$4,200 Fairlane: 1967 Ford Fairlane 500

I’ll try to keep the Dragnet references to a minimum here, but I can’t help myself. This Bill-Gannon-approved car is a 1967 Ford Fairlane 500 and it’s on craigslist in Greenville, South Carolina for $4,200. Thanks to Howard A. for apprehending this great looking car!

“You say that this is a 1967 Ford Fairlane 500?” “Yas’sir” On first glance, it looks like it may be in somewhat rough condition, but the more that I look at the photos, and there are more than usual for a Craigslist ad, the more that it looks like this is a really nice project car. As the seller says, “If you can spin a wrench, 200 bucks and a Sunday and she’d run like a sewing machine.”  Ha, I love it.

Blindmarc ran across a Bill Gannon tribute car almost a year ago and sent in a tip; that car was in great condition other than having a dent. I don’t see any dents on this car but I’m worried that there may be rust lurking on the bottom portions of the doors and fenders. But, then again, maybe not. It does look like it may have had some bodywork, so it would be a good idea to really check it out. The trunk lid looks perfect, rust-wise, as does the interior of the trunk. It doesn’t look wet or stained like it was leaking or anything. I’d want to look under the trunk mat, but hopefully, all is well with the floors and underside, in general. The seller says, “minor rust on lower quarters, and small surface rust, as is all original.”

The interior is dirtier’n Joe Friday’s white shirt collar after wearing a tie 17.49 hours a day. But, hopefully, it can be cleaned up, or dyed as a last resort. “Did you say die?” “No, sir, dye, as in trying to rejuvenate fabric by.. well, never mind..” “I’ll have my eye on you. Now, go and get me some black coffee in a styrofoam cup, and an ashtray.” The interior will need work, those carpets can’t be original, and there are some cracks on the dash top.

This is what I was hoping to see here, a 289. I know that some folks would want a 427, or more likely, a 1,427.. the bigger the better. A 289 is, I think, the perfect engine for this size car. You can see the new water pump and the engine, in general, looks pretty tidy. The seller does say that the carb needs work in order to run perfectly. I’m not sure of the horsepower rating on this one, with no VIN and no photo of the carb or any other info, it could have 200 hp, 225 hp, or 271 hp. For a 2,800 pound car, 200 hp is enough for me, but I wouldn’t turn down more than that. Are there any fans of this generation of the Fairlane? And, an even more important question: are there any Dragnet fans out there?!

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  1. Alan

    I live Fairlanes of this era, but for me, if I were to buy one, it would be a 2 door hardtop or convertible.. More $ though,,

    • Rx7Turbo II

      Too many doors for me. I like the Car and condition, but 4 doors just don’t do it for me unless it’s like a Tesla model 90…lol

  2. DAN

    Too many doors

  3. angliagt

    I used to buy cars like this,back in the ’70’s,
    for a few hundred dollars (2 doors).They were perfect
    transportation vehicles to have until you bought your
    next “cool” car.
    But not much fun as a daily driver.

  4. KevinW

    The amazing thing is , the safety thing in the middle of the steering wheel is still hanging on! They were notorious for falling off.

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    You just go right ahead and put Sgt. Friday into the mix. Dragnet was one of my favorite shows. I like the old episodes with the ’54 Ford too. I’d take this car just the way it is and enjoy it. I’ve actually been dealing on a ’68 Torino that’s only got 32K miles on it, but the owner’s kids have suddenly decided that they’ve got something out of Barrett Jackson.

    I’ve worked on some of these with the FE motor. That 289 fits tight enough. I don’t like the idea of taking half a day to change the spark plugs, unless most of that is spent sharing stories and beers with my buddies…

  6. Luki

    Vertical headlights. Looks like an AMC product.

  7. Howard A Member

    I enjoy all the Jack Webb series, Dragnet, Adam-12, and Emergency, mostly for the classic car spotting( although, Emergency is pretty hoaky) The cars they wreck make me cry. The reason this car stood out, is because it even exists at all. Like angliagt sez, these were $100 beaters for when the “good” car was put away for the winter. They chugged on and on, usually had a heater and when Spring came, you sold it to a buddy, who usually killed it altogether. The next fall, repeat process with a new beater.( until the “good” car became a beater itself) Today, it’s just a cool old Ford. Simple, probably still plenty of parts, I really like it. If it was a wagon, I’d probably go for it.

  8. Mike

    Definitely not 271 hp, as that would be a K code 289, which wasn’t available in a ’67 Fairlane, and would add another zero to the price of any in which it was. Also, I don’t even think an A code 225 hp engine was a available either, it this car. So that leaves a 200 hp C code 2 bbl 289.

  9. mike d

    all kidding aside, this MAY have been a SGTs car, or a municipality supervisor car, being bare bones and all . . It won’t be a neck snapping car, but would guess it’ll cruise at 80 on a highway . if the engine checks out to be OK, will keep that, otherwise, a 302 from a slightly newer car, somehow the paint doesn’t impress me , would want my own ” custom” touches, like losing the chrome strip, and identifying tags dog dish, and black walls .. update the suspension … discs and we’re good to go

  10. Luke Fitzgerald

    Looks fine and original – people are talking price, but this ain’t the 80s no more…..saying that, guys looking to get kicked on the sticker – someone go get it (whatever he gets will be more than what he paid the ole boy for it, I’m bettin’)

  11. rustylink

    those paper floor mats are doing a terrible job of protecting the grime underneath of them. I have a soft spot for these – even a 4dr – the appliance of FoMoCo. These are bullet proof cars – easy to work on, cheap parts. This would be a nice base for a real sleeper.

  12. MRE2ME

    2 door, 4 door , convertible, still the fugliest ford model.

    • Mike H. Mike H

      ? ? ?

  13. Mike

    I’d drive that, til the wheels fell off. Just not for 4200 bucks. My last one cost me $50, in 1979

  14. Bob C.

    These sedans had a harmless as a pup look to them , but a v8 would whip this midsize around pretty well. I don’t know if anyone ever noticed, but the dragnet car had a 390. I caught it on the front fender in one scene.

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