428 SCJ Drag Pack: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

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The list of options available to customers on the 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 was as long as your arm. This car features a few that make it a mouth-watering classic. They include the 428 Super Cobra Jet V8 and the Drag Pack. If you wanted a fast Mustang in 1969, this was about as good as it got. This is your chance to own a car with power to burn because the owner has listed the Mach 1 for sale here on eBay. It is located in Cookeville, Tennessee, with the owner setting a BIN of $97,500. If that’s a bit rich for your blood, the option is available to make an offer. A big thank you has to go to Barn Finder Larry D for spotting the Mustang for us.

This photo shows the Mustang as it should be. It isn’t sitting in some museum or hidden away in a private collection. This is a pony that has its head back and is galloping free. The original owner ordered the car in Wimbledon White with Red stripes, and it looks as stunning today as it would’ve when it was new. The seller admits that the vehicle received a repaint in its original color several years ago but is otherwise untouched and unrestored. The paint shines beautifully, while the stripes are as crisp and clean as they would’ve been back on Day One. The owner doesn’t indicate any underlying rust problems, and there is nothing visible in the supplied photos. The vehicle rolls on a shiny set of Magnum 500 wheels, but I believe these might have been a later addition or a dealer fitment. The resources that I have shows that the Magnum 500s were not available on the Mach 1 until 1970. The same may be true of the Sport Slats, but I’m happy to be corrected on that. The exterior trim is in good condition, and the glass appears to be in a similar state.

Lifting the hood reveals what makes this Mach 1 such a special vehicle, and one that was not to be messed with at a “Traffic Light Grand Prix.” The original owner ordered the car with the optional Drag Pack. This brought the 428 Super Cobra Jet V8, a C6 automatic transmission, and a 3.91 Traction-Lok rear end. The vehicle also comes equipped with power steering and power front disc brakes. That V8 is a beast and should be punching out an “official” 360hp. No one believed that number in 1969, and many contemporary road tests placed the actual figure somewhere closer to 400hp. Regardless of which one you chose to believe, its drivetrain was strong enough to send the Mach 1 through the ¼ mile in 14.3 seconds. This Mustang remains original and untouched, down to the oil cooler located in front of the radiator. The owner indicates that it has a genuine 54,000 miles on the clock, but he doesn’t mention verifying evidence. It seems that the photos of the car in action are not deceptive. It is said to run and drive exceptionally well, with bundles of torque and a transmission that shifts smoothly.

Peeking inside this Mach 1 reveals a lot to like with the interior and not a lot that I can criticize. It is upholstered in Black vinyl, which is free from wear or defects. The same is true of the headliner and carpet, while the dash, pad, and console are equally impressive. This is not an interior loaded with luxury touches, but the faux woodgrain trim, rim blow wheel, and original AM radio all bring a touch of class. One aspect of this interior that I find interesting is the gauge cluster. I’m pretty surprised that when you look at the mechanical specifications that the original owner chose, he elected not to have the car fitted with the factory tachometer. I couldn’t see this decision being based on a matter of cost because while the tach would’ve added $54.45 to the sticker price, the radio cost the original owner $61.40. It simply seems like an odd decision in a car like this one.

The original owner of this 1969 Mustang Mach 1 had their focus set firmly on creating a car that offered straight-line performance as their highest priority. By ticking the Drag Pack option on the Order Sheet, they undoubtedly achieved their goal. This was a car that wasn’t to be messed with when it was new, and its performance figures still hold up well today. Given its overall condition and originality, I believe that the BIN price is justified. With values of 1st Generation Mustangs doing nothing but increasing with each passing day, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the seller had set the price in six-figure territory. My wallet is too thin for me to contemplate parking it in my garage, but I will envy the person who eventually does.

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  1. Steve BushMember

    This looks to be a really nice 1969 Mach I even if it’s not 100 percent original. But please note in your first paragraph that it’s being sold by a vintage car dealer not the owner.

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  2. Ike Onick

    Cool car, but $97K would buy one hell of a 2021 Mustang. I grew up with these types of cars and I just can’t see spending that money on that car. Just too old now I guess.

    Like 21
    • FrankD

      and they always require additional funds to bring the car up to the new owners standards. Been there with a Pantera and Corvette.

      Like 4
  3. Troy s

    The ultimate straight line screamer, Fords best perhaps. Low 14’s in a drag pack Mustang were due to a lack of traction, 13’s were right there and with optional 4.30 gears expected…..although a nightmare at any cruising speed!
    Great looking car especially with the Magnum’s, and of course its expensive. There’s news.

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  4. Howie Mueler

    Yes not too bad, i am not big on white cars. They have a 70 for even more money and a repo. GT40.

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    • walt

      Dump the 70 Mustang & get a AC Cobra 4 a daily driver & keep the GT 40 4 special occasions if ur in that class. I myself use my 69 Mach 1 & Harley 4 daily drivers & my 34 ford Roadster 4 special events

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  5. John Alm

    Which version the 69 mach 1 or the 2021 mach 1 going to retain its value , hands down , i,d take the 69 SCJ Mach 1 , it was a lower production muscle car

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  6. David Bailey

    Along with the 1970 ‘Cuda perhaps the best looking Muscle Car of all time.

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    • John S Dressler

      There are some owners of 69 Super Sport Camaros and Z28’s that may disagree with you on that one! Especially those with a 427 tucked under the hood.

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      • Troy s

        That’s what always has and always will keep the blood flowing.

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  7. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

    Tachometer or Radio? The buyer’s girlfriend might have indicated that if the car doesn’t have a radio, she’s not riding in it! And back then Sun made decent chrome-case tachometers starting at $15

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  8. Northstarlc3

    Owned a 69 Cougar Eliminator identically equipped in my senior year in high school. Great on Woodward and Michigan Avenue not so great at the autocross.

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