427 V8/4-speed: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

There is nothing wrong with buying a classic car that needs, well, nothing. This is especially true when it is one like this 1970 Chevelle Malibu. This is a car that not only presents beautifully, but the engine bay houses a potent big-block. It might not be a numbers-matching classic, but that won’t make it any less enjoyable to drive when the owner buries the right foot. The Malibu is located in Miami, Florida, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. The BIN has been set at $35,000, although there is the option to make an offer.

This is one of those classics that occasionally appears, and it is hard to find anything to be critical of. The owner supplies a good selection of photos of the vehicle’s underside, and the floors and frame are as clean as you are ever likely to find. The panels look to be free from any rust, and there are no bubbles visible under the vinyl top. The gold paint shines beautifully, with no signs of scratches or inconsistency. The panels are laser straight, and the gaps appear to be consistent. The trim and chrome sparkles and there are no visible issues with the glass. The American Racing wheels aren’t original, but not only do they suit the Malibu’s style, but they are in keeping with the rest of its character.

The spotless presentation continues when we look around inside the Chevelle, and there are a lot of positives to be found. For the enthusiast seeking total originality, this interior won’t be completely to their liking. There is a CD player mounted in the dash, and the Hurst shifter is an addition. This brings me to one of the few flaws that I would want to address. You can see where the original column shifter has been, and I would be inclined to replace that section of the column to achieve a neater finish. Otherwise, the upholstery and headliner are free from flaws, while the dash and pad show no cracks or issues. The carpet looks to be fairly new, with no wear or stains. The Malibu comes equipped with air conditioning, which should make life pleasant on those warm Florida days.

It’s when we lift the hood that we find this car’s party piece. It isn’t clear what used to occupy the engine bay, but whatever it was has now been consigned to the pages of history. The 427ci V8 that now calls this engine bay home started its life in a Corvette. It is backed by a 4-speed Muncie transmission, while a 12-bolt Posi rear end, power steering, and power front disc brakes are all part of the package. If the decal on the air cleaner is correct, then this is an engine that is pumping out 425hp. That is enough to make the Chevelle a seriously fast classic. I have included a video at the bottom of this article. It provides a brief walk around and gives you a chance to hear that big-block running. It sounds crisp and healthy and ready to provide some automotive fun. There is no point in making a car go in a straight line if it is going to feel like juggling open boxes of confetti the moment a corner appears. To this end, the Malibu has boxed control arms, along with Hotchkis roll bars on both ends. Add in a set of BF Goodrich’s best rubber, and this should provide some security when the going gets twisty.

Enjoyment is an important part of the classic car ownership experience. This 1970 Chevelle Malibu isn’t original, and it isn’t numbers-matching. However, it looks like it would provide its owner with an enormous amount of fun. It has the potential to be a sedate cruiser if the situation demands it, but would provide mind-blowing performance if you poked it with a stick. Life is all about compromise, and that seems like a pretty decent one to me. Would you seriously consider parking this classic in your garage?


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  1. Howard A Member

    Nice, and it’s not black or silver! I read, the 454 came out in 1970, and the 427 was not available, but the 427 was no slouch. Man, we trashed these cars ( hence the 5 figure asking price). Shame it’s going to cost someone 5 figures to enjoy the same rush, if they dare.

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  2. Mitchell Gildea Member

    Ditch the SS badging and do burnouts

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    • Michael

      Yes the SS emblem on the grill looks out of place. The only emblem it needs is a “Chevelle” emblem on the trunk. Otherwise great looking basic car!

      Like 10
  3. Matt

    Pardon me while I stare at my screen and *drool*…

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  4. JoeNYWF64

    I expected flowmasters. Are they a performance gain over turbo mufflers(fitted on this car), or just noise makers?
    White walls, wheel covers,shorter less visible tailpipes & some 307 emblems would make for some sleeper here. lol

    Like 4
    • Steve R

      Flowmasters are very restrictive compared to many “turbo” mufflers on the market today. Look at the design of their internal baffling, it’s nothing but one restriction after another. They were good 30 years ago, but muffler technology passed them by years ago. They have maintained a following due to their unique sound, but that’s it.

      Steve R

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      • MH

        You have no idea what yor talking about. I have series 10 on my 15 ram. There good for 35HP.

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      • Steve R

        Wonders never cease, a 10-15% Increase in power with a simple muffler upgrade. What sort of dyno did you have it tested on? Or did you run before and after comparison at the track? This sort of claim is pure keyboard warrior chatter.

        Steve R

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  5. PaulG

    Air conditioning isn’t going to work well without a compressor…
    Nice Chevelle though.

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    • Steve R

      That’s not the only AC component missing. The description would have been more accurate by stating, it had AC.

      The seller is a little loose with his description. The block, which is for a 427, didn’t necessarily come out of a Corvette, it more than likely started life in a full size Chevy. The carb has the inlet on the drivers side, which most likely means it’s a low performance Holley carb. It looks really nice, but $35,000 is a stiff asking price. That’s about the price a patient and persistent buyer should be able to find a real 70 SS Chevelle.

      Steve R

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    • Charlie C.

      I also hope for the sake of the buyer that the seller capped the evaporator to keep it clean inside !!

  6. CCFisher

    This is a very, very nice Malibu. Everything appears to have been well done, and nothing about it is overdone. I do have one question, though. Why are there four seat belts on the front seat?

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    • Steve R

      One each for the driver and passenger lap belts, same goes for the shoulder belt. There should also be one more male and female belt for the middle position of the bench.

      Steve R

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  7. Desert Rat

    Oh, I love this car. It’s got my favorite motor (big block chevy) and trans in it and it makes me want to kick myself for passing up a 70 Malibu back in the early 80s that was just as clean as this one. Could have been mine for the small sum of 800$ but no, It wasn’t an SS, so I passed. As I retell this story still makes me sick…

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  8. Troy s

    Quick as snot. Chevelle without question, clean as a whistle too. Yet the car itself remains fairly mellow in appearance….no street freak or pro street show and grin machine, just a nice set of wheels really. Under the hood is what gets me excited the most,
    425 hp would’ve meant the solid lifter war horse L72 originally, if it still is it’s the same set up as the ’69 COPO 427 Chevelles and Camaros. Talk about scary quick.
    I like it, I want it, I can’t buy it, awe shucks!!! Run that sucker hard……..

  9. JRM

    Looks to have had a column shifter…originally an automatic or standard shift ???

  10. bill

    Base model Malibu had column shift and floor to. i had a 70 and 71 both had a 307 and 2bbl

  11. Cerno

    I was just called about A 70 , SS that I have to go and see that is for sale that had a complete nut and bolt reconstruction done . The owner spared no expense because unfortunately he knew he had a life changing disease . From the photos I have received the car is stunning and so appeasing to the eyes but the story gets better he also has a 1967 Chevelle SS big block 4 gear that’s just as nice . Hopefully I can land both cars and make both parties happy .

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