427 FE 8V V8/4-Speed! 1964 Ford Galaxie 500

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A trip to your local Ford dealer back in ’64 saw the buyer finding a more sculpted-type look on the Galaxie 500 than in the previous year’s offering, a design that was actually intended to make the car more aerodynamic and competitive for NASCAR racing.  Several engine choices were available, beginning with the 223 inline 6, followed by the 289 V8 and its three different horsepower ratings, depending on which carb was chosen.  The next jump up was the 390, and a few lucky ones even got a 427.  While the 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 being offered for sale here on eBay didn’t leave the factory with the latter, it now has a 427 under the hood plus it’s a 4-Speed, so there’s plenty here to get excited about!  The car is located in Mondovi, Wisconsin, with a current bid of $24,600, still south of the reserve it will take to drive it home.

The seller says his Galaxie 500 was originally equipped with a 390 4-Barrel from the factory, but in the bay now is a 427 from 1967.  The FE is equipped with a factory low-rise intake manifold and a pair of rebuilt Holley carburetors, with the gas supplied by an electric fuel pump.  There’s also a high-lift cam, factory cast iron tube headers, and a newer radiator allowing things to run at 180 degrees all the time.  A new ceramic clutch gets that power to the 3.50 9-inch positraction rear end, and the car is said to drive nicely.

The body is claimed to be very straight and all steel, with the Raven Black paint job still looking good overall to be 20 years old, and while it does have a few nicks and touched-up spots they are all claimed to be very minor.  We don’t get a lot more history behind the Galaxie, other than it came from Virginia and has no rust.  The car sports 15×7 steel rims all around with bigs and littles, 205/60-15 on the front and 265-60-15 on the rear.

Inside, things are said to be mostly original and in nice shape, including the headliner and dash pad.  Originally there was a front bench seat, but a previous owner replaced it with the buckets and console.  The seats have since been reupholstered and carpeting has been replaced, and the only thing specifically mentioned as non-functional in there is the clock.  This one seems like a really cool driver with a high fun factor, and I’m finding very little not to like here.  How about you?  What are your thoughts on this 1964 Ford Galaxie 500?

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  1. Rixx56Member

    Lotsa fun sitting right there. It must fly!!

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  2. HoA Howard AMember

    Story #1286, remember I tell of the kid across the alley, whose brother came home with a ’64 Ford,,JUST LIKE THIS, ( breathing into paper bag), now come on, the memories and cars shown are more than coincidental,,,,it seems. Anyway, to a 9 year old kid, it was a pretty awesome car. I drew pictures of this car in school, until Mrs. Gomber caught me, that is. I did manage to get a ride in it. Pinned me to the back of the seat, it did. Never forgot that. The sound was unmistakable, and that air cleaner was what racing was all about, baby!
    Funny, and not ha-ha funny, how Detroit offered exactly what the public wanted. Sometimes with dire results, but the fact is, ANY schmoe with ANY job could have one. THAT, my friends, was America, not sure what it is today. Car of the Year, it was, and for good reason. A better example of “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday”, I doubt you will ever find. They are fantastic cars.

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  3. Todd Zuercher

    223 was a straight six, not a V6.

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    • Bob C.

      And they sound like tractors.

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      • Dave Sanford

        You’re right, it actually was a tractor engine. Ford used it in the 1961-67 6000 , and it was even the basis for a Diesel in those tractors. Also used in trucks up to the F600 size, until superseded by the 240 in 1965.

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    • al

      I was just going to say that in 1964 there where still a lot of years to go before the v6 came to life I always like straight 6 better much easier to work on

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    • Denny Terry

      The article states…” 223 INLINE 6 “

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  4. Rw

    Not haha funny is queer.

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  5. Big C

    Real ones are six figures. So, this might be a good deal.

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  6. mike

    What a beauty…a 64 with a 427…who cares if it’s not all original.I would like to do this to a 64 S/W

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  7. Essé

    Padded dash?? I don’t recall my father’s ’64 wagon having a padded dash.

