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427/4-Speed: 1969 Chevrolet Corvette

1969 Corvette Project

If you’re in the market for a big block Corvette project, this could be the one! It’s not perfect, but the seller is upfront about the car’s flaws. They mention some surface rust underneath and a little damage out back. It’s easy to forget all that though when you realize that there is a four on the floor and a 427 out front! This car will most likely see a full restoration, but if it were mine, I would be tempted to just go through the brakes and start driving it as-is. The best way to work out all the kinks is to use a car as daily transportation because then you are forced to fix things. Anyway, take a look the eBay listing here and let us know what you would do with it.

427 V8

There’s that famous fire-breathing 427 V8. With a manual transmission, this thing is going to be a hoot to drive! This is the L36 version so it was fitted with a single four-barrel carburetor from the factory and was actually the base 427 available in 1969. That isn’t anything to be ashamed about though as it still pumped out 390 horses!

Button Tuck Seats

Gotta love those button tuck seats! Unless this was some sort of odd option that I didn’t know about, I think it’s safe to assume that this was a custom job done in the seventies. I would probably leave it alone for the time being, but would also start saving my pennies so I could order a new seat kit.

Round Taillights

The rear end damage mentioned in the listing is barely visible here. It doesn’t look that bad actually and, unless there are more surprises hidden underneath the surface, shouldn’t be too difficult to repair. It sounds like this car has been in and out of storage over the years so the mileage (68k) may be correct. I do see signs of an older restoration though. Either way, this looks like a fun project!


  1. Avatar photo Charles H.

    Would definitely make a great daily driver, if you can afford the gas it will suck down!….I think I would just try and replace the seat covers and drive as is for a while…..nice!

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  2. Avatar photo MH

    Bad ass car but will go for 30K+ im sure. Sure would be fun.

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  3. Avatar photo randys

    Skip ebay. There is one similar to this one (except original seats/no power) for sale on the Atlanta CL for $22k asking. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/cto/5256789672.html

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    • Avatar photo Barzini

      I did not know you could order a 69 Vette with no power steering, power brakes or AC. Other than that, this car is more intruiging. Seems like a good buy. Thanks for posting the link.

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  4. Avatar photo Dan the Man

    This car seems to have been “boogered Up” I would need to see some more pictures before I would offer more than the price that is listed now!!

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  5. Avatar photo Stephen

    And it doesn’t have a luggage rack!

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  6. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    Why does everyone talk about how much gas a toy takes?

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    • Avatar photo MH

      I agree. If you can’t afford gas don’t have any toys then. That’s all anyone is worried about is gas prices. Who cares! If gas is to much then don’t drive. Sorry but it gets old hearing about it daily.

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  7. Avatar photo Mike R

    Not a bad deal, but the $60K price for a 390 horse car is a little optimistic, even in #1 condition. Wrong intake, carb (should have a Q-Jet), interior shot,etc, but still a desirable year and color, and big block with A/C is a plus. The rust inside is a little suspect.

    I would bet this one goes in the low-mid $20 K range..

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  8. Avatar photo Mark S

    I really like this generation of Vette, the body lines are very cool. I would love to have this car but it is outside my budget. As For the gas prices. I say you got to pay to play.

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  9. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    quite a bit of overspray on the weather stripping, wonder with the black paint showing it hasn’t been repaired at one time or another. not sure how deep the rust is, could just be surface rust, but can’t really tell without a visual inspection. a number of wires hanging down below the instrument panel. doing almost all the work yourself, you will have at least $30K in it going thru it the way it sits. rounded off bleeder screws? that’s what visegrips are for, figure on replacing all the calipers and brake lines at a minimum, but on a positive note, appears to have a new fuel tank in it, but is the tank sticker there?

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  10. Avatar photo VetteDude

    Is this a hurricane-flooded type car? And, does that matter? Looks like a lot of fun for the right person – to make this car what GM did!!!

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    • Avatar photo Jack

      @ VetteDude I see the same thing! There is clear evidence in the photos of flood damage, i.e. the mold on the inside door sill carpeting, all that mold from is from a flood/water damage inside the car!

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  11. Avatar photo kev

    there is bigger junk for the same money so i give this one two thumbs up,whats not to like

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  12. Avatar photo NickF

    okay, whats with the velour … on the doors as well! They don’t look like Stratobuckets to me … even if they’re low backs with headrests which would have been mandated in ’99. Somebody can say with all the vette experts out there.

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    • Avatar photo Craig

      Except for the early American wild west w**** house velour button tuffted seats & door panels the seats do look like ’69 seats, looks to be an A.C. car but no compressor shown on the motor, no rad. shroud either, I’d have it but then again I’m a sucker for ANY C-3.

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  13. Avatar photo Mike R

    Good eye on the seats, Nick. Those appear to be out an ‘A’ body of a similar year.
    The C3’s did not have the hockey sticks on the side.

    Apparently the comfort-weave inserts got replaced with the God-awful velour, which must have gone great with bell bottoms and platform shoes back then…

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    • Avatar photo Craig

      If you look closely you will see that the “hockey sticks” are not part of or attached to the seats but is the finishing trim for the rear interior panel. Hockey sticks usually went forward on the bottom of the seat.

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  14. Avatar photo GOPAR

    I’ve got a C-3 Vette that I restored. You can get financially upside-down in a hurry with these if you’re not careful. Parts are outrageous and they will nickle and dime you to death (and I thought mine wasn’t in too bad a shape when I bought it). I figure I’ll have to be buried in mine.

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    • Avatar photo Paul

      No question…mine set up it’s own toll booth in my garage.

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  15. Avatar photo rancho bella

    The small block version handles bad enough………..but a big block?
    I have always liked the body style, I guess that is why I had so many. But the car itself is why I no longer have any.

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