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427 Garage Find: 1969 Chevrolet Corvette

Tucked away in a garage, this sweet ’69 Corvette has a big block heart just aching to run. Apparently slated for restoration at some point, the owner purchased the car after graduation, but he has come to the conclusion that he cannot finish what he has started. Appearing as a solid car with a lot of promise, this 427 powered Corvette could be an awesome project! Currently bid up to $10,000 with a little over 2 days to go. Check out this big block monster here on eBay out of Pahrump, Nevada.

As it sits, this Corvette is not in running condition. The history and the timeline of ownership is unclear. This Corvette may have been sitting for decades, or perhaps a few years. With that possibility, no details have been given on the drivetrain, so you may be rolling the dice on an engine rebuild. Apparently while the car was having body work performed, the body guy took the tach drive distributer, and the new gas tank that was slated for this car.

From what can be seen, the interior looks to be in decent condition. The seats and door panels look nice other than being dusty, but the center console is a little dirty and in need of work. It is not clear how far the owner made it on this restoration. It looks like the car was going to undergo a paint job, but who’s to say that the seats and the carpet aren’t new? Well it is difficult to say one way or another.

Currently in primer, it appears that all of the body work has been completed up to this point with the exception of the hood. I would assume (and hope!) that the seller has the trim, lights, and bumpers for the car. It is unclear what color the car was originally, but its looking like this could be a paint job, and some tinkering away from being a driver. Corvettes are well appreciated machines and there are plenty of parts, reproduction and original, out there to finish this fine machine. Would you roll the dice on this 427 powered garage find?


  1. Avatar photo Nevadahalfrack Member

    Tach drive, distributor, gas tank and trim can still be bought-but where are you going to find a box of working 8 track tapes for it?LOL
    Pahrump is about as dry as British humor so no concerns about rust; the lack of info insofar as whether the engine turns over, history of the car, etc. is a concern IMHO

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    • Avatar photo Gerry

      There are companies that will record 8-tracks today. Blanks are on eBay. However, just because you can doesn’t mean you should! Lol

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  2. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    Just enough modifications to make it cool. Love it.

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  3. Avatar photo Gaspumpchas

    Fresh primer. 3 pics of the eng but not a full pic of the nose. no pics of the drivers side. Move the gas cans, sparky. How bout the frame? Bueller? Bueller?
    How does this guy expect to sell? says he doesn’t know much about Corvettes. No $hit, Sherlock. Sorry to be so negative but I don’t get these guys. On the other hand it may be a good solid car underneath. SMFH. Good luck to the new owner. Caveat Emptor.

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  4. Avatar photo bigdoc

    The car is on rollers for crying out loud roll it out and take some pics. Doesn’t just not know much about Corvettes photography isn’t a strength either.

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  5. Avatar photo Nevadahalfrack Member

    30 bids, up to $10k, looks like 3-4 bidders primarily.

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  6. Avatar photo WinchesterKnickerbocker

    Rust?…. Yeah NEVER buy a rusty Corvette!

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    • Avatar photo PRA4SNW

      Are you implying that there is no concern for rust in a Corvette? Under that fiberglass shell is plenty of metal that can rust / rot, including the entire chassis frame and the “birdcage” – windshield and passenger compartment frame.

      I bought a ’70 Corvette and didn’t know the windshield frame was rotted until I drove it and specs of rust would end up on my lap every time I went over a bump. Live and Learn.

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  7. Avatar photo TimM

    Why the hell does someone have to flare the fenders on a car like this!!! What are they thinking???? It makes me sick!!!!! To quote Charle Brown” uuuggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

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    • Avatar photo Tom Member

      Well in 1969 this was all the rage. Also a great way to get some big tires underneath, not “blast the glass” off of it and still look cool.

      I am a real “original stock” kind of guy but honestly, if done well, these period flares are kind of cool with the right period wheels.

      My opinion. That is why there is Chocolate AND Vanilla AND Strawberry for those weird people !!!

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  8. Avatar photo Bill Lucas

    I have a box of 8 tracks, I’m in the U.K. I always look at the cars on Barn Finds, and have bid on a few on Craigslist.

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