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Muscle Sedan: Original 1968 Ford LTD 428-4V

Even though they are included in the sale, the owner of this Raven Black 1968 Ford LTD has chosen to leave the original hubcaps off the vehicle. That makes the LTD look truly menacing, and it packs the sort of engine under the hood to justify this look. If you would like to park this Ford classic in your garage, you will find it located in Woodruff, South Carolina, and listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on the LTD has reached $8,000, and the reserve has been met.

Raven Black is the original color, which is confirmed by the vehicle’s Marti Report. It has received a repaint in the past, and it still presents very well. The owner supplies some clear photos of the LTD’s underside, and it appears to be completely free of any rust issues. The exterior trim and chrome all look good, and I have always liked the covered headlights on cars of this era. The tinted glass also looks good, with no signs of any major chips or scratches. The original hubcaps are included with the car, but I can’t get over just how menacing the LTD looks without them. Normally I’m not a fan of this, but with this car… I dunno.

The engine bay contains just the right piece of cast iron to justify the menacing exterior appearance. This is a 428ci 4-V engine, producing a healthy 340hp. In addition, the Ford is fitted with a C6 automatic transmission, a 2.80 limited-slip rear end, power steering, and power brakes. While it isn’t specifically mentioned, the owner’s assertions about the Ford’s originality suggests that this might be a numbers-matching car. The owner also says that the LTD has covered a genuine 59,000 miles, but he doesn’t indicate whether he holds any evidence to verify this. However, given the amount of other documentation he appears to have, I wouldn’t be surprised if he does. What he does say is that the motor feels very strong and that the car runs and drives very well.

The red-trimmed interior of the LTD is another area that looks extremely nice. The original cloth upholstery on the “twin comfort lounge” front seats, as well as the rear seat, appears to be in excellent condition. The same is also true of the headliner, and while the carpet is showing some odd spots of fading, it is generally in good condition. There is no doubt that its cause has been aided by the factory rubber floor mat. The most obvious flaws revolve around the wheel. The horn pad is quite discolored, while the rim has a couple of cracks in it. The next owner could either choose to have the wheel restored or to source a replacement. There are a few detail items that would need to be attended to in order to bring the interior back to its best, but in all honesty, these really are quite minor. It includes things like the missing knob off the window handle on the driver’s door, along with a couple of small breaks in the speaker grille in the same door. As you can see, nothing major, just details. Optional equipment fitted to the LTD includes air conditioning, and an AM/FM stereo radio with a rear speaker.

Ready to be driven and enjoyed would be the best words to describe this 1968 LTD, and with that 428 under the hood, it is a car that promises to be very enjoyable. Do you fancy bidding on this one?


  1. KSwheatfarmer

    Wow, another 4-door hard top again this morning,this one packing some lethal displacement.If that 428 is in proper tune and with those 2.80 gears ,this thing is going to have a top speed that’s truly dangerous,hope the new owner can handle it. Beautiful color and interior,first thing on the list should be a new set of speed rated tires.

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  2. Rhett

    Cool car, I’m a sucker for hidden headlights. Not knocking the feature, or Fords or anything else but it’s interesting that we pay so much attention to full size 428 Fords or 427 Impala’s, but are not particularly impressed by a 455 LeSabre or Delta 88. And yes, I get that we see many more Fords with 390’s, or Chevy’s with 350’s, etc….just an observation.

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    • Bill Nagribianko

      Right on. For the Buicks and Oldsies, I think it’s because 455’s were just so common in those tanks. It’s rare even then to see a 427 Chev or 428 Ford. Fords had the 390 and 396s for Chevs. There was nothing between the 350 and 455 for the Olds/Buicks. Well actually Olds had a 400 2bbl in the mid 70s but who wanted it. I love the 68 LTD’s with the hideaways.

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  3. Robbie M.

    Very cool. Has an menacing look to it. I would drive it as is just to scare people.

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  4. Will Fox

    I love it–and yes–I’d shelve the wheel covers too! The 428 can be tweaked indefinitely, so a tuner might be able to get 400HP without too much hassle. Full-size, no BS appearance with hideaway headlights too? Wish it was mine. These sounded SO good when you pulled out from behind a semi, and nailed it to pass. Almost has a Burt Reynold’s “White lightning” look to it! Nothing not to like on this brute. Somebody’s getting a cool sleeper!!

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  5. Chris M.

    Love it. Factory sleeper in the perfect color combo. I’d replace those highway gears with a 3.50 traction lock add a looser convertor and smile.

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  6. Ike Onick

    I would much rather have Grandma’s Prelude for $8100! HA!

