 500

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Most of the time when the Ford Galaxie 500 comes up in an automotive conversation, I often think of full-size family-oriented cars, usually sedans.  These cars were well-received upon their introduction as a 1959 model and proved to be worthy marketplace competitors during their early days with offerings like the Chevrolet Impala.  And like most cars at the time, the Galaxie 500 was available with a variety of engine choices, including a 390 in 1961.  But Ford had a nice surprise in store for the following year.  A 406 was introduced for the ’62 model, which had a bit larger bore and thicker walls in the casting, along with a few other goodies to ensure your Galaxie 500 was no grocery-getter.  If this is all starting to sound good to you, this 1962 Ford Galaxie 500 here on eBay is one such equipped vehicle.  It’s located in Sebastian, Florida, and comes with an asking price of $48,300.

Larry D. spotted this great ride and sent it our way, and we’d like to thank him for the tip!  The 406 Galaxie 500 was known as a G-Code car back in 1962, and there’s little to disappoint under the hood of this one, but if there is anything leaning toward negative it’s that the seller never confirms that this is the original engine.  He does, however, inform us that the big block has been completely rebuilt and runs great, and just knowing you’ve got three 2-Barrels sitting on top is bound to make you sleep better at night.  The 406 is connected to a 4-Speed manual transmission, although no word on whether or not it has received any recent maintenance.

The body is claimed to be super-straight with smooth and shiny deep black paint, and although we don’t get much background about the Galaxie 500’s history or what kind of work has been done on the outside, the metal and finish seem to live up to their described condition from every angle we can view.  The gaps seem good, plus the chrome and trim present well too and those hubcaps sort of help emphasize the all-business persona of this Galaxie 500.

Things inside look about as good as they do outside, with a front bench seat further adding to the cool factor and calling attention to the lock-out Ford shifter peering up out of the floor.  It’s looking mostly stock in there, with the trio of gauges under the dash being a nice aftermarket addition.  We also get a couple of photos from the underside and inside the trunk, which all appear to be nice and solid.  Even more good news is that the seller has also included a make offer button, so if you catch him on a good day he may be willing to negotiate.  I’m having trouble finding anything not to like here, how about you?

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  1. CadmanlsMember

    Not a light weight, but I bet it will get up and run. Pretty sure the only way you could get the timing up where it should be is with racing fuel added to the mix. Sure is a good looking car.

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  2. Jerry Bramlett

    What a great looking car!

    The eBay description doesn’t inspire confidence, though. Too many weasel-words for me to assume it’s actually an original 406 engine in a factory black car.

    The seller is doing a disservice to buyers by being vague about its original configuration. It’s either a real G-code black car or it isn’t… so which is it? The phrase “titled as” could mean anything from it’s a very valuable car to it has had a complete body-swap to the title just has a DMV typo.

    Yeah, I’m that paranoid about fake rare cars.

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    • TorinoSCJ69

      Jerry’s right.

      Nothing worse than a “tribute” .

      406 G code, 405 HP had 11.4:1 compression and solid lifter cam – and look for 2.5″ diameter factory duals. Bigger diameter pipes than the 429 Boss in 1969. With that upgraded engine and those wonderful flowing header-style, swept exhaust manifolds you could not have power brakes but you got 3″ wide pads on big drums – look for those too.
      And the 9″ rear. And, Heavy duty suspension – All more than just the better mill over the 390 but some things to check out.

      We know nothing beats a seller that is straight up with the car’s history.

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      • Tim

        Hi Torino. Brakes and three inch pads and no power assist! Is that a two pot master I’m looking at? Was that available?

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  3. Frank Sumatra

    Any color you want, as long as it’s black!

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  4. Rick R

    I was never impressed with the 406 they just didn’t run like they had 400 hp under the hood, I watched grand sports and goat’s blow the doors off of them, I was never impressed with the 425hp 409 either, my 68 goat’ would blow the the door’s off of those too! Now the dual 4 barrel 427 side oiler was a whole nother story!

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    Holy cow that thing is pretty. I’d definitely be proud to take it to car shows and lift the hood. I don’t know why, but I really dig a bench seat car with a 4 speed. Maybe it’s because I’d be able to snuggle up with my wife while shifting gears. 3 deuces are the icing on the cake, I bet that 406 sounds wicked when you give it some gas!

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  6. Maggy

    If I was selling a rare car like this first thing I’d do is take a pic of every # I could and get a Marti report.I’m not a Ford guy but I think that’s the service they use for documentation on Fords I could be wrong though. It’s a really cool car though.

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  7. Dominic Mari

    When I was a kid in 1962, I went to atco dragway and saw Swenson Ford blow the doors off of 409’s, 413’s everytime.

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    • john

      I was 16 years old in 1962 and spent lots of time at the Atco Dragway. Used to race my old ’52 Ford (N/S), when I turned 17, that is. Lots of fun even without the trophies. Had a few very cool Fords but I was and still am a bowtie guy.

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  8. Araknid78

    My dad had one like this, but with two extra doors and a 390. Big and heavy but would bury the speedometer. Ask me how I know. Looked like the one pictured.

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  9. ACZ

    Beautiful and rare. Sweet ride.

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  10. Jeff

    I’ll bet a car nut boomer who was a drive-in commando back in the day & lost his cherry in the backseat of one will snatch it up??? lol

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  11. Joe S.

    Nice car but better confirmation needed.

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  12. leopold

    tribute, that’s all.

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  13. Bob

    The 409 and 406 were fairly evenly matched engines in the Super Stock class, no Pro Stock yet, at our local drag strip.
    Richard Broome drove a 409 ci Impala and Jake King (Future mechanic for Ronnie Sox) a 406 ci Galaxy. There was a Chrysler in the mix too, but it didn’t do good comparatively.

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  14. William M Cowherd

    I ordered a 62 Galaxy 500 G code in March 1962 delivered to me in April 1962 and the 4 speed was not available until after June or July of 1962. If this car was manufactured 19 Nov 1961 the 4 speed had to added later. After 3 blown 3 speed transmissions Ford replaced them with a 4 speed in my 62. Just sayin’

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    When I was a punk my old man would get a new Merc every year from his job. I’d help him pick out the model a few weeks ahead. He never ordered the engines I’d pick, like the 406 and 427, he always got what ever it came with, which was a 2V 390. We’d load them big boats up start in S/ Chicago and head for Ely Mn. They never failed us and would run forever, which eventually made me a T-Bird collector, to this day, and I’m 72 years old.

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