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427 And A 4-Speed: 1968 Corvette Convertible


This low-mileage big-block Corvette convertible has been hiding in indoor storage since the 1980’s. While this car has a lot of great things about it, the seller knows what they have, as it’s listed here on craigslist for $23,000. The car is currently in Galena, Ohio.


These early C3 Corvettes are more attractive to me than the later ones, with the turned-up rear deck particularly attractive. The seller includes a lot of information in the advertisement, specifying that the engine is original and that they have gone through the effort to get the “tank sticker” (ruining the original fuel tank in the process, although they have replaced it) and keep it intact to prove that it is a 427/390 HP, 4-speed, positraction car. The only thing missing is the original hardtop, although the seller has one from another car that they are willing to sell with this car if you have to have one.


The exhaust has been cut off right at the rear axle, and the car seems to be sitting a little high in the rear to me in these shots. The seller says the paint will buff to be presentable, although the car was originally bronze, so a repaint will be necessary if you want it to be as it left the factory. To the seller’s credit, they point out some relatively minor underside damage that could have gone unnoticed; this makes me more confident that they are telling the truth about the car. The frame has no rust issues.


The car is showing an indicated 56k miles, and given the general lack of wear and time off the road, it’s probably legitimate. While there’s some interior wear, I’d say it’s just great for a driver apart from the carpet. Some cleaning, of course, would be in order!


Here’s the heart of the car, the 390HP, 427 cubic inch V-8. Surprisingly, once it was cleaned up and a fresh carburetor fitted, it started right up, doesn’t smoke and runs well. The front brakes have been rebuilt but nothing has been done to the rears yet. All in all, this seems like a really solid project if you want a big-block, manual transmission C3. Do you? Is this a fair price for the car?


  1. Keith

    I like it!

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  2. Charles H.

    I agree Jamie, I prefer the ’68 -’72 C 3’s over the later ones, would love to have this one! Would do the rear brakes and buff it out and a few things like returning the exhaust back to factory specs, and just drive and enjoy as is!

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  3. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    This one has it all going on. Barn find, big block Stingray, no photo of the rig on the trailer, a great ad with plenty of info and pics and sounds like he has the knowledge to back it. I think it is a fair price and do not believe it will sit long. I would like to see the tank sticker just out of curiosity, when the tank on my 72 started to leak, I found mine, all I could read was the year!

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  4. jim s

    sell has posted very good listing with enought photos ( and still has more ) and text to get a buyer interested. seems like it could be made into a nice driver with a little work/money. great find.

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  5. Rancho Bella

    If I ever buy a farm to grow crops I would buy one these. If you think the small block plows, drive the big block.

    On the upside, I have always found them to be a good looking car. But, a little to narrow for the length. Looks out of proportion.

    The vacuum system with it’s plate of angel hair pasta tubes going everywhere was a pain.

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  6. Duffy

    It’s a beauti. Nice vehicle

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  7. Hoos

    Love it. I’d like to have this under my tree in about 2 weeks.

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  8. Lee H.

    I owned one just liked this back in ’73. Cool looking but the handling is awful. If I was to have another ’68 I’d want a 350 in it.

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    • Vince Habel

      68 did not have the 350.

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  9. MountainMan

    I also agree with Jamie that this is the best looking C3 and is also my personal favorite Corvette body style. The repaint is unfortunate but it will likely buff to a very presentable shine. I have not yet owned a Vette and at times think the time has come to change that but it wont be with this car. The price is fair I think and will lend to finding this car a new owner pretty quick. The manual trans and a big block are major plusses and are sure to make it a blast to drive. If my bank account and my wife allowed I would move quick on this one. I drove and considered a 72 Stingray about 12 years ago. It was a carport find that a car dealer friend of mine had. It was a small block T-top car with an automatic that had 70k miles and was in really nice condition with the exception of extremely faded carpet. On the drivers side the black carpet had faded to an almost orange color. He offered me the car for my 73 Porsche 914. The little 914 came to me from a buddy who bought it in in CA from the original owner and was completely rust free and in amazing shape mechanically and cosmetically. I had not owned it that long at the time and wasnt ready to part with it but looking back now I wish I would have done the deal. The Vette was a really strong car and was so very fun to drive. Someday I will make a Vette mine and when I see one like this and recall driving them it makes me want the someday to be soon

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  10. Federico Hill

    of all the supposed ‘Collector Cars’ recently on Barn Finds, this one looks the most legit and a decent fair price for that. looks like the Real Deal

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  11. Marty Member

    Love it, but would have to go back to the original color.

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  12. Ralph Spears

    It has a 1969 or newer steering wheel

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  13. Ronniecarlo

    Did anybody notice the engine is running in the sellers pictures?

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  14. Peter R

    I owned a ’69 version of this one in the early ’70’s – great in a straight line but you had to plan a turn about two blocks ahead of time – also could not hear the radio once you got up over about 75 MPH. Still I would enjoy having one again.

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    • Cassidy

      Who needs a radio at 75mph?? The sound of that awesome V8 is all the music I need to hear!

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      • Duffy

        You are absolutely correct. Why would you even have the radio on?

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  15. Mr. Bond

    I wonder if there are any minor upgrades that could be performed, not permanent, that could improve the handling? There is so much ‘Vette stuff out there, I’d hope someone has some better suspension components.

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    • Axel Caravias

      Mr Bond, #360 Composite Monoleaf in rear, #550 Front coil spring, Bilstein Sport Shocks all around, replacing old rubber with poly bushing and new trailing arms bushing.
      Around $3k that will completely transform handling.

      Axel Caravias

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      • Rancho Bella

        I tried the composite mono leaf on several of these. Not only did it make the silly things raise up in back but the ride was now bouncy.

        There is a company that makes an independent coil over suspension for the rear that is supposed to work. Eliminating the mono leaf entirely. The rear suspension from the get go was never going to work well .

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  16. dogwater

    I like this car, some I have seen for sale are not worth restoring, if there is a down side to this car is it the first of the C-3 s they had small problems here and there
    but all in all would be fun to restore

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  17. Tundra/BMW Guy

    I love it!!! I would not want to restore it to the original color though. I am not a fan of the “copper” color by any means!! The rest of the car just needs tweeks here and there and would eventually be a bad a$$ looking, running, and handling toy!!! You just have to be patient and do it as you can afford it. Prioritize, make a list, shop everything, and drive it while you do it. My only ???? is, seller put a new carb and a good used tank in it but left the old fuel filter??? I looked at it as closely as I could and it appears old!?!? Even the steel lines in and out, look new! I gotta be having vision problems!

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  18. dj

    Only thing that would make this better is having the off road pipes with chambered exhaust. I did some work a couple years ago on a 65 396 coupe with off road pipes. The sound of music is all that can describe it.

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  19. PRA4SNW

    The original ad is long gone, but any comment on this being a bargain is relative to the condition of the frame and birdcage.

    Having the tank sticker is a huge plus when you want an original. Too bad that it is missing its factory ordered hardtop.

    I got about his ask for my ’70 convertible with tank sticker and hardtop in much better condition than this, but mine was the base 350. That motor adds a lot of value.

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