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  7. Sunshine

    I was driven from Tampa to Tallahassee and back in a 1969 Ford LTD 4 door hardtop with the 429 V8 in the fall of 1973. Frequently the speedometer exceeded 120 mph. Classmate’s Mother was driving and had a friend at the Florida Highway Patrol who took the LTD out and clocked it at 139 mph. Her older son drove her previous Ford through High School, a 1964 Galaxie 500 with the 390. She was truly a Hot Rod Mama!

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  8. MorganW Morgan Winter

    Someone’s getting a cool old car…hope they keep it off of salty roads!

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  9. Joe Spinelli

    reminds me of burt reynolds in white lightning

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    • .ark P

      Was going to say the same, Gator McClosky. Just watched that movie recently. A scene where they show him and have the sounds of a manual tranny, then he pulls up to a location and they show him shifting the column into park.

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  10. PDXBryan

    Maybe this would have been an even better choice than the Charger for the bad dudes to drive in ‘Bullit’!

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    • Fahrvergnugen Farhvergnugen Member

      Not without a lot of suspension tuning. This one probably handles curves and jumps like a pregnant water buffalo.

      But of course it goes in a straight line like a water buffalo on crack.

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      • dave

        The police versions of these years had a thick front stabilizer bar and a added rear stabilizer bar. This upgrade really did help keep the door handles from scraping the road when in tight curves. On straightaways, with those highway gears; say hello to a buried needle. Id personally be reluctant to take a car this old over 70mph.

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    • Chris M.

      Let’s not get ridiculous now.

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    • Troy s

      This is actually the kind of car Steve McQueen was originally planned to use, believe it or not. Wouldn’t quite be the same. The black Charger made a great villains ride.

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  11. PRA4SNW

    Yes, keep the wheel covers off, but put hubcaps on.

    Kind of what I did to my Charger with the cop-wheel steelies.

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  12. Brian Bauder

    South Carolina original big block black Ford with limited slip gears to do over 120 with…hmmm. I’ll bet this car still has that new moonshine smell inside! I love it!

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  13. Scott Sabinson

    Not with that slushbox!

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  14. Ken Cwrney

    I could just see Mom, my sister in law, or
    my brother in law drivin’ this thing with me
    ridin’ shotgun! This one checks all the boxes for me. I would pop some dog dishes on it to make it look even more
    sinister. It also reminds me of a song I
    heard a lot in the ’70s. See if this fits.
    …Hey I’m the friendly stranger in the black
    sedan. Come and hop inside my car.
    I got candy, kisses, I’m a lovable man
    and I can take you to the nearest star.
    I’m your vehicle baby. I’ll take you anywhere you wanna go. I’m your vehicle
    woman by now I’m sure you know that I
    want you, need you, I want you gotta have have you child Great God in heaven you know I love you.

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  15. Glenn Schwass Member

    Yes, I thought of Burt Reynolds and Ned Beaty in White Lightning. Great look

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  16. Martin

    Scrap the car n put the drive train in a 2 door .

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    • Chris M.

      Maybe the dumbest suggestion as of yet. I’m not into 4 door cars but this one is pretty damn cool just the way it is, factory sleeper.

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    • norm

      Someone explain the whole ” nice car but too bad it’s a four door thing ? ”

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  17. Bob S

    C’mon Martin, this car would be a star at any cars and coffee you drove it to. I would be proud to park this in my driveway!!

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  18. jerry z

    Throw some RWL tires on that beast and become Gator McCluskey!

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  19. Dave

    Might believe the moonshine story with this one..

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  20. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Love it.
    A ton of power, nostalgia, and cool for a reasonable investment. Buy, enjoy for a while, then get your money back. Sounds like a good idea to me!

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  21. Snotty

    Original buyer checked the right box for the interior, red complements the black. I too would take those long legs out, and make it more dangerous at the light, .355’s would do nicely.

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  22. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    If you’re going to have a four door, the hardtop is a better look than the sedan. Beautiful car with a desirable drivetrain in a color popular these days. The hidden headlights are a big plus for me. It’s good to see four doors are coming up in price though this one will still be a bargain considering how it’s equipped. I like four doors, it can get you into a great classic car for a lot less money than a comparable two door. Love to have this one.

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  23. TimM

    2.80 limited slip??? I guess you could do 90 on the highway all day long!!! What a cool sleeper to have!!! Love the color with the steelie wheels too!!!

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  24. David

    26 bidders in the eBay ring with a day to go. Appears there is enough serious interest to warrant some real final hour bidding activity. Will be interesting to see who wants it more.

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  25. Jim Kirkland

    We had a 68 Ford Country Sedan.
    The 390-2V had an advertised 9.5
    compression but was rated for regular
    gas. Good torque. Got 188K out of it
    before frame-rust got serious. Rusted
    right aft of the front tires.

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  26. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Someone bought a lot of fun for $9100!

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  27. Stevieg

    I would have really loved this car! I agree with most comments, throw some puppy pan caps on it & enjoy!

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