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      In 1964, the government passed a law saying all cars must have a padded dash, among several other safety measures, so it must have had a padded dash. I think Chrysler was the 1st to offer them, but many times, they were at an added cost, and many declined, with dire results, I might add.

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    • al

      Ford started offering padded dash as a option in1956 parents had new 1956 wagon with it padded dash and lap seat belts all factory

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  8. Robt

    Nice Ford.

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    • CadmanlsMember

      Nice car right down to the hub caps. May not have been ordered that way, still very nice ride. Probably will light them up really good, just for fun of course.

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  9. Thomas L. Kaufman

    What for a transmission did it have?

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  10. Bunky

    Awesome car!
    223 V6? What about 352 V8?
    Com’on man!

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  11. Greg GustafsonMember

    This is a nice car with one exception…those yellow headlamps are gauche! What, did they have $10 (they were dying to spend) left in their wallet at Pep Boys?

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  12. Karl

    I have read a lot about the 427 FE and all I read stated it was a pretty hot engine for it’s time, I can’t remember reading or hearing about weaknesses in the engine.

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    • Dave Sanford

      Won one of the most grueling auto races, the 24 hours of Le Man’s in the late 60s. Strong enough for 24 hours straight pedal to the metal

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    My 1st car was a 1964 Galaxy 500, Vintage Burgandy with a white vinyl interior. What the dealer failed to tell me (I bought it used) was that it had a swing-a-way steering wheel, I thought that only came in Thunderbirds. It also came with a 352 engine. It was a smooth, quiet and reliable car. Yes, I wish I still had it.

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    • al

      wow I too also thought they where only in tbirds had a 1966 bird with one

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  14. George Birth

    Nice looking car, won’t last long before some one takes it home. I’d love to find a nice truck with a V-6. Enough power
    to pull a medium sized camper, but good on gas too.

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  15. Bob

    I had a ‘64 Galaxie 500 390 3 speed in the early 1970’s. Paid $500 for it and $100 for a BW T-10 4 speed w/a Ford shifter. Changed the shifter to a Hurst shifter.
    Ended up selling to entire setup for $100 after several years and a blown engine.
    I would love to have it back.

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  16. Albert blevins

    The author of this article neglected to mention that after the 289 the next step was the 352 engine mast just the early 1964 ford but the definitely did have a 352

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    • al

      yes you are right the 352 first came out in 1958 to compete with chevys new 348 ci I had a 1958 Impala 348 factory 3 speed it would eat a Ford 352 for lunch

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  17. Troy s

    One of Fords Better Ideas….at least for all the gearheads out there. She’s got attitude in spades.

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  18. JEV

    I owned this piece of crap, paid $50 drove it to Mexico, it blew up at the border so I parked it in a tow away zone. Came back from Mexico a week later, car was still there. I couldn’t even get it towed away! True story…

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  19. Mikey P

    You forgot about the 352 motor!

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    • bcsparks

      Yep they did, my brother had that with a fully synchronized 3 speed on the tree.

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  20. Thomas Shea

    The inside of the car looks like XL model, but I can tell from outside trim that it is just a regular Galaxy 500

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  21. Rob C.

    You forgot about the 352 ci V8, my brother bought new, black, Fully sycromesh 3 speed column shift.

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    I wrote this once before, but it was deleted, so I’ll try again. My 1st car was a Burgandy 1964 Galaxy 500 2door. Great looking car, I bought it used but they failed to tell me that it had a swing-a-way steering wheel. I thought those were just in Thunderbirds, I found it quite by accident. It had the 352 4 bbl, and was smooth and quiet. Still wish I had it.

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  23. al

    yes you are right the 352 first came out in 1958 to compete with chevys new 348 ci I had a 1958 Impala 348 factory 3 speed it would eat a Ford 352 for lunch